10 Best Anime Characters to Cosplay!

Introduction to Anime Characters to Cosplay

Cosplays have become so easy these days, gratitude towards Cosplay Jackets! We don’t have to exhaust ourselves in finding the right costume for the particular anime character.

Well, our life has become easier, but what about picking up the right character? Worry not; this list will help you out.


Tsuyu is a first-grade student and a cute supporting character in the anime series, My Hero Academia. Her frog-like shape with straight dark green hair in a bow makes her a unique character to cosplay.

Her superhero outfit is in a bright tone of green, with hints of yellow and black. There are two utility belts, beige gloves, and black colored thigh-length frog-like flippers. So, if you are a frog lover, this is your costume!

Dark Sakura:

Sakura Matou is one of the main characters from ‘Fate/stay night.’ She has violet hair styled with a pink bow-ribbon, which complements her violet-toned eyes perfectly.

Kick her cute appearance aside, and go for her Dark Sakura look. The violet hair is now altered with white, and the eyes are now red.

The ribbon is now purple. Get a full-length black red with red trims, and rock a sexy yet classy outlook. She is the best pick for people who wanna look bold.

Master Roshi:

The first mentor of Goku in Dragon Ball, Master Roshi, is a quirky character to cosplay. His look is the easiest and most fun to attain as well as to act out.

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Just get an orange Aloha shirt and wear it over white shirts; add retro sunglasses, a white beard, turtle green bag, orange Dragon Ball Z necklace, and his iconic Gandalf staff to finish the look. Pull out some funny banters at the party and show off the wit of the greatest master of the Dragon Ball franchise.


Nonon is one of the leads in Kill la Kill, having charge of almost many groups of her school. She is also an alternative if you are looking for an adorable look.

She is a thin girl having pink-colored eyes and hair. Her costume includes a hat having marks of a skull. You can also imitate her childhood look when she used to have a pet monkey sitting on the head. Be a sassy yet witty girl this cosplay with NononJakuzure.

Asuka Langley Soryu:

She is a pilot and Second Child of Evangelion Unit-02, having long hair colored in auburn shades and blue-colored eyes.

If you want to go for her regular cute look, get a school uniform the same as hers, and wear black shoes with high-knee socks in a red and white striped design.

She also carries a red watch with her costumes. Asuka’s second costume is a yellow dress accessorized with a purple choker and red shoes. Her third outfit is a red plugsuit having a 02 logo embedded on it with an overall fancy outlook.

Ruby Rose:

Ruby is the lead character of the anime series RWBY. She has silver-colored eyes and black hair with red-dyed tips reaching her neck.

Her costume is so elegant yet sexy that it steals the attention of every eye. She wears a high-collared black top having sleeves with red accents, a belt, and a black and red skirt.

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The outfit is layered with a red cloak with a hoof around her shoulders. If you have black boots with hints of red, then congratulations, you can easily attain Ruby’s look.


Izuku is great, doesn’t he? The teenager keeping all of us entertained with his adventures in My Hero Academia wears a black uniform designed with yellow buttons.

He starts wearing an adult grey uniform layered over a white shirt and dark green pants when he grows up. For footwear, he wears huge red boots, and add a red tie to your costume. Izuku, aka Deku, is currently the trendiest option out of all for cosplays.

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The cutest Pokemon, recently voiced-over by Ryan Reynolds, Pikachu is loved by every person, either a kid or an adult. To look like him, get a full yellow dress and add trims of black in it.

Also, add black ears to your costume. Pikachu is the cutest anime character of them all. Don’t forget to add the iconic tail on your back, and you might have to use your static power at the party; who knows?


Another character from My Hero Academia, OchacoUraraka, is also a trendy choice this year. Her costume is navy-blue colored with hints of baby pink around the shoulders and torso.

She also wears shocking pink colored chokers, a baby pink belt, and the same colored gauntlets. Well, there will be a lot of Izuku at the party, so Uraraka will make you stand out!


The powerful and charming fighter from the Dragon Ball franchise will always be a hot choice for cosplays. Show up as him in an orange-colored Cosplay Jacket or get the typical Goku costume.

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Add a black colored spikey wig, black shoes, and carry Dragon Balls with you to the party. Practice the voice and fighting style of Goku and show them off when you reach the cosplay!

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