9 Essential Benefits Of Having A Restaurant-Specific Online Order

Introduce to A Restaurant-Specific Online Order

A Restaurant-Specific Online Order , You have surely noticed it: the term “ Click and Collect ” has never been adopted so much (including by people who were unaware of it until the concept only a few months ago), and the delivery market is exploding. 

It is not a mishap. The online ordering is here to stay – and we’re also probably as early adoption; although the health crisis Covid-19 has significantly expanded its use from institutions with consumers hadn’t looked at her until then.

Whether you want to offer Click & Collect (on the takeaway model) or a delivery service yourself or via a connected fleet of the Stuart type, the first question you are surely asking yourself is: “ is it an investment? profitable? ”. 

 We can understand this, especially if you plan to go through a platform such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo for these services or even do it already. 

Or maybe you are just wondering if the old-fashioned phone ordering isn’t as efficient and risky after all.

The answer is no: more than ever, and the years to come will reinforce this trend having your own free online ordering system is crucial (and sometimes vital) for most independent restaurants or franchise brands.

A Restaurant-Specific Online Order , The good news is that behind this market demand hides very, very great business opportunities that go beyond what medium and long-term delivery marketplaces can offer you. 

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Here are nine critical arguments in favor of an internalized online ordering and the colors of your establishment! 

1- You keep all your profits without having to pay an intermediary

A Restaurant-Specific Online Order , Even by negotiating its commission rate (and this is not given to all brands), going through Uber Eats, Deliveroo or equivalent remains synonymous with a piece of the pie that flies away with each transaction.

By opting for an own ordering system, you keep the profit generated by the orders placed, without paying any part to an intermediary. The must? Opt for an online order that does not charge you for the amount or volume of transactions but rather is based on a controlled package that allows you to fully control your business without any unpleasant surprises at the end of the month. 

The more you sell, the more you earn. It’s as simple as that. 

2- Your average basket increases 

average basket increases 
average basket increases


We are not the ones saying it (well, yes, since we regularly see up to 25% of turnover with omnichannel among our customers), but the market figures. 

A Restaurant-Specific Online Order, Indeed, the fact for the customer to be able to take his time on a menu and his photographs, but also to be exposed to attract additional sales proposals, so much to increase the average basket of the online orders placed directly with the restaurants. Especially since unlike aggregators, there is no service charge to pay for the end consumer. 

3- You reduce the error rate when ordering (and these have a cost!)

reduce the error rate when ordering
reduce the error rate when ordering

Poor (or interrupted) quality of communication on the phone, a phone call caught in the middle of a gunshot while managing customers on-site, taking orders over the phone can work, but is far from error-free.

However, these errors not only cost money but also disrupt the experience that the customer will have with your establishment and therefore your brand, not to mention the additional stress and time required to correct the situation! 

With online ordering, your customer takes his time, carefully selects his dishes but also his preferences and options: everything is clear, square, and well recorded. 

4- You open up new income channels

A Restaurant-Specific Online Order, Without even taking into account the health constraints linked to the crisis, generating new income without going through an omnichannel approach almost necessarily involves pushing back the walls. 

With a digital offer without an intermediary, new possibilities are available to you: a sustained development of takeaway sales and delivery opportunities that extend the turnover achieved in the room. 

That’s not all: by reaching a new connected audience, you open the way to the possibility of converting part of this market by attracting it to your physical point of sale or other similar ones of your brand (franchises, branches, chains). 

5- You have full control of your image and your offers

A Restaurant-Specific Online Order, Too much focus on the immediate part of the delivery and take-out business, it is tempting to set aside the brand awareness and preservation part, as well as the control of the offers presented to customers.

By having your own online ordering system:

  • You are the master of your identity, your colors, your brand, and your tone; 
  • You provide a consistent customer experience, which builds and reinforces loyalty and repeat purchase; 
  • You change your items, menus, offers & pricing, photographs in real-time, without depending on the deadline imposed by intermediaries;

Your name and brand have a value: preserve them! 

6- You create a direct link with your customer base and can grow it

The sinews of war in a world of intermediaries are to build a direct relationship with your fans and clients. 

With live online ordering, You have the contact information and preferences of each of your customers… rather than sharing them with a third-party platform.

Ultimately, this will allow you to easily promote your new menus, offers, openings, to animate and develop your loyalty program; it is a real strike force whose value is well established. Since the 1st confinement, moreover, we have seen at Innovorder how our most efficient customers were those who worked on this direct link with their community! 

7- Your teams don’t waste their time on the phone

Advise, serve, prepare and place orders, clean the premises. There is no lack of daily tasks within a point of sale. And you know it better than anyone: human resources are a spending area that is as crucial as it is important for a restaurant. 

By automating order taking, you allow your employees to focus on necessary tasks (those for which they have been employed) but also with greater added value thanks to the time freed by digital tools.

This saving of time is all the more important as the time spent answering questions on options, compositions, or modifications of dishes can be avoided with a well-configured online ordering. 

8- You easily test new products and pricings

The year 2020 was marked by a new trend: the expansion of the offer to grocery products (like Clasico Argentino ), producer baskets, DIY kits featuring the star recipes of some restaurants or brands ( Bagel Corner has been a pioneer on this point) …

Sources of additional income and a real entry of the brand into the daily lives (the kitchen) of customers; it’s a safe bet that the expanded ranges are here to stay. 

Having an internalized online ordering makes it easy to test new products but also prices in the evaluation phase, which is much more complicated or time-consuming when you do not control your offer in real-time and directly. 

9- You collect data (no, it’s not just for Amazon!)

If the word can scare or give the impression that it is reserved for big names of the Web, the reality is different. The data of behaviour, contact, and interactions on your customers will allow you to optimize your offer. , your prices and your way of communicating in the short, medium, and long terms. Do not deprive yourself of this windfall for the future! 

In conclusion 

The explosion of delivery and take-out orders is a tremendous source of opportunities for restaurateurs, on the condition that they put it in place and keep it alive! 

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