9 Essential Android Applications For Daily Use That Will Help You A Lot

Introduction to Android Applications For Daily Use

As people have evolved over time, so has technology. In daily life, people cannot walk for a moment without a smartphone. But even a decade ago, mobile phones were not so prevalent.

But at that time, people’s daily necessities could be done without a smartphone. Nowadays, along with the advancement of technology, the smartphone has become involved with the needs of the people.

A handy smartphone is enough to quickly mail somewhere or create or view any necessary document file. Leisure entertainment no longer requires a separate video game device or television to watch movies. Now you can easily use your smartphone to take pictures or videos of any beautiful moment.

Earlier, mobile phones were seen in the hands of a few people, but they were only used for phone calls. With the advancement of technology comes the addition of cameras, games for entertainment, and storage slots for capturing beautiful memories.

People involved in mobile app development are constantly trying to fulfill everything they can. It is because of their relentless efforts that we have got such a beautiful and advanced device in our hands today.

Today we will discuss with you some of our daily necessities and some of the best leisure entertainment applications. So let’s discuss the applications below without delay.

1. Security app:

As technology has improved, so has the number of thefts or hackers. You can use some notable security apps to protect your phone from all the necessary information from hackers and to protect your phone from external viruses while working online.

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Antivirus or security apps like Avast, Quick Heal can give all the protection to your phone. You can also use them to clear junk files on your phone.

2. Necessary note writing an app:

In the past, people used to write small necessary notes on a notepad. Nowadays, thanks to smartphones, the practice of keeping that notepad in the book pocket has gone up.

Notepad is not always at hand, but the smartphone will always be with you. You can use applications like OneNote., Google Keep, Simplenote, Keep My Notes to keep the information you need on the phone in the form of notes.

One of the best benefits of these applications is that you can view your written notes on any smartphone when you link them to your Google Account.

3. News App:

The days of reading traditional newspapers are over. You will feel for yourself how much the present has changed with the past. You may be a busy person yourself, it doesn’t always become time to read your newspaper.

But if you use any transport while going to your destination, you are getting free time. You can spend this time reading the daily news without sitting down. You can fill it with Google News, BBC News, News360, etc. on your smartphone.

4. Document App:

If you are associated with a company, the workload there will make you overwhelmed. It is a real private company that will try to get their dividends from you as much as possible.

Maybe your boss asked you to create a file that he needed very quickly. In such a situation you do not have a laptop and you are out of the office.

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No worries, you always have the smartphone with you, use it to create the necessary documents for your office. With DropBox, Kingston Office, Quick Office Pro, etc., you can do all the work in Microsoft Office, Excel, Word.

5. PDF file viewing app:

In many cases, we create the required document file in pdf format. But in the past, you had to use a computer to see it. Nowadays, not all of us need to have a computer to advance science and technology. If you have applications like Google PDF Reader, DocuSign, Foxit PDF Reader on your phone, you can easily view pdf files.

6. Data Scan Related App:

In many cases, we need to scan any documents or pictures or other written information and send them elsewhere. That is why scanners are needed.

But in the case of ordinary people, there is no question of buying a scanner for little work. You can go to any cafe and get this little work done if you want.

But many times the situation is not always favorable. Maybe the cafe is closed or you are far away from the area where the cafe is. In this case, you can use the phone you have as a scanner. For that, you need to download popular apps like Tiny Scanner, Fast Scanner, Smart Doc Scanner from Google Play Store.

7. Cab booking app:

With the advancement of technology, people’s thinking has changed. Now no one likes to wait for a car to get to his destination. If you have a cab booking app like Uber, OLA on your phone, you can reach your destination by booking from anywhere.

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8. Food Booking App:

People are now deeply involved in luxury, as well as food lovers. There is no happiness as if you can sit at home and eat delicious food brought from outside. Now you can order your favorite food at home through food booking applications like Swiggy, Zomato.

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9. Photo Editing App:

Now you can edit your favorite pictures on your phone without any computer. As a skilled editor, you can easily do this in a very short time through some apps. Applications like Google Photos, Snapseed, PhotoshopLightroom will help you edit this.


You may not be able to imagine how useful your smartphone is. In the midst of your busyness or to get rid of various problems, you can definitely take the help of a smartphone. It is hoped that some of the applications mentioned above will be of some benefit to your daily work.

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