AR Development Tool : 11 Best Facts To Remember While Choosing.

Introduction to AR Development Tool 

AR, which is the abbreviation for augmented reality, is at its peak. The AR industry is skyrocketing, and almost every AR app development company contributes to its success. AR tools are necessary as we use these tools for building AR apps. There are many different factors to look out for when choosing an AR tool. Surprisingly, AR tools largely resemble SDKs, which we use to build standard apps.

Many sectors, like the medical and eCommerce sector, make use of AR widely. Many other points are proving the increasing demand for AR in today’s world. Choosing an AR tool becomes difficult in such circumstances as there are many elements to consider. Here is a step by step guide put together with the things you should consider to select an AR development tool.

Consider the Budget

The cost of a specific tool and your budget has a lot to do with choosing it. There are myriads of AR tools out there. For deciding which is the best for you, you have to start by considering the cost. This step is vital for beginners, as huge investments are not the best option.

Many free AR tools have great features. Beginners can always consider starting with these tools and making the most out of them. You can make decent apps with these tools. If you want to increase the notch, you can go for paid tools. It might be costly for some people, but these tools will help you build cutting edge apps. Almost every AR app development company makes use of premium tools.

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Quality matters more than money. Therefore, it is good to make a small investment and go for a premium tool if it is in your budget. You can also use trial versions of premium tools to decide what you want.

Consider the Augmented Reality Platform

While opting for an AR development tool, you must also consider the platform. Cross-platform development is indeed leading today, but many people also build apps for a single platform.

You have to choose between iOS and Android, according to your requirements. Additionally, selecting a tool that supports the Universal Windows Platform will be a wise option. It allows you to develop apps not only for your PCs but also for your Windows cell phones.

Watch Out for Image Recognition

Image recognition is one of the most critical aspects of Augmented Reality. It allows you to differentiate between objects and images. It is an essential element of Augmented Reality because you cannot fit things properly in images or places without them.

In most cases, most gadgets use machine vision with artificial language programming for tracking images. After it, designers overlay the whole thing with animation, sound, HTML, and many more things. 

GPS Support

GPS support is a must for apps that are based on location. It is essential to look for a tool with geolocation support in such a case. For example, if you are building an app that searches for restaurants. Or if you are making a game like Pokemon Go. If it involves location, GPS support is crucial.

Unity (Game Engine) Support

Every good AR app development company uses UnityGame engine support is the first thing that you need for building an AR game. Therefore, you should look for a tool that supports it. As far as game engines go, Unity is one of the best game engines for AR or any other games. So, if you are searching for a particular game engine, we recommend Unity. It is true that developers widely use Unity for developing PC games, yet you can make AR apps with it.

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OpenSceneGraph is a toolkit consisting of three-dimensional graphics. Developers and designers widely use OpenSceneGraph in AR. Not only that but also for PC games and logical representation. You must make sure that the AR development tool you are opting for has OpenSceneGraph support.

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3D Object Tracking and Thinking

3D object thinking and tracking is one of the best parts of an AR tool supporting it as you can recognize and intensify the formations around the user like shopping centers, transport stations, air terminals, etc. Most eCommerce apps and games make the best use of 3D object thinking.


You need to consider storage carefully while choosing an AR tool. Here, you have two choices. You can either go for local storage or cloud storage. It decides whether the database will be in local or cloud storage.

The number of markers in your app has a lot to do in deciding the type of storage. If there are plenty of them, going for cloud storage is the best option as you won’t end up consuming all the space on your phone with it.

If that is not the case, you can choose local storage. Using local storage will also make users run the app without connection. It is easier and less hectic as you do not need WiFi or Internet access for it.

Some Facts about AR Development

  • AR is so popular that even the NFL(National Football League) uses AR for creating its first downline. It is made with the help of a computer system that augments the viewing.
  • The value of the AR and VR industry is estimated to touch a whopping 571 billion USD in the next five years. As of 2017, the value of the industry was 11.35 billion USD.
  • People not only use AR for gaming or entertainment purposes, but they primarily use AR for curing most phobias. In recent times, AR has proven to be one of the best forms of therapy worldwide.
  • Pokemon Go, an AR game, was so famous that it had 45 million users per day, as of July 2016. After that, it began to decline gradually, but that is quite a number for daily users.
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So, these were all the significant aspects that you should consider when choosing an AR tool. Consulting an AR app development company for your app is not a bad option. A good AR app development company always makes sure of all these parameters.

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