Which App Development Methodology You Should Choose in 2021? 4 Best Points

Introduction to App Development Methodology

We are in 2021 and it’s not just the year that has changed. The evolution of the IT sector is also an impactful change. Mobile and smartphones have made this evolution possible. Earlier project management was done with an orthodox approach, which was effective but it doesn’t provide many options to choose from. Mobile technology has a lot to offer. You can do texting, calls, and even your office work on a smartphone. After the catastrophe of the year 2020, companies are even using it as a way of conducting meetings.

This field is still open for innovations, and this is the reason why the app should always be updated. So it is never outdated and can still be compatible with any device. There is ‘n’ number of applications available for the users. This makes it important that your app should stand out, so it doesn’t get mixed in the crowd of apps. Here are few methodologies which can make your app a great success.

Different Types Of Methodology

As discussed above, the present IT sector gives you several methodologies to choose from. In this section, an explanation of the methodology will be given.

1. Agile


The Agile Methodology has the least risk factor. Since a long process is divided into small tasks. Each small task is taken up by different development teams. This ensures that each part is being developed cautiously. Each result is then reported to the client, and changes are made according to the requirements of the client. This indulges the client in the development process. The product undergoes several cycles like; Concept creation, Inception, Construction, Release, and Maintenance, and support.

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This process can abate the complexity of any product. The client’s feedback can be registered time-to-time during this process. Agile comes in several other types. FDD, XP, ASDLEAN CRYSTAL, ETC.

  • You can’t plan a long process thoroughly, but since this one breaks it down into several small processes you can easily understand and fix any bugs in the middle of the process.
  • This minimizes any sort of severe risk. As you can make changes to the app anytime.
  • You’re always in touch with the product, so you’re aware of the process. This increases transparency.
  • It allows you to work as a team.
  • Just like its name, the process is very agile.

2. Scrum


Similar to the agile methodology, the Scrum agile method also requires a team effort. It’s just a bit more prescriptive. Division and Implementation is the core idea of the scrum, required a very firm commitment from a team. One step at a time is required to build the app with this method. The process is cut down into several parts, and each part is performed by an expert. The scrum master connects the client and the development team. He ensures the team is working efficiently and by the scrum theory.

Being similar to Agile, the two are often confused as one. But the scrum method is a lot unique in its own terms.


  • It is an unambiguous process. Which is very easy to understand. It is also open to more than one interpretation providing space for uniqueness.
  • The method is easy to organize, which makes it apt for large-scale projects.
  • Ensures productivity.
  • No deadlines to meet.
  • Takes a lot less time to launch
  • Decisions are very precise.
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The KANBAN method creates a balance between work progress and the ability of the team. It ensures that the team is not flooded with work while maintaining the workflow. The team works as one unit and provides the most amazing results. It works on the following principles: START WITH EXISTING KNOWLEDGE, BE OPEN TO CHANGE, TAKE UP THE RESPONSIBILITY, ENCOURAGE YOUR TEAM.

Kanban board is used to give a brief of the process to the development team. The project managers can easily find out errors and work to resolve them. If the process is applied in the right direction, it can make your team habitual to changes.


  • You are free to prioritize any task, which makes the process very flexible.
  • The efficiency of the team increases drastically during this process. You can get more without expending much.
  • It doesn’t burden the developers as the work is equally spread.
  • Ensures an agile workflow and transparency.
  • Reduces any sort of wastage.
  • Gives more in less.



The waterfall method or model is a process is which works in sequences. It goes like a waterfall. Every phase is completed before jumping on to the next one. Estimation of time is very accurate if the research is done upfront. It has to be completed in a single cycle which is often very long. In a scenario of failure, the entire process needs to be performed again from the scratch.

It has to undergo the following stages: ANALYSIS, DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION, TESTING, MAINTENANCE.

Project managers have to plan this rigorous process before the execution takes place.

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  • In comparison with other methods, the waterfall emphasizes detailed steps. Due to which there is clarity in the structure.
  • The outcome is very clear.
  • As the process is well defined and planned already, it makes it easy to deliver and control.
  • The testing process is crystal clear and can detect bugs easily.
  • There is no delay factor in this process.
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How To Take The Final Decision?

As we saw that numerous methods can be implemented to deliver a quality product. Each method has its own positives and negatives. All the above explanation goes in vain if you can’t choose the right method for your app development.

Firstly, you need to have a piece of ample information about your project. After understanding project requirements you need to align your project with each methodology. The method which looks perfect for your product is the one you should go for.

So keep the above point in your mind and choose the right method to ensure the success of your application in 2021.

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