How Excellent AI is Changing Digital Marketing Beyond 2021?

Introduction to AI is Changing Digital Marketing

Today artificial intelligence or more popularly known as AI is not an uncommon term, thanks to movies and fantasies for this.

Everyone is always guessing what’s next that AI holds for us. Technology has always proved to have a significant impact on every aspect of commerce, so how can marketing, or shall we say digital marketing can remain unaffected by it.

There are various popular theories, myths, and stories that you would have heard about AI, but what’s true is that it will surely have a significant effect on our lives, and digital marketing.

You might be asking what, why, how, and many more questions, this article, ‘Is AI Changing The Future Of Digital Marketing?’ is going to give you a picture of what all AI is doing and can do for digital marketing.

To your surprise, the benefits of AI are already being used by big companies in the mode of data collection, segregation, user activity, and many more terms.

Digital marketers and IT experts are even experimenting with how they can have more direct advantages of the same. Let’s get forward with the first basic question.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence, the name itself says a lot about itself. Human brains give us the best gift, which is intelligence. We use this intelligence to carry out many cognitive functions; AI is to be the intelligence of machines.

Today AI is among the crucial parts of machinery across different industries, and it has significantly increased the production capacities and also the accuracy of correct products and their assessment.

Data mining is also a segment that has been increasingly growing because of the installation of artificial intelligence.

Due to this, machines can now think, respond, and perform the tasks with human-like efficiency and effectiveness.

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They work on the protocols and the data that has been given to them. Along with it, they even learn from unpredicted outcomes and prepare for the same.

They are even the drivers of Industry 4.0 revolutions which are advancement of digitalization and automation to AI, machine to machine learning, and the internet of things. Thanks to detailed algorithms, AI systems are becoming more and more effective and sophisticated.

The Relationship Between Artificial Intelligence And Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence has been a key part of the marketing campaigns of today’s top e-commerce brands, from showing products to a customer’s previous buying history to smart suggestions based upon its online activities.

Online users often notice that when they are searching on Google for a particular brand or product, they start receiving a lot more Ads for the same on other online mediums like social media. So it is evident, that based on a user’s online activity, they are being targeted.

But this is just marketing, how Artificial Intelligence is changing or affecting digital marketing? You may ask.

The answer is through:

  • Chatbots
  • ARs and VRs
  • Email Marketing
  • AI-Based Digital Advertising
  • Personalization And Data-Based Marketing, and more.


While handling a B2C business, you will know that there’s a need for customer service agents, and when your business deals in multiple countries, the difference of timezones indeed affects.

The chatbots that are designed with the help of artificial intelligence have semantic recognition, language processing, and voice conversion technology.

They can converse with many consumers across different parts of the world at the same time, thus proving to be highly efficient.

Along with this, chatbots can also communicate with consumers in the language they prefer, making them more locally responsive.

Many companies use them through social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.

ARs and VRs

Digital marketers and IT experts are also combining AR and VR for a better and broader consumer experience. Also, the latest 360-degree videos can be used with this for better consumer interaction and engagement. Through this, consumers experience an exciting way to interact with the brands and consume their content.

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This techno-savvy option allows the brand to form a connection and also build a strong brand identity which can help create a greater sense of loyalty as well.

Email Marketing

Another great feature of AI is that it gives the options to brands for sharing personalized email marketing campaigns based on consumer behaviors, this means that marketers can send out emails that will be automatically triggered by certain actions.

This feature even allows the brand to deliver relevant emails to customers’ inboxes, along with subject lines, product recommendations, and messaging all being chosen based on a customer’s behavior.

Another significant feature of this is that AI enables marketers to optimize their email campaigns, which further assists them in maximizing their results.

This is a quick and effortless way to personalize and optimize campaigns quickly, rather than testing different messages and designs.

AI-Based Digital Advertising

Now, what if we say that you are already directly benefited from AI in digital marketing too without owning it. Recall the paid ADs you have made on Google, Facebook, and other mediums. You remember setting up a target audience and many filters.

Paid Ads are among the prime and direct benefits that AI has for digital marketing. They analyze the users’ information: gender, age, interests, demographics, and many other aspects. This allows the platforms on which to show their users the most relevant advertisements.

Today, big firms that already have invested in AI technology can be expected to spot trends accurately, even the minute and local trends. Also, this provides them with the power to predict trends too.

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Personalization And Data-Based Marketing

Personalization and customization are the two critical aspects of effective marketing in the modern world. Together, personalization and AI involve categorizing different customer data sets and extracting valuable insights from them.

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You recall how several music streaming platforms can suggest new music, based on the ones you choose to hear. This type of personalization can significantly help businesses to improve the impact of marketing campaigns.

Like earlier, we discussed chatbot, now imagine it learning to converse with people based on customization tailored to meet the needs of unique visitors.

Furthermore, apart from curating content AI can also be used to create it. Using a tool similar to the one that allows analyzing a user’s consuming pattern, the same can suggest products, blogs, videos or other forms of content to the visitor on the website.

Today, with the world moving forward to technology and accepting it, slowly the earlier restrictions made on AI are getting diluted.

This makes AI more accessible for businesses and makes it a valuable tool for digital marketers. Also, it is irrefutable that AI can largely influence the choices of individuals by providing them with relevant recommendations and timely customer service.

Author Bio:

Dipal Vadgama is a Digital Marketing Consultant at EmpowerD, who specializes in organic SEO. Her advanced training and skills in website analysis and digital marketing strategies have always helped our clients in reaching their target audience and generating organic traffic, leads, and conversions.

In her free time, she likes to explore the latest updates in google, be proficient with different social media algorithms, and expand her knowledge from various industry leaders.

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