4 Cool and Unique Baby Gift Ideas

Introduce to Cool and Unique Baby Gift Ideas

Welcoming a baby into the family is a treasured moment and family, friends and relatives enjoy it. Everyone is excited to pitch in and gift something that they think will be useful to the parents and baby. While we are aware of the usual standard items all new parents and babies need, it is nice to buy a personalized baby gift that will be a little unconventional yet thoughtful. So, if you are looking for that special gift that adds a little excitement for the parents or baby here are a few suggestions we think can set you apart from the rest.



Yes, we know sounds pretty standard but let us explain. Think back to your childhood and I am sure you would have had that special soft toy you couldn’t live without. It came with you for car drives, walks in the stroller, trips to the grocery store when you were a little older and all the adventures you can possibly remember as a toddler, and if you are still attached you might still love it like how Joey from FRIENDS love hugsie.

Whether you are the new mom or it’s your best friend having a baby be the one who gifts the baby the favourite soft toy they will love forever, believe us that is a prestige you did not know you needed.

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Some amazing choice for baby gift: 

Baby clothes

Baby clothes
Baby clothes

You can be basic and gift the usual blankets, nappies and wrap clothes or you can go the extra step and be really creative. Who doesn’t want their niece to wear a ‘world’s best aunt’ onesie when she’s with you? Have you seen the super cute booties you can now purchase? Ditch the everyday light colours and buy the baby their first pair of taco booties, it’s cute, colourful and its tacos what else is there to have.

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Gift boxes

What is better than one gift? That’s right it is many gifts. Your gift idea should be a baby gift hamper curated with all the things a baby and new mother need. A hamper is a collection of many things. You can select what items you want included or even go for the readymade ones, either way it is extremely thoughtful and lots of fun to open. There are many baby stores online where you will be able to purchase practical, affordable, useful and beautifully wrapped hampers for either a baby boy or girl.


We probably do not remember most of the gifts we have got as babies, but there are particularly sentimental ones we treasure as grownups. Maybe it is small pieces of jewellery, scrapbooks documenting all our young years, cards from those no longer with us or just about anything that provides nostalgia.

You can gift the parents something that will help them collect all these small memories over the years such a memory box, scrapbooks, or photo album with the amount of digitization happening it is nice to have something to physically open and read through.

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