All About the Application Process to Obtain a Green Card – 4 Important Points

Introduction to Application Process to Obtain a Green Card

Living in one of the developed countries is the dream of anyone. Whether you want to work or study after some time, you will be attracted to getting US citizenship. This is because we are quite attracted to one of the best-known countries in the world. To get citizenship in the US, it is mandatory to apply for a green card as it is one of the only ways to help you be there legally.

Most people find it quite difficult and keep on delving into the process of getting a green card. However, this is not an easy as well as a tough process. If you understand the procedure well, then getting a green card is a cakewalk.

Here we are trying to be aware of some of the prerequisites that help apply without any hassle. Before onboarding to the core process, it is mandatory to ask some questions and find the answers. These are the following questions that should be answered.

Are you eligible to apply for a green card?

It is one of the most important questions that should be answered. If you are skeptical about this, you can opt for professional help through finding the answer to this question is not hard. You have to visit the green card eligibility page and opt for the possible categories you can apply for. Other than this, if you are getting sponsored, then there are different ways in that. Here we are providing a brief idea about the forms of the same. This will help you to understand the norms related to sponsored green card application:

  • Form I-730:It is specifically for Refugee Relative Petition. This will help those who want to get a green card as a relative of the permanent citizen.
  • Form I-140:This form should be filled in case the person wants to apply for Immigrant Petition as a worker.
  • Form I-918:it is the form specifically for providing Nonimmigrant Status to those who want to attain a green card.
  • Form I-360:those who are Widow(er) or Special Immigrant should fill this form to carry out the further process of getting a green card.
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Are you residing inside or outside the United States of America?

After answering the first question, it is now necessary to look at this question, which helps you understand the whole process. It is quite mandatory to delve into where you reside at present. Are you living here already or not? If you are already equipped with an immigration petition and visa, you have to file form I-485, which specifically applies to adjusting status with USCIS.

After answering these two prominent questions, you are already halfway through the application. Now only the core process of application is there, which is not that hard. You have to fill the desired forms and opt for an interview. Answer the questions asked by the personnel and verify your documents. After this, you are now eligible for getting the green card; however, you have to wait for a substantial time in which all the verification processes occur. You have to wait until the process gets over.

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