4 Best Features of Aria Oncology EHR Software

Introduction to Aria Oncology EHR Software 

Aria Oncology EHR Software is an Oncology specific EHR Software that is offering Practice management functionality as well to make sure that the workflow is as streamlined as possible.

Aria is created by Varian Medical System under great focus to cater to Oncology Practices in the best way possible.


ARIA Oncology EHR and Information system is very well structured software that helps physicians understand and diagnose diseases better.

It also helps with recommending the best treatment for the conditions. Software is built to facilitate doctors by providing ease, improving the quality of care, and improving efficiency.

It makes decision making easy as the software has lots of material related to the conditions and it helps with quicker decision making.

Constant care, better communication between the doctors and patients, and patients’ progress are three areas where the software helps immensely.

ARIA Oncology EHR Software Features

Since ARIA Oncology Software is an Oncology specific EHR Software, it has several features that are oncology-specific and we’re going to talk about them first before we move further into the other features that it offers. Let’s dive into that

Oncology Specific EHR features

Many problems need to be tackled when you are dealing with cancer patients. Many tests are needed to be done in such conditions so having a feature specifically for Lab orders is important.

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ARIA offers this feature so all you have to do is order tests through your EHR and get results online as well. It’s better as data is saved, progress can be tracked, and efficiency improves.

Similarly, other oncology-specific features include drug dosing, Chemotherapy, condition-specific medical templates, and physical exam assessment and notes.

ARIA Oncology EHR Software has all these features to maintain a streamlined workflow, and provide as much ease to the Oncologists as possible.

Furthermore, ARIA oncology EMR has access to more than 300 specific condition templates. All the data, reports, images can be shared with anyone involved with the patient’s health including pharmacy, radiology, etc.

Aria EMR System also offers integrated imaging. For oncology practices, this particular feature makes work so much easier.

Aria EHR System uses ways like radiographic, and others to provide an image-guided treatment. With the visual representation, it becomes slightly easier for the doctor to understand the condition and treat it more accurately. Draw in images offer is also available in this software.

Other features

Features that are not specific to Oncology and are offered by ARIA EHR are Seamless connectivity, Appointment Management, Quick access to all the information, Reporting and Analytics, Patients Portal, Billing Management, etc. How can these features help anyone in Oncology practice?

These EHR Features help in making the workflow streamline. Many tasks that are done by employees are taken over by the EHR System which means better quality of work, Elimination of errors, Less clutter, Faster documentation, Easy attestation, high security as well as accuracy, and finally increased efficiency and productivity.

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If you want to test these features and understand them better, you can get an Aria EMR tutorial on our website Software Finder.

Aria EMR is highly recommended by many doctors who are currently using it. They love how the tasks are made so simple for them. It improves communication between the doctor and the patient.

The doctor stays connected with the patient during diagnosis, while treatment, and after it as well. The progress can easily be tracked and the data is saved in one place which saves a lot of time if anybody wants to access it.

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Aria EHR Software is an excellent oncology-specific EHR Software that is loved by many doctors out there. If you want to invest in a good oncology-specific EHR Software, you should consider Aria emr Software as it not only offers excellent oncology-specific features but many other additional features that any doctor can benefit from. If you want to know Aria emr pricing details, you can visit our website.

You will also find Aria emr reviews on our website so that you can look at what others have to say about it before you make a decision.

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