5 Easy Steps to Add PDF Page Numbers

Introduction to Add PDF Page Numbers

Have you been struggling to edit or add page numbers to the current project you are working on? This struggle has been an issue with people who are working with MS Word or Pages by Apple. The thing about adding pages is that it is easy when you are working with short documents. The issue arrives when you are working on a book or a magazine, and you have to remove or add new pages in the order of pages you’re working on. It is a long and detailed process when you don’t have a third-party tool to help you with your job. 

PDF Bear: Adds Page Numbers To PDF

Adds Page Numbers To PDF
Adds Page Numbers To PDF

Getting on an online page number editor is an essential tool. We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced the long and arduous process of compiling documents into a single file or book. This nifty tool is of great help for people who are collaborating on a project together. Thus, this is where the strength of this pdf tool comes from. Such a task not only demands patience and long hours. It also requires keen attention to detail. There are times when parts of the report don’t arrive on time. Because of this situation, you work with whatever chapter is available. Then, you paste them all together to arrange each file you intend the project to go. So, numbering takes time. It is hard when there is no interface where you can work this out. But with PDF Bear, you can add page numbers in pdf files quickly. 

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PDF Bear Offers Ease With Collaborative Work

As mentioned above, working on a group report or a magazine is challenging. Hence, this is where the PDF Bear tool removes the hurdles of group projects. With this tool, you can share, download, upload, or store documents on the cloud. This feature is available with the pro version as well. This process removes the mess that can usually happen when you work on computers for so long. The clutter and limitation of space can get in the way. 


In addition, security is another issue. When your desktop shuts down in the middle of intensive work, then there is no choice but to start all over again. Moreover, when your computer gets viruses, your files will be compromised, which is a total nightmare. Hence, having the option to store your documents online can give you ease of access and peace of mind. Thus, with PDF Bear, you can share links to the finished project or share it via DropBox. The strength of this tool is not just its speed but its simplicity as well. The interface is clutter-free. Because it is cloud-based, the time it takes to finish your work is short. 


Computer performance relies on its processor speed and RAM. When the RAM is full or the processor can’t handle too many processes, the computer slows down. However, with PDF Bear, these issues may be prevented when working with your files. That is why, while it is good to have the benefits of a free version, the pro is always a great work companion. 

PDF Bear Pro Version: Customer Service and Tech Support

PDF Bear Pro Version
PDF Bear Pro Version

Let’s say you are working on a manual, a magazine, a journal, or a book. Then, an issue happens where there is no one to turn to handle the situation. PDF Bear pro offers customer and tech support. This added value is crucial, especially when you are dealing with a massive body of work. You don’t want to start all over again. PDF bear pro has other benefits. You can upload as many batches of documents that you want. It also doesn’t matter if you are working on a large file. Your only limitation is your internet speed. Besides, PDF Bear Pro doesn’t have issues with downloads too. Download as many files as you want. You can also store the completed task on the PDF Bear database as long as you want. Thus, this is handy when you are planning to work on them in the future. 

Minimalist But Powerful

PDF Bear offers many tools that you can use when working on corporate projects involving vast numbers of data. From combining, splitting, signing up to converting, PDF Bear can do all of them for you and more. The minimalist look of the website is what makes this tool powerful above the rest. The interface makes it easy for you to navigate tabs and buttons at a glance. The pro version also removes ads making it easy for you to concentrate on the task at hand. Having PDF Bear pro in your workspace is indeed an added value to your productivity. This light but powerful tool is a best friend to those who are working from home. 

Numbering Your Pages in Easy Steps

PDF Bear offers easy steps in numbering your pages the way you want them to appear. All you need in this process of file numbering is a working internet connection and a browser. Because this is an online tool, there is no need to download and install this on your computer. 

  1. Go to the PDF Bear website by using your browser.
  2. Look for the “Add page numbers to PDF” button. This will open up the page where you can do this.
  3. Select files that you want the tool to work on. You can choose as many files as you wish. The PDF tool will scan your documents and upload them to the database. Wait for the upload to finish.
  4. The tool page will allow you to arrange the position where you want the page numbers to appear. 
  5. Click “Number pages” and then download the finished files to your computer. 

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The user-friendly platform of PDF Bear also protects your file. This is done through encryption. You can work on this process so many times and boost your productivity. The pro version has many added benefits. You can also get a pro account for your friends and family members struggling with numbering their documents. You’ll realize how much they’ll appreciate this gesture.


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