Top 7 Android App Development Trend of 2020

Introduction to Android App Development

What is the one thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Android’?

  • Feature-rich platform?
  • Technologically most advanced platform?
  • Affordable solutions?
  • Easy to use interface?
  • Apple’s competitor?

Whatever the thought may be, the noticeable part is that everybody knows it, everybody has used it, and everybody finds something positive in it.

Android alone enjoys a fanbase of more than 2 billion users and 75% of the mobile operating system market share worldwide!

That is something rare to achieve in a world where more than 3000+ technologies are worked upon and launched in a day.

And though you don’t need to follow fashion trends to be stylish, you surely need to follow these tech-trends to stay updated.

No matter if you are an entrepreneur, a tech-freak, a geek, or a student, knowing the greatest ongoing android app development trends will give you an upper hand over the next step in your career.

Topics Covered:

  • Top 7 Android App Development Trends

Wireless Services

Read about 5G yet?

5G is set to launch in the Indian markets soon and the telecom industry is going nuts about it!

As of what we have heard, 5G is not x2 or x4 times faster than 4G, and the stakes have raised to x100!

With 5G in hand, mobile app developers will design future applications in a way where users can take advantage of its incredible speed and performance.

  • Added Features & Functionality – The speed of wireless networks helps with the lower latency rate of applications. With more speed, developers can produce more powerful apps that provide a greater user experience and also increase the productivity rate of the user tremendously. This in turn also increases the revenue of the developers.
  • Faster Files Transfer – With 5G you get to transfer data and files like a pro. The incredible speed speeds up the transferring ability that helps in quicker file transfer, transactions, etc.
  • Navigational Mobile App Development Services – With the use of a high-speed network, one can navigate through different destinations at a much faster rate with better outputs and results.
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Other than this, 5G can also help developers in the fields of data security, AR, 3D gaming, and more. Once the 5G is rolled out publicly, the need for a dedicated mobile app developer shall increase by ten-folds.

Cloud-based Mobile Apps

The modern weather is way too cloudy!

Yes, Cloud storage has become of prime importance in today’s era. And if you want your apps to work seamlessly across every platform, then it’s practically unavoidable.

Not only does cloud technology help in reducing the hosting weight but it also helps in streamlining the operations by increasing the storage capacity of apps.

Another advantage of cloud storage is that it doesn’t require any hardware to deal with.


It’s a turn-table thing since 2018!

The industry of Blockchain has seen a lot of development recently, especially since and after 2018.

Blockchain is a shared ledger system that can be used to store critical data to be circulated in a particular firm or a set of offices. It’s the greatest advantage is that it cannot be duplicated or hacked.

The technology is being utilized and applied in a lot of different verticals of importance like banks, property management, governmental agencies, etc.

The reason for its soaring popularity are many, but the most prominent ones are:

  • Enhanced security
  • Increased efficiency and speed
  • Greater transparency
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved traceability

Android app development around Blockchain can help businesses soar to heights in the coming future.

Motion Layout

Motion is the new constant.

To manage widget animation and motion in the apps, developers can make use of Motion Layout.

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Not only do they make the navigation easy but also increases session length, dissimulates slow loading time, defines the structure of the app, and make interactions easier.

With the right libraries, developers can instantly show any transition point on the basis of a touch input or any other such condition.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology although an oldie, but works best for budget-constraint projects.

It can connect and transmit information to smart devices while making location-based searching easier and accurate.

Developers and android app development companies can also use them to send push notifications, personalized offers, etc.

One huge advantage of the beacon is that it is fairly inexpensive in comparison to other technologies. This makes it a go-to option for small businesses who want to enrich themselves technically.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are a set of programming techniques that allow apps to improve and learn from experience without being programmed again and again.

With their help, a lot of companies and websites have increased their rate of sales, the number of visitors, etc. making it one of the key features in modern websites.

For android app development services, developers can find pre-trained models in Google Cloud or build something of their own in TensorFlow.

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Enterprise Mobile Management and Application Performance Management are the two main components of enterprise android app development.

It has become a quality assurance tester for testing apps and ensuring the safety and security of those apps.

Developers should include these programs to provide quality assurance and strengthen the security framework for mobile devices. EMM can also be used to exchange data on different mobile devices securely.

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2020 is a technologically enriched year and mobile applications are the biggest part of it.

Not every trend is going to help every business, but with the plethora of options available, you can easily pick out the ones viable for you.

Developers who are working their way around this technology can also make sure that they stay updated with the latest trends and updates to give out their best.

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