Details Of Artificial Intelligence – 4 Essential Points

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Have you seen artificial grass on your balcony? They are not plants or real. They are designed for the very same context as the plant but does not share the characteristics of the real grass. They actually fool people into believing that grass exists. Similarly, the AI is not real intelligence but created in the context on human-like Intelligence that can depict human and mimic them.

We always loved the imagination of an intellectual machine. A machine that can think and act on its own. this is very popular in novels and films. Nowadays it is a reality.  A personal robot(friend cum maid or domestic help) is a desire for all of us. In fact, we are surrounded by Artificial intelligence like the smartphone, smartwatch, calculator, video games online, driverless car, truck, bank, etc. Thus AI in places makes a massive upgrade to our lives every day.

The new age Siri, Google Now, Cortana are first-class smart yet private digital assistants available on several platforms. They are capable enough to reply to common questions like where is the best cafe nearby? or play my favourite music or what is the weather forecast today? The AI market place expected to be $153 billion.

These devices are connected with other systems on the internet and relay information to us. These apps learn the consumer, their voice, preferences and then provide tailor-made information exactly what they need.

Unlocking phones via speech, facial recognition or check virus inside a code for health treatment. AI is everywhere. A picture or series of pictures when passes through AI, can determine the diabetes probability of eyesight loss. Autonomous driving (possibly) the future of driving creates a perception around the car via AI.

What is AI – Artificial Intelligence?

In short AI (Artificial intelligence) is a simulation of human intelligence procedures by several other types of equipment (specifically by a PC code). In a better term, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that emphasizes the enhancement of intelligence devices, pondering and functioning as individuals.

Mimicking the cognitive capabilities other the human minds by learning and problem solving is the main goal of Artificial Intelligence.

History of AI

For the very first time, artificial intelligent objects appeared in greek myths like Talos as Crete. That was followed by AI- Jazari and Yanshi.

John Mc Carthy is known as the father of AI. Marvin Minsky, Nathaniel Rochester, Claude Shannon and John Mc Carthy created a workshop at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire way back in 1956 to test if the machine can think and master thinking like an individual.

In the 1970s time frame, the principal goal was that the desktops could make a  conclusion without having any input from humans. However, AI is gaining power from neural networks. A neural network is modelled on the sensible associations made by the human brain.

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On a  personal computer, computer communication happens based on the mathematical algorithm based on program developers.

Can any intelligence be artificial?

In the distant potential, that machine automation might advance to automatic Self-adjustments and adaptations to bear the analogy to biological evolution. This plan was brilliantly portrayed in the Poul Anderson story “Epilogue (1962). Digital templates made up of the total facts on the machine’s design and style, play the element of DNA.

When you are driving and working with a GPS application. It will say about the road, traffic condition, estimated time to reach, actually it is the artificial intelligence who is crunching the information. Uber, Ola (renowned/notorious) for pricing the journey with surcharge.

While flying on a plane. The pilot, in general, steer the plane for the first 10 minutes, guess who is the captain?

On social media like FB, tagging is not manual. Guess who is aware of the names of your buddies to tag. Who is recognizing the face?

Do you use email? Think who is filtering spam?

Most importantly, who is giving power to devices like Siri or Alexa?

How can you build Intelligence when there is no definition for what it is?

Technology plays a vital role in bringing transitional alternations in an individual’s lifestyle. The rampant intensification in technologies has moved a lot forward from simply building our life more convenient. This gives birth to the concept of Transhumanism.

Categories of AI

AI encompasses a lot of other disciplines like philosophy, neuroscience, Psychology, along computer science.

The basic four categories of AI are as follows-

  • Techniques that act like a human.
  • A technique that feels like a human.
  • Techniques that think rationally.
  • Techniques that act rationally.

Techniques that act like a human

The turning test, Proposed by Alan Turing (1950) was designed to offer a satisfactory operational definition of Intelligence. Turing defined smart test as the skill to achieve human-like effectiveness in all cognitive tasks that were used to fool the interviewer over the telephone. The interviewer could not determine on the other side who was answering a human or a machine.

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Persons are authentically clever mainly because they can and do learn new things on their own and then figure out how to set their understanding to use them to protect themselves among us for the devices that can analyse information and react like the way they are programmed.

AI is incredibly superior to be contemplating, creating, deciding upon, experience and Remembering, self articulating, strengthening an individual just like a human being.

A technique that feels like a human

In the late 1950s, Newell and Simon developed a general problem solver(GPS). It was released in 1961. It was a much more improved version of  (Wang-1960) the identical issue.

It was comparable, the extracts of human behaviour later in 1985(by Yazdani and Narayana). It gave a precise and stable theory of the doing job same as the human brain. The whole technique was borrowed from the Turing test on the fact that “can a machine think?”

Tanimoto in 1987 confirmed that the results of the tests are the same as a human. In 1973, Colby, Hilt, Weber and Krammer came up with the PARRY method to test Turing result. During the probe, they simulate the pc along with a paranoia expert. The medical doctor could not distinguish between the pc and a human.

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Techniques that think rationally

Many different types of research found that the Computer programmed if coded correctly can simulate decision making just like a human.

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The great -Greek thinker Aristotle first introduced the concept of “ideal state”.As per his theory-“X is a guy, all males are mortal. Thus X is mortal ” is the governing principle of the brain and starting point of the logic of computer program.

AI is the concept of having a machine to think like humans.”

Techniques that act rationally

“Regulation of Imagination” is the driving force of AI which is powered by inference. Getting the correct inferences is the key for AI to act rationally. This gives the power to think logically depending on inference factors. To be a master of, AI needs to have feelings, emotions. In AI a machine is capable of “thinking, reasoning and studying”.

The boundaries of AI

Artificial Intelligence has four below written boundaries-

  • AI: Reactive Devices
  • AI: Theory of brain
  • AI: Limited memory
  • AI: Self Consciousness.

Basic fields of Artificial Intelligence:-

  • List of programs
  • Optical Character recognition
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Speech recognition
  • Experience recognition
  • Creative Imagination Artificial
  • Computer eyesight
  • Virtual reality
  • Picture processing
  • AI Diagnosis
  • Sports principle and strategies.

Difference between RPA(Robotic Process Automation) and AI?

As opposed to RPA, AI is self-learning, self-adaptive.RPA on the other hand performs the tasks as it was programmed to do.RPA does not adapt improvements by itself. RPA actually works better in a repetitive predictable environment where AI mimics the views of human.

Ø  Coded but only performs what programmer set as a to-do list.Ø  Also coded, but self-discovering, self-learning and adopt changes by itself.
Ø  RPA mimics the human but in a limited mannerØ  AI acts like a human.

Examples of AI

AI is not confined to the methods that are biologically observable. We are surrounded by data and intelligence. It can be said that all these are jointly connected in a massive “bio-circuit” Thus AI and human can be seen as an “organic parallel computing environment”.

Where effectively,  we can Artificial Intelligence?

  • Repetitive financial and accounting solutions like bookkeeping, mortgage service.
  • Garden sprinkle system that has a dampness meter that determines if there is rain. Alternatively, the AI can retrieve information from local weather to determine if the system needs to water the garden.
  • AI can be utilized to detect system modifications and irregular claims by alerting and flagging them for human to investigate.
  • Scan all information blend options from any or all groups, industries or even competitor data.
  • AI can do website enhancement. Using the AI aspect a developer gets improved adept at catering for the user requirements (shoppers mode, choices etc) and buyers need.
  • Facebook’s auto-tagging, face recognition.
  • Amazons seller and product information recommendation.
  • Google map, Waze(GPS)
  • Spotify song preference and selection.
  • Forecasting the upcoming price of a commodity or stock portfolio.

Artificial intelligence in the office

Simplicity in recruitment

The human resource job is really challenging, annoying and thankless. But the same can be done more straightforward by equipped with artificial intelligence. AI minimizes the stress of the hrs hiring approach. AI-driven software’s match appropriate candidates to find work opportunities by tracking ordeals, credentials and attributes.

Scheduling, cancelling meetings via AI is very nice along with recording, transcribing and sharing notes of the meeting. Chatbots are the prime example of these. Chatbots provide a guided approach to reach a conclusion. The AI is also involved in the banking sector to safeguard the risks and data loss.

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As AI is dealing the most of the mundane and repetitive tasks at the office, the staff are free to channel their energy towards more important duties that increase productivity.

How to use AI in the business?
  • Product recommendation based on users search.
  • Forecasting the demand, prime of the commodity.
  • Profit anticipation.
  • Proactive service
  • Effective upfront marketing.
  • AI can provide a customer-centric solution like eCommerce etc.
  • A chatbot can provide 24X7 support.
  • Helps in detecting the target audience and customer.
  • Virtual reality experience makes try before you buy for the customer.
  • Gesture Recognition-AI can convert buyers or customer gesture into commands that helps customer what they want ( Netflix web series)

Area of Artificial Intelligence (latest app development trends)

Augmented Reality-
  • Mostly used in video games and simulation. (Pokemon, Go, ion Road, sky siege, my Nov)
  • Mobile app protection-Several mobile app development protection plans using AI.
Cloud-based apps:-

Flourishment of the cloud-based app via mobile network and devices. AI helps empower cloud computing.

Internet of things (IOT):-

AI-powered smart apps use optimal resources to deliver high output.


AI-powered chatbots help self-help application. This will help in customer satisfaction as well as helping business to grow. Ref-The creative mind myths and mechanism by  Margaret A Boden-1990. Chatbot helps in promoting gross sales fennel.

An autonomous car, truck
  • No driver required
  • Safe, reliable
  • low-cost, low accident oriented.
AI-driven new innovation –

As the producing industry is becoming significantly aggressive, producers need to employ sophisticated technological innovation to improve productivity. AI  can be applied to a wide range of technique in production.

AI program takes advantage of a genetic algorithm to programmatically arrange the schedules for the most effective consequences based on a variety of constraints ( mainly pre-configured by the user)

Some fun application with AI:

Artificially smart unicycle that can be balanced and using coordinate they can move. These cycles can move from point A to point B without colliding or falling off. Utilising strategies and SQL to optimise a lottery system.

Downside of AI

  • Artificial Intelligence destroys huge jobs in the coming years.


Let’s like and hope that this engineering will be used to reward mankind and will not wipe it out. The most significant co-existence, the danger will then not be from sci-fi movies where artificially smart devices and robots will rebel from human but by the security vulnerability of the system.

Alan Turing (1912-54) in his 1950 paper “computing device and Intelligence” wrote that ” The generation of an Artificial Intelligence will be the nail in the coffin of materialism.”

“The wrestle to make AI much less praised than it creates” By Peter Rejeck correctly mentioned AI is prejudice, sexism, ageism, Racism, title an ism.

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