The Best 7 Hacks you Should Follow for Above Ground Pool Maintenance

Introduction to Above Ground Pool Maintenance

Being a pool owner, you should bear the responsibility to make the pool clean and healthy for swimming. A filthy pool can cause sickness rather than be enjoyable.

If you couldn’t monitor the maintenance, the above ground pool will welcome pesky bacteria and other pathogens. So to kick out these interferers follow some tricky hacks.

Maybe summer is knocking on the door; do you clean the pool for swimming and kidding with kids?

Let’s try these 7 tricks in the pool.

  1. Use a filter and pump for cleaning:

Circulation of water is the power to clean the pool water at a satisfying level. Who does not love to swim in unclouded and green water wool? Everyone loves, sure? So to get it, running the pump and filter are necessary.

In the summer season, you often swim for longer. It is highly recommended to run the filter and pump for 8 to 12 hours a day for a well water circulation. For winter, 4- 6 hours is enough for maintenance.

A simple trick, if you run this system at night, it will save you from actual expenses more.

  1. Balance the pool water chemically:

You should test the water chlorine level and ph 1 or 2 times weekly. If the water is chemically imbalanced, the pool would be opening for bacteria and algae. You should maintain the ph of 7.2 to 7.6. If the ph is high, then add some muriatic acid in the pool to keep balance.

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Another important thing is the chlorine level and the ideal range is 1-3 ppm. When the chlorine range goes down, add Pool chlorine as a tablet or stick with an automatic feeder to make chemically balanced water. The mixture of baking soda and water prevents algae from growing and clean the tile and grout of the pool.

  1. Use a pantyhose to get rid of dust:

Pantyhose are the hack that works super combined with a skimmer basket. While a skimmer basket alone cleans out the debris, leaves, and large-sized particles from the pool.

But the pair of pantyhose wraps them around the basket skimmer and can retain finer debris before reaching the filter of the pools.

  1. Cleaning the pool with vacuum:

Each pool owner searches the cleaning hack to get a clean pool for a longer time. Yes, this hack is something that you will prefer again. It is generally used for an inground pool. They have a main drain to clean water by regularly circulating from the deep end.

But the above-ground pools lack this facility but there is an alternative option. They can use a manual vacuum. Connect the one end of the vacuum hose with the suction hole in the skimmer and place another end at the bottom of the pool.

  1. Sand filtration:

This cleaning hack facilitates you filtered out of debris affects the cleanliness of the pool water.

The addition of a single spoon of Diatomaceous Earth with sand allows it to form a larger size clump. It retains the debris and other smaller dust which are responsible for creating dirty pool water.

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You have to mix the DE with sand and pour this mixture in the pool skimmer. This powder mixture will flow throughout the pool filtration process.

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  1. Tennis ball used for oil cleansing:

Are you seeking a pool cleaning hack that will be fun for you and pets? You can consider a tennis ball that is cheap and available for all.

We usually cover up with sunscreen to rescue from sunburn in unpleasant hot weather. But this sunblock has an impact on your pool water too.

The oily substances make the pool messier and cloudy that formed gradually. Keep one or more balls in the pool or filter basket, the outer surface of the ball absorbs the oil and other debris incredibly. This hack leaves a translucent pool for making fun.

  1. Removal of insects:

Not only kids, but even adult swimmers also don’t feel safe interfering with insects like bees, wasp, etc. Oh, you can prevent this in such an easy way. Keep some dry sheets and lemongrass around the pools. Bugs naturally dislike the flavors of this plant.

But if you can organize these dry sheets and lemongrass away, it will be a part of the decoration for your favorite pool.

Final word

The discussion on the above ground pool maintenance hacks will make your daily work easier. If you never try it ever before, this is the time for a new start. To know more in detail please visit this link –

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