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At the over of the first quarter of 2020, it is the third quarter. The global pandemic threatens us all, but the IT industry is still booming and people in this industry still want to work despite the health crisis that has caused many businesses to shut down. Also, when it comes to the development of e-commerce, this year we have witnessed various web design trends.

Every web designer tests various website design features, such as color, animation, layout, and shape. Whether you are a novice professional designer or a business owner who wants to keep your website high wants 3d animation company, it pays to stay on top of the trends.

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Participate in the design of illustrations

Illustrations have been popular on websites for many years, but this year they are on the rise. You can decorate your website with detailed and well-executed custom artwork. This trend is just the beginning. Combining illustrations with certain animations can be used as a different way to communicate with your web visitors and their interests.

Animated illustrations are great complements to text and are generally suitable for communication and explanation when used as accessibility and subtle functionality that is not a major feature.

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Pure text hero design

The hero area is part of the site when it first loads and is a growing trend this year, also known as the “first screen” area. The plain text trend is interesting because it removes the typical background image and only allows you to make it work with typography.

The image above is a good example with the content removed in the hero area and focusing only on the layout. This font is not overused and the standard sans serif fonts, but also personality.

The grid dominates the trend

The grid dominates the trend
The grid dominates the trend

Invisible grids are designed on most websites and help organize and maintain page elements online. Nonetheless, this year’s grid is increasingly visually dominant and takes inspiration from the famous ‘map’ design trend to become the main design aesthetic.

Web development service providers such as Etatvasoft use Grid as their design aesthetic, rather than just using a design tool to develop great web designs for their clients.

Retro style fonts and colors

Looking back on the past or the past, reclaiming the desire for web design is a growing trend today. This trend is generally influenced by other time-based media such as TV and magazines, especially the resurgence of the internet age, which does not yet exist. But this year’s trend has taken a different form.

Some websites aren’t nostalgic or retro in style, but they do use nostalgic elements to bring them back into a modern style. One of the very common design elements used on websites today is the use of printed and vintage colors to convey nostalgia. Retro fonts and colors are some of the most common design inspirations used on websites today to convey a nostalgic feel.

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Some websites use retro colors and typography, and while maintaining their beauty, they influence the design of the website.

Layout design

The featured layout design is a major new trend in 2021. Currently, this situation is increasing. Considering what designers weren’t able to use until some time ago, maintaining a unique feel to the print is essential.

Layout design
Layout design

Designers can now choose from more versatile and bold web fonts. Designers can use a large outline font as part of the design aesthetic to only leave the outline if they have scrolled through the “fill” of the characters in the drawer with 3d animation company.

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Large font design

This is another trend based on fonts. What is happening now is the typography that is more important than the life you see or read throughout the room. The photo above is a perfect example of a growing trend. This makes the font size very large, taking up almost half of the home page display window can be made by 3d animation company.

Overly large fonts fill the window in a navigation fashion, allowing web visitors to access various areas of your website.

Stylish color matching

Color combinations and colors are common trends in other aspects of our life, such as social media, music, and clothing. Several color combinations this year are included in the design of the website. Examples of popular color combinations include the blue / dusty brush method and the popular light pink on Instagram and Pinterest.

Other examples of stylish colors include brown, green, beige, and wood texture shades. There are also gem colors such as purple or green. Rainbow/pearl colors are also popular, and soft pink (liquid, etc.) is mixed, and most have a metallic look.

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This year again, more web design trends, such as illustrations, typography, animation, new interactions, or colors, are expected to dominate the screen.

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