Making My Home Into My Office With ap setup Quick In Just 5 Minutes

Introduction to ap setup

Imagine having an office at your home dedicated to your professionalism and work style. Perfect space with all the necessities that you may require to complete your work flawlessly every single day.

Now, you do seem to have a router at home used by all your family members and therefore it sits in your living room where everyone can access it.

Your office space being far from the router does not receive enough connectivity to be able to cope up with your work measures. In such a situation all your appliances that need to be interconnected i.e. your printer, your pc, etc are void of a seamless connection.

Would you think of buying another router especially for your office space? Well, you could but that would be such a waste of money and space. Instead, you could opt for a Wi-Fi extender or repeater that would solve your problem of connectivity in a much lesser budget and also save space.

Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters

Now if you think about Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters there is a lot to choose from. A big competitive market out there with products all boasting of unique capabilities and functions.

You’ve decided to buy an extender and bought the one in your budget looking into the fact that it is compatible with your devices. You make a good choice and bring it home.

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The office space is a Wi-Fi dead spot on the map of your home from the current point of view of the position of your router. To dismantle this problem you need to set up your extender and position it in a place that mediates an equal or almost equal distance from your router and on the other side of your office.

Once you locate the sweet spot for the extender to be placed into a plug socket, bring out your extender and get ready to set it up for the first time and connect it to your Wi-Fi router. Let’s see how you can set up your WiFi extender.

Setting up your extender with http://ap.setup

You could do it by logging on to its IP on a browser after connecting it to a device via a cable or wirelessly and following the instructions mentioned on the link.

You could also use the WPS button to set up your device. Apart from that you could use the Ap.setup from http://ap.setup and following the instructions mentioned therein.

Ap setup can also be used to make changes in the settings by logging on to http://ap.setup admin. If this does not seem to redirect you to the ap.setup link that provides the instructions, you can always use the IP address number to log in to the ap.setup link and follow the given instructions to set up your extender.

Before starting the setup procedure make sure that you have done a round of factory reset to your extender and made it stable and connected It to the device you are going to run the setup on, using a wire or wirelessly.

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Also make sure that you have taken down the information such as the SSID, channel number, and password of your access point correctly so that you end up doing the setup in one go and not have to repeat the process again.

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How good is ap.setup

Ap.setup is a good way to set up your device and in case you face troubles the solutions will also appear on the link that you are running the setup on so you don’t need to keep peeking the manual again and again.

As soon as you are done with the setup, run a power cycle i.e. shut down both the router and the extender for 30 seconds and then plug in the router first and later the extender on the desired position after the router has stabilized.

If your extender connects properly to the router and starts beaming signals you are ready to plug it into the desired position so that it stays in the middle of the router and your dead spot and thus eliminates the dead spot. Never feel deprived of connectivity in any corner of your home again.

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