Brilliant Ways to Win 9 GEMS Scholarship at GIIS

Introduction to 9 GEMS Scholarship

Most of us rely on our parent’s financial support for our studies, however, what we do not know is that various schools offer scholarships that can help waive off a part of your academic fee and lower the financial burden on our family.

While there are various scholarships available one of the most sought after is the 9 GEMS scholarship at GIIS.

This article will help you know all the important details about the 9 Gems scholarship and how school students can win it.

What are 9 GEMS?

An award-winning framework providing holistic teaching methodology to help students stay updated with the changing times, 9 GEMS aims to balance academia with extra-curricular activities.

The 9 GEMS model is designed to bring out the best in each student. It has also won the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for Innovative Product/Service Award 2014 by the Institute of Directors.

9 GEMS offers scholarships to graduate students who are starting their college from a 9 GEMS institution. GIIS(Global Indian International School) incorporates each element of 9 GEMS creating a learning space for students to grow and become well-rounded citizens.

What are the features of 9 GEMS?

Before you apply for the 9 GEMS scholarship it is important to understand the various features:

1.Grades: The 9 GEMS scholarship is applicable for the CBSE board students of the grade 6-12 only.

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2.Tenure: The scholarship tenure for 9 GEMS is 1 year.

3.Eligibility criteria: The Eligibility criteria for 9 GEMS scholarship are:

a)The applicant must be an Indian Citizen.

b)The student must have received National or International or Regional recognition, in the fields of sport, co-curricular activities including visual and performing arts, community service, innovation and entrepreneurship, showed extraordinary leadership skills are eligible to apply.

c)The students have a good academic performance of past one year

4.Categories: The scholarship has been divided into 3 categories:

a.Category 1: In this, the student can 20% off on tuition fees.

b.Category 2: In this, the student can 15% off on tuition fees.

c.Category 3: In this, the student can 10% off on tuition fees.

How to apply for the GIIS scholarship?

After reading all the above points, if you are interested in applying for the GIIS scholarship follow the below steps.

It is important to know that for submitting your application, the applicant must be an enrolled student in one of the participating 9 GEMS schools, including GIIS. Only once you have an active enrollment can you apply for the scholarship.

Step 1: In the application form available on the 9 GEMS website, fill in all your relevant details.

Step 2: Upload all the prerequisite documents like the academic record of the past year, certificates, awards, supporting documents of one of the 9 GEMS categories. You might also be asked to submit a cover letter, convincing the authority of why you are the right candidate for the scholarship.

Step 3: Once submitted, if your application is accepted you will be notified via email within the next 10 working days.

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Step 4: An assessment of all the chosen candidates will be done, followed by an interview (if applicable)

Step 5: Based on the documents uploaded and the assessment the candidates will be chosen for the scholarship and will be disbursed to them.

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Types of 9 GEMS Scholarship:

The 9 GEMS scholarship is offered to students in various areas:

1.Creative and Performing arts:

For all the passionate artists and performers who are in the top 70th percentile in their class and are committed to continue excelling in their chosen field 9 GEMS scholarship is offered based on:


Sports scholarship is also offered to in the top 70th percentile in their class, who have consistently played sports in the last 3-5 years in regional or international tournaments. Academic Excellence

3.Innovation and Digital Technology

For students excelling in the areas of innovation and digital technology, 9 GEMS offers scholarships to encourage them and motivate them to follow their passion.

4.Arabic Studies

A subset of Academic scholarship, Arabic studies scholarship is also offered to students as part of the academic scholarship to both native as well as non-native speakers. The student must have outstanding academic achievement in the field of Arabic Studies.

On what basis are the students given the scholarship?

9 GEMS offers various kinds of scholarships to students from varied fields. The students undergo a long process for their scholarship, where they are assessed on different paraments. The Parameters include:

  • Assessment of their scholarship Application Form.
  • Assessment of the full report of each candidate from the present school by 9 GEMS.
  • Achievement of the candidate.
  • Audition result administered by the awarding 9 GEMS school.
  • Interview with the principal to assess the student’s caliber and commitment.
  • Personal Interview of the candidate with the 9 GEMS Scholarships Committee.
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The above information will help you make the right choice to apply for the 9 GEMS scholarship in your field of interest.

One thing of utmost importance is your clarity of thought towards why you need the scholarship and your passion for what you are aiming for.

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