10 Points You Must Know How AI Influences Advertisement Industry Quickly

Introduction to how AI Influences Advertisement Industry

Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, the prospect of machines replacing humans in many fields have become more realistic. Modern advertising is no exception. Join us to find out what AI is and how it affects the modern advertising industry!

What is AI?

AI technology has a concept from a computer scientist in the US – John McCarthy. He presented his concepts and work presented in 1956 at The Dartmouth Conference. AI is understood as a term problem. This term includes instructions about the actual, automation of robots.

Artificial intelligence is also known as artificial intelligence. AI is the mechanical simulation of human intellectual processes. Besides, it also is a branch of computer science involved in automating intelligent behaviors.

The impact of AI on modern advertising

AI is having a huge impact on the recruitment market. Humans feel increasingly squeezed by the rise of AI (artificial intelligence). This is a workforce that does not need to eat, sleep, or rest and receive no salary. So what can AI do in the modern advertising industry?

AI applications in search engines

Search services can apply AI to “predict” the purpose of the user when performing a search with a strange keyword phrase. A popular system being implemented by Google currently is RankBrain. Through machine learning, RankBrain is able to translate a word and translate that never-seen phrase into a familiar word with similar meaning.

AI identifies target customers

Categorize customers

With AI, companies can rely on Big data to categorize customers into different groups based on demographics, products purchased, offline behavior, and calendars. online browsing history.

Identify major customer events

With AI, experts can identify times when customers will experience major life events. Also, know the times when they may change their shopping habits.

Target, for example, used consumer sales to send letters promoting baby products to women they expected to become pregnant.

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Reach target customers

Artificial intelligence helps businesses reach exactly the target customers. Through big data analysis, optimization, real-time distribution of advertising content in many places. For example, Artificial Intelligence Enables Better Interaction with Couponers and changes the Way Coupon Approaches Customers.

Due to the vast demand for coupons, the application of AI technology in offering coupons to boost sales conversion rates is inevitable. With many AI tools, coupon site operators can comprehend the most popular products favored by site visitors.

From there, it’s easy to identify and categorize your audience and send coupons that match the thing they’re interested in or fascinated. Hence, the chance of buyers to purchase and utilize coupons will climb dramatically.

Some popular services in Programmatic Media

Ad Exchange (ADX) – An advertising market that helps automate buy-sell (like stock exchange trading) and transparency (like the C2C of e-commerce) between Advertiser and Publisher;

Demand Side Platform (DSP) – An automated system that helps Advertisers optimize buying prices and run ads in real-time to multiple Publishers

Supply Side Platform (SSP) – An automated system that helps Publishers maximizing the selling price and distributing impressions (ad impressions) in real-time to multiple Advertisers / DSPs

Data Management Platform (DMP) – A system of user data management platforms that helps advertisers analyze and program user data, providing outstanding advertising performance.

 Find customers on Facebook

When you have an audience file, a list of leads such as email, phone number, you can directly upload that file to Facebook to run an ad. If your file is standard, it will be very effective.

However, when you run all of that file, how do I continue to run it? You can do one simple step is to create a similar object (Lookalike). Facebook will automatically find people with similar behaviors and interests as your audience to continue running your ads.

AI builds and develops relationships with potential customers

Communicate with potential customers

Ads using an AI-applied vending system to communicate with potential customers. The company may collect contact information, showcase product features, and dismiss non-potential customers.

For example, Conversica with a vending system that uses natural language to send emails and chat, making it feel like a real person. AI automatically connects salespeople to close deals when identified as potential customers.

Personalized experience

Digital publishers provide customers with a personalized experience through an artificial intelligence called the passive user interface. This method continuously collects behavioral data from the client’s device. Then use machine learning to choose an experience that suits your customers’ needs and wants.

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Spotify’s Running is typical of a passive user interface. This app collects workout-tracking data from the user’s phone to select music with a beat that matches the runner speed.

AI has application in automatic advertising (Programmatic Advertising)

The chaining algorithm allows marketing professionals to deliver ads at the right time called Computational advertising. The algorithm works based on demographic information, online habits, and the content viewed when the ad appears.

Saatchi & Saatchi LA have applied this technology. It allows Facebook users to view individual Toyota ads. From there it suggests that they do activities based on their own interests.

AI has applications in image advertising (In-Image Advertising) and collaborative filtering.

Image advertising

AI is used to bring appropriate advertising templates in each specific case. Based on machine learning technology with a range of intelligent algorithms that handle data in a way comparable to the human brain.

GumGum – the US advertising agency has set up its AI technology that recognizes all types of objects, people, colors, themes, and branding logos by bringing millions of images labeled into the system. nerve. In this way, technology can place a relevant ad on each photo.

Collaborative filtering

Online retailers apply AI by providing proposed products through a collaborative filtering system. The system links website visitors with other customers who have the same needs.

If customer X and customer Y both buy the same product over a certain period of time, they are more likely to be interested and interested in each other’s products on subsequent purchases.

Amazon is a prime example of this filter technology application. There is an effective product recommendation with the classic “people who buy this product also buy….”

Video content self-recognition advertising tool.

With the ability to read and understand videos, SilverPush’s Mirrors tool can recognize all brands and products in a movie. From there, give ad suggestions right on the screen.

Thanks to the integration of AI, Mirrors can analyze videos. From there, we can recognize brand logos, faces, emotions of subjects appearing in the video. The ability to “read” videos with artificial intelligence helps Mirrors recognize the context of each video. That caters to targeted advertising searches.

Posting contextual ads will increase user engagement with the ad. Also, create efficiency for advertising activities. Technology integrated on Mirrors helps SilverPush become a marketing platform competing with Google Adsense of Google.

With the video content recognition technology, the video-sharing network TikTok is also growing at breakneck speed and becoming one of the most valuable social networks in the world at the moment.

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AI also for producing advertising scripts

The influence of AI in advertising is still a controversial topic. Recently, automaker Lexus put AI to the test when creating the first ad scripted by artificial intelligence.

First, AI statistics on luxury car advertisements that have won awards for 15 years at Cannes Lion. Next, AI has drawn the successful formula and created a complete advertising TVC for Lexus.

In terms of content and creativity, this is not the best advertising. Although the visuals are beautiful and attractive by director Mc Donald, the script is just discrete ideas that are followed by a story. However, it is a breakthrough and potential in using AI to tell promotional stories.

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AI generates ad lines

The artificial intelligence tool of Chinese e-commerce firm – Alibaba – can create 20,000 ad lines in just 1 second. By comparison, Alibaba’s artificial intelligence could write up to 4,000 times faster ads than a human blink of an eye.

Businesses that advertise on Alibaba’s Tmall, Taobao, Mei.com … platforms can insert a link into one of their product pages. Then hit the “smart copy production” button to see different promotional ideas.

Advertising forecasts will be an important source of revenue for Alibaba. It accounts for 40% of all Chinese mobile advertising revenue next year. Such superiority is, but Alibaba asserted that artificial intelligence cannot replace humans.

The role and influence of artificial intelligence in the advertising industry are increasing in modern advertising. They create the inevitable trend of the digital age, change the way of communication, content creates advertisements. We need to be willing to take advantage of, receive those developments to make a great leap in the advertising industry.

The benefits and effects of AI are undeniable in helping people of the future. Applying AI technology to advertising activities in an “application but not dependent” way.

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