Consequences and Addiction to Social Media: 8 Best Facts

Introduction to Addiction to Social Media

These days the use of social media has increased all over the world. There are many debates held on various platforms that are social media a boon or curse.

The only result of each debate is that the use of social media is good only if used in the proper manner and if limited use is done.

Many people, especially youngsters, get addicted to social media and can’t live a single minute without the use of it. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss the consequences and addiction to social media.

How to recognize that you are addicted to social media?

If you get obsessive thoughts about how to use social media, if you are over-expressive on social media i.e. you overshare your photos or videos on social media, If you experience an urge to use social media in order to forget your real-life problems then it is considered that you are a social media addict.

What is the basic reason for addiction?

The only reason for addiction to social media is that it increases the attention of others towards you by which most young people get impressed and use social media as much as they can.

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It is said by the psychologist gold coast that the addiction to social media also results in depression and anxiety in most human beings.

Aim of social media websites

The only aim of the social media websites is to add attractive features to their website so that they can engage most of the people on their website for a long time and they can earn profit from it.

Most of the social media websites add certain games and entertainment features on their website so that most people can spend their maximum time on the website.

The consequences and addiction for young people

Most of the researches have researched that the use of social media has resulted in mental health issues like anxiety and depression in youngsters.

There are many cases that most young people had attempted suicide due to social media. According to a survey it was found that young people in the UK spend twenty hours a day on their mobile phones using social media.

Social media and relationships

The effect of social media on relationships is the greatest consequence and addiction to social media.

It has been observed most of the time by all of us that social media addicts even keep using their phones on social events and public gatherings instead of interacting with other people.

This certainly, makes your relationship toxic with other people.  Most of the people who are unaware of your addiction to social media usually think that you are trying to ignore them by using your phone which also affects your relationship.

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Social media also affects the relationships on chatting on social with other people itself as you cannot express your feelings properly so that most of the people misunderstand your typed text, they take it in a different sense.

Effects on Self Esteem

It was found that most of the people who already have low self-esteem self-esteem even gets worse if the likes to the content shared by them on social media don’t get an adequate amount of likes on it.

This is a problem especially found amongst most of the girls with low self-esteem. If the number of likes on the posts of the people is more than expected then there are chances that the person can generate ego in himself.

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Constant connectivity is harming more

It is found by most psychologists that it is always available to people to instantly reply to their messages on various social media platforms increasing diseases like anxiety and depression in social media users.

It does not even help to convey our feelings properly hence it can also affect the relationship as stated earlier.

Effects on physical health

The mobile or the screen on which the social media is visible to us transmits the blue lights which affect the brain by alerting it during the night time due to which most of the people are not able to sleep throughout the night.

This causes mental problems and headaches. If you are emotionally involved scrolling the memes while trying to sleep it is possible that this process can charge your body and you are unable to sleep overnight.

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These days it is very important to use social media in order to stay updated in life. The only thing we should care about while using social media is that it should not affect our mental or physical health.

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