Amazing Places of Saudi Arabia Not to Miss In 2021

Introduction to Amazing Places of Saudi Arabia

Do you want to travel to an Islamic country this year? Well! Saudi Arabia is a country full of amazing places which you can’t afford to miss. There are many places to visit in this country and the list is endless.

You will need to visit the country twice if you want to cover all the places. But for your convenience, in this article, we have covered some of the renowned tourist places which can make you simple ‘Wow’.

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Incredible places to visit in Saudi Arabia

The places listed below are simply eye-candy for you. Without visiting these places your visit to this country will be incomplete. Now, let’s take a look:

Madain Saleh:

A place which has earned name and fame for its rich history and picturesque view. This place comprises the ancient Nabatean people’s tomb. There are other things to explore in the vicinity of this place.

Take a look at old mud villages, oasis, museums, and the tomb of Khuraibah. Such places set the best example of these people’s lives and their excellent architectural skills.


Located on the Yemen border, this is the most colorful city which tourists love to see. Collect some unforgettable moments while visiting this place.

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The astonishing architecture, rich history, and cultural beauty will leave an everlasting impression on your mind. This tourist-friendly place is a treat for visitors.

Masjid an-nabi:

This is the most peaceful place and is called a ‘piece of paradise’. Situated in Medina, this is the second holiest mosque in the world.

Built by the Prophet, this mosque has great religious value. The place is well decorated during Ramadan, but you can always see the crowd here.

King’s Fountain:

This huge saltwater fountain was donated by King Fahd to the city of Jeddah. The beauty of this fountain can be experienced from any corner of the city.

The view is simply breathtaking, especially during sunset. This well-maintained fountain is a spot for scuba diving and fishing in the red sea.

Firework and laser lights during nighttime are an addition to the beauty in this place. Start looking for some cheap flights to enjoy this place to the fullest.

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National Museum:

If you love history, this place is for you. Located in the city of Riyadh, this museum comprises the complete history of Islamic culture.

Covering an area of 17,000 meters, the museum contains 10 galleries, courtyards, and the belongings of the Saudi Arabia king. This spacious and beautiful museum becomes more spectacular because of the lights during nighttime.

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Silver Sand Beach:

This place invites all the beach lovers, as it is a gem of Jeddah city. This elegant beach comes under one of the most beautiful places in the world because of its blue water and soft sand.

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The overall place is quite inviting and the site welcomes all the tourists with an open heart. Chairs and umbrellas are present on the beach under palm trees. So, chill out with your loved ones on this beach and have fun.

Include these places in your must-visit list, as your Saudi Arabia trip is incomplete without

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