4 Reasons Why You Should Add PDF Pages Numbers to Your PDF by PDFBear

Introduction to Add PDF Pages Numbers to Your PDF

Why should you number the pages in your PDF document? Well, first, it makes your PDF document look more presentable and even more professional.

It saves anyone that’s using your PDF document the hassle of identifying a particular page. In turn, handling your PDF document and all the details in it can be more seamless.

There’s an online tool on PDFBear that lets you add page to pdf for free. It’s incredibly easy, stable, and it rarely presents any trouble.

Add pages to your PDF document online with PDFBear. It’s simple, and you can number the pages in your PDF in four easy steps.

Simple Process To Number PDF Pages

Simple Process To Number PDF Pages
Simple Process To Number PDF Pages

This online PDF editor allows users to add page numbers to any PDF document in only four steps. In turn, you won’t need to digest any bulky manual on how to add a page to a PDF.

All you need is to follow PDFBear’s four easy steps, and you should be able to number those pages within no time. It’s easy, straightforward, and free!

The first step in numbering your PDF pages through PDFBear is to upload the PDF file itself. Choose the PDF file, and you can either select or drag and drop it to the space provided below.

Then, wait until the upload is complete, after which you can select the position where you’d prefer the page numbers to appear.

The only step in numbering your PDF pages left now is to click the “Number Pages” button. Then, you’ll be able to download the modified PDF file straight to your computer.

You’ll see that the modified file contains the correct page numbering sequence. All data in the PDF before uploading it to this PDF editor is also retained.

Seamless PDF Editor

Seamless PDF Editor
Seamless PDF Editor

This PDF editor allows users to number the pages in any PDF document. In turn, it does so through a straightforward four-step process.

You’ll be able to see this four-step process in the converter itself. Therefore, you’d have a guide or reference upon using this online tool for numbering your PDF pages. 

PDFBear’s page numbering tool handles all the work in numbering your PDF pages for you. It also comes with settings that are pre-equipped.

In turn, all you need to do is to upload the PDF file. This PDFBear tool doesn’t require you to change any settings or upload your own before using it for numbering your PDF pages.

In terms of quality, this PDF page numbering tool focuses on providing an accurate and correct outcome.

It allows any user to add page numbers while customizing typographical errors and positions at the same time! 

Subsequently, you have the option to treat the first page of your PDF document as a cover page. Therefore, you’d avoid putting page numbers on the cover page.

Available On All Computer Platforms

PDFBear is available on any computer platform. Therefore, this online PDF editor is perfectly compatible with major operating systems like Windows and Mac.

You can even use a Linux system to number the pages in your PDF through PDFBear! It’s easy, simple, and of course, free on any platform you choose.

PDFBear’s page numbering tool also works 100% well on any mobile platform. You can bring this PDF page numbering process with you anywhere you go.

It’s perfectly compatible and accessible through any iOS and Android device. All you need to number your PDF pages online through PDFBear is an Internet connection.

This PDF editor is a web-based tool. Therefore, any web browser should work perfectly well with this PDFBear tool.

You can always use any browser you want from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and many more. Subsequently, make sure you secure a Wi-fi or data connection upon using this page numbering tool from PDFBear.

Perfectly Safe & Private

Perfectly Safe & Private
Perfectly Safe & Private

PDFBear is a highly-encrypted website. In turn, the 256-bit SSL encryption that it currently runs on should be capable of guarding you and your documents.

Rest assured that you won’t have to worry about anyone invading your privacy upon numbering your PDF pages through this online tool.

Speaking of privacy, PDFBear takes advanced steps in providing its users’ full privacy. It deletes all files uploaded, edited, and converted from its servers within an hour. This step can effectively prevent anyone from recycling or using your files without your consent.

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PDFBear’s online page numbering tool is a highly-rated tool for a reason. It provides a simple process that allows anyone to add page numbers to their PDF documents in no time.

This online tool’s interface is incredibly easy to manipulate; it’s like it handles all the work for you. All you have to do is sit while this PDF editor numbers your PDF pages for you, and it does so for free!

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