Superpower AI ML Techniques You Should Learn About In 2020

Introduction to AI ML Techniques

From Robotics to AR VR-based Immersive Content development, AI ML techniques are making a big wave in the technology market.

From developing Business Intelligence suites for various departments to hiring top-line talent, the dynamics of the Cloud and IT industry have changed dramatically in the last 18 months.

What happened in the last 6 months with COVID-19 driven lockdowns and remote IT collaboration expectations, things have only become faster where every business unit is looking to accelerate their Cloud and IT security adoptions.

The fastest way to do it — Leverage IT professionals hired from the best colleges and best Artificial Intelligence Training in Gurgaon.

AI for Cloud Security

AI is proving to be a huge enabler in Cybersecurity and Cloud threat preparedness. The topmost technologies in this security posturing include automated cyber threat detection, predictive intelligence, Big Data Risk analysis, and Identity Verification, and Access Management.

Companies like IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft are enabling Cloud users to enhance their current IT infrastructures against internal and external threats.

Given the current context where IT Automation and Cloud computing form the basis of every business operation, it is always best to start your career in the AI-based IT security fields.

Business Intelligence Automation

As we head into an automated world of doing business, the working establishments are vigorously amplifying their business intelligence suites for Marketing, Sales, Revenue Generation, and HR operations.

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But, did you know that Artificial Intelligence is also the most coveted engineering specialization to develop tools, platforms, and solutions as a service for Customer Experience and Communications!

These, for long, were considered the trading aspect of Marketing and Sales. Even the leading and mid-sized IT Cloud companies are heavily investing in AI-based Communications Tools for these activities:

1 – Brand Perception Analysis

2 – Email Marketing and Campaign Management

3 – Chatbot-based FAQs

4 – Voice Controlled Communication

5 – PR and Media Intelligence

6- Social Media Intelligence

Netflix Algorithms

Netflix algorithms are just a generic name we give to the AI Machine Learning based top trending recommendations. These could be applied to any recommendations-based product or search query similar to what you see on the Netflix movie and TV shows streaming app.

Netflix, themselves keep updating the audience and data scientists about the science behind their proprietary algorithms.

If you are taking an Artificial Intelligence course in India, learning the AI ML algorithms used in platforms such as Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime Videos, and YouTube are highly recommended for projects and training purposes.

Similar recommendation systems can be built from your remote desktops in the fields of top apps for medical therapies, education courses, pet services, farming equipment, media and news publications, and so on.

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AI at the Edge

Together with the Internet of Things, Sensors, and high-end virtualization techniques, we have finally arrived in an era where AI can be embedded in your device. It’s called Embedded AI and directly links to Edge Computing.

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What is Edge Computing?

The definition of Edge can be understood effectively from the numerous applications of Edge on the device. Edge is the computing capabilities of a hardware system or device (like your laptop or mobile smartphone or IoT device) using AI ML analytics without really connecting to any data server, warehouse, or requiring an internet connection. In short, when your smart device is embedded with AI software to make decisions and to analyze future outcomes on its own, the computing capability is called Edge.

What makes these Technologies so Powerful?

There are infinite reasons why every young professional and college pass out should chase down these trends and techniques emerging from within the AI ML domains.

But, here I will mention only 3 of them to help you with the context and specificity.

  1. AI ML automation reduces the cost of go to market operations, enabling businesses to put their products and services faster and appropriately optimized for top sales results;
  2. Localized data analytics makes Cloud and Virtualization more economical in the long run for mid-sized and SMBs;
  3. The Data science job market is the best paying and highest retainer of AI ML talent, churning 25000 projects every year.

BI automation, together with new-age tools for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience management put the right “ammo” in every business owner’s hands to become the masters of their own fate.

That’s why it is imperative for young professionals to meet industry demands with the top superpower AI ML techniques.

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