A Plan For Your Dream Honeymoon -Trip To Andaman A Memorable Journey

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Best Honeymoon place-Andaman
Best Honeymoon place-Andaman

A Plan For Your Dream Honeymoon

When we talk about Andaman, the first thing comes to our mind is Jarwa-the Native people.But Andaman is unique on its own way with

  • Beautiful and colorful nature
  • Pristine sea water
  • White sand
  • Friendly people

Best time to visit Andaman:

The best time to visit Andaman is mid September to mid March in a year. One can take risk of going in July -August as well. Then you have to take 2/3 days reserve. As this is the rainy season here and rain means business here.
Well, let me give you a plan.. This plan is prepared by me and my wife after discussion with my agent Mr. Dhanraju. I am giving what final plan my agent had emailed me.

This plan is for those couple who are bit nature lover and travel freak…This plan is very much balanced with romantic togetherness,joy of travel [air,wheels and Ship], excitements.

How to go to Andaman?

Flights to Andaman:

This trip is from trip to andaman from Kolkata.However, you can get many connecting flights from different parts of India(Chennai,Mumbai,Delhi etc).

Ship to Andaman:

Alternatively, you can avail ship journey from Kolkata and Chennai.(However not suggested for honeymoon couple.This option is only for adventurists and retired persons who wants to enjoy the voyage journey.)

Read here for Alternative honeymoon plan of Andaman or Goa


he journey could be divided into five parts:

  1. Lower Andaman(Port Blair)
  2. Middle Andaman and North Andaman
  3. south Andaman
  4. Neil Island
  5. Havlock Island


Day No # Plan for Visit
Day-1 1st half rest+lunch at hotel
2nd half-Lower Andaman

  • Water sports complex
  • Port Blair jail+light and sound
  • Gandhi National Park
  • Dinner at AFC[Andaman Fried Chicken]
Day-2 To Diglipur

  • Jarwa Reserve Forest
  • Mud Volcano
  • Lime stone cave
  • Kadamtala
  • Lunch on the way
  • Aamkunj beach
  • Mayabandar–Sunset
  • Mayabandar-University
  • Night stay at Mayabandar
  • Dinner at Dine-In
Day-3 To Baratang

  • Sunrise at Mayabandar
  • Way back to Baratang Island
  • Long Island site seeing
  • Lunch

To Diglipur:

  • Take a quick tour at Shibpur beach
  • Nebutala kali Mondir
  • Diglipur Durga Mandir
  • Dinner at guesthouse-as per your choice

  • Ross and smith Island
  • Explore Shibpur beach[a turtle nesting place]
  • Lunch at Diglipur bazar
  • Ramnagar beach[Another turtle nesting place]
  • Enjoy candle light dinner in resort

  • Site seeing + local safari
  • Lunch at guest house
  • Visit to dam
  • Enjoy the evening with great sunset with tea and snacks of your choice
  • Dinner at guesthouse
Day-6 To Port Blair

  • Coral Island
  • Lunch
  • Rubber mill
  • Snacks at Bengali Restaurant-Annapurna Restaurent [Popular for Veg and Non Veg]
  • Dinner at Annapurna Restaurant
Day7 To Neil Island

  • Lunch
  • Sitapur beach
  • Coral bridge
  • Sunset point
  • Evening snacks
  • Dinner as per your wish
Day-8 Enjoy Neil Island
Day-9 To Havlock Island

  • Radhanagar beach
  • Bath at Radhanagar
  • Lunch at Radhanagar beach
  • Snacks and Dinner in Hotel
  • Elephanta Beach
  • Lunch at Hotel
  • Kalapathar beach
  • Evening snacks at Hotel
  • Dinner as per your wish
Day-11 To Port Blair

  • Lunch at Hotel
  • Samudrika
  • Marine Museum
  • Andaman Museum
  • Chidiya Tapu[Sunset point]
  • Evening snacks at hotel
  • Dinner as per your choice
Day-12 To North Bay Island

  • Ross Island
  • Viper Island
  • Lunch
  • North Bay Island
  • Evening snacks at AFC
  • Dinner as per your choice
Day-13 To Mount Harriet

  • Chatham saw mill
  • Bomb pit
  • Lunch
  • Mount Harriet
  • Evening snacks on Mount Harriet
  • Dinner as per your choice
  • Corbyn’s cove beach
  • Wondoor Beach
  • Lunch in Road side hotel
  • Jolley boye Island
  • Evening snacks at Annapurna Restaurant
  • Buy gifts for your relatives and yourself at Govt handcraft shop
  • Dinner from Agent
Day-15 Return journey

You do not have to follow my 15 days honeymoon plan. You can customize as per your need. There are various sites online to provide you several other required information. You can choose best operators and compare prices.

I must say that you can plan for 1 day at Neil Island and 2 days at Havlock Island. 1-2 days you can keep for Around PortBlair. (Middle and  South Andaman are optional).

The best must touch points if you are shortage of time:

  1. Corbyne’s cove beach
  2. Wandoor beach
  3. Radhanagar beach at Havlock Island
Coral Island
  1. Northbay Island
  2. Jolly buoy
  3. Red Skin
Geographically important points
  1. Mud Volcano
  2. Lime stone caves at Baratang
Historical Importance Points
  1. Cellular Jail
  2. Light and sound show
  3. Ross Island
  4. Viper Island
  5. Chatham saw mill
  1. Fisheries
  2. Samudrika
  3. Sagarika emporium

I always prefer to hire a cab for my personal usage. In that way, you can enjoy the journey and stop where ever you want to,how much time you want to stop.

If you need help, regarding your honeymoon plan around Andaman, Please drop me a comment, I will try to help you.

If you do not have budget constraints you can always book from the big players who operates and organize trip in Andaman.In this case customization was denied from the major operators that time.(You can check now if they customize as per your plan).

If you want to customize your plan and you want to be in budget, you have to put effort to plan your trip, which we (me and my wife)did.Here is a massive list of operators published by Andaman Govt . Check out few operators and what they are offering. Then plan your visit accordingly.

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  1. Thanks a lot for information. I am getting married this month and planning for a honeymoon in March end-beginning April. What was to total budget you had for trip?

  2. Thanks for writing to me. Coming back straight to the total budget …well lot depends on you. If you prefer big car [for travel] like I did . the cost would be somewhere 70K for 15 days.

    I know an agent Name Raju Phone No-9434282041/9933204095. Basically Tamil but can speak good Hindi and bengali.He arranged our honeymoon trip and my parents normal trip . His arrangements are good. As a person this guy is good.Charges are OK. He is one of the agents available in Andaman. So you can talk to him.

    I am noway attach to Raju nor I am getting any money.

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