Does Aged Care Worker Demand Increase Due To This Pandemic In Australia?

Introduction to Aged Care Worker

The Australian aged care sector consists of a range of services meant for aged Australians. These include full-time care in a residential aged-care facility and allowing aged people to stay independent at their homes etc.

Besides, the basic aged care services are included in this list too. Aged people in Australia chiefly get these services either in a community set-up or at their individual homes. An Australian needs to be at least 65 years old to be considered an old person.

The number of Australians getting aged care services

Statistics say that about 1.2 million people got aged care services during 2017-2018. These people received aged care services in community settings and their homes. These included people aged 65 years or over during 2017-18. Amongst them, 7% received residential aged care services. 71% stayed at home without optimizing subsidized aged care services. 22% optimized different forms of support and care at home. At present, around 3,000 aged care providers are serving about 9000 aged care organizations in Australia.

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Popular aged care service providers in Australia

There are various aged care service providers in Australia. These include:

  • Local government, state, and territory providers
  • Community-based providers
  • Private providers and
  • Charitable providers etc.

You too can become an imperative part of the Australian aged care sector. To do that complete one of the career-oriented aged care courses from Australia successfully.

Demand for aged-care workers in Australia before Covid-19

The aged care sector in Australia faced an increasing demand for aged-care workers before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some survey reports have proved that this increase has taken place in Australia within the last decade. This number was supposed to increase by up to 80,600 by 2023.

The job opportunities for disabled and aged care workers were supposed to increase up to 69,200 by this period.

The adverse effects of Covid-19 on Australia’s aged-care sector

The demand for aged-care workers in Australia suddenly faced a nosedive due to the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A number of situations have contributed to this situation. Contract tracing, execution of social distancing measures, and border restrictions are some of them.

A large number of Australians were already confirmed Covid-19 positive during April 2020. The aged people are considered the most vulnerable amongst these people. This has led to dwindling demand for aged-care professionals in Australia.

How Australia changes this plight into an opportunity?

It’s actually a fact that the occurrence of Covid-19 has created several challenges for Australia’s aged-care sector. A lot of effective measures are also being implemented to restrict Covid-19 from getting widespread in the Australian aged-care organizations.

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Amidst this, the Australian government is struggling through thick and thin to adapt to this new normal world. The aged care workers are those who need the best care and attention during this time in Australia.

Australia aims at optimizing this opportunity!

Australians aged between 60 to 70 years old need maximum care and attention during Covid-19. The situation has become quite normal and the various travel and border restrictions have also been curbed somewhat.

The Australian government is hoping that there will be an increased demand for aged-care workers after the novel Corona’s eradication.

There are many beneficial vocational courses in Australia that can give aspiring aged-care workers a lucrative career in the country.

The two-day virtual summit

All of us are residing in the age of Covid-19 right now. So, Australia’s aged care sector hasn’t remained an exception either. The occurrence of this pandemic has increased the need for age care services in Australia to a great extent. This is because aged people in Australia are at a greater risk as compared to others. That’s why the Australian government has also organized a’ two-day virtual summit’.

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Chief objectives of the ‘two-day virtual summit’

The main goals of this ‘two-day virtual summit’ are to create effective strategies to ameliorate’ Australia’s aged-care sector reasonably. By implementing these strategies, the Australian government can hopefully attain the following objectives.

  • Bring an increase in Australia’s aged-care workforce to a reasonable extent.
  • Improve the customer experience at the various Australian aged-care organizations reasonably.
  • Ascertain a completely safe ambiance at the aged-care organizations in Australia during Covid-19 and
  • Bring an improvement to the quality of aged care services in Australia post the Covid-19 crisis.
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Hopefully, by attaining these objectives successfully, the increasing demand for aged-care professionals in Australia will get normalized like before. So, apply for an aged-care vocational training course today to make the best use of this opportunity. You can seek the assistance of a consultant of education in Perth to choose the right aged-care program.

Which course to apply for?

The certificate III in individual support and certificate IV in aging support is currently the most popular. So, complete each of these courses back to back and become a qualified aged-care worker in Australia after Covid-19.

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