An Introduction To SoapUI

An Introduction To SoapUI

SoapUI is one of the great tool to work with functional and non functional evaluation of web services.While working on a SOA  based project way back in 2004-2005,Ole Lensmer felt to create an easy tool to interact with SOA xml. The objective was to make a testing tool. In 2005 he created SOAPUI.

It was an open source tool hence lot more enhancement and upgradation happened thereafter.As lensmer was working for Eviware. it became a property for Eviware. Later in 2011 SmartBear acquired Eviware. So now it is the property of SmartBear.
Using SOAPUI , test engineers can perform functional and non functional testing.However SoapUI is free and open source tool.It is licensed under GNU(Lessser General Public License). As it is implemented purely under Java platform(Swing based application) Hence it is platform independent.However SOAPUI is also available on commercial license.

1. It can perform both Service and client.
2. Simple GUI based application,easy to understand
3. It can test on single test environment.
4. No configuration Overhead
5. Functional testing can be done with zero coding.

An Introduction To SoapUI

6. It supports common web applications and message transfer through HTTP,HTTPS,JMS,SOAP,REST along with WS-Security,WS-Addressing etc.
7. It provides the Service moking hence it is easy to test consumer even if service provider is not implemented.
8. Mostly support groovy and Javascript. Hence using these languages test engineers can do various pre or post testing activities.
9. various functional aspect of web services can be tested.The same test can be executed to measure performance and load test.
10. SOAPUI can be integrated with JUnit. Tests can be launched through Apache Maven and Apache Ant framework. Even it can be integrated with Continuous integration tool like-Hudson or Bamboo.

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