Leading Artificial Replica of Natural Sunbeam for Burgeoning Purpose

Introduction to Artificial Replica of Natural Sunbeam

Plants, the autotrophs and the primary source of food chain on Earth, need few elements for their survival and to carry on the food chain. One of them is, SUNLIGHT. Plants need sunlight of specific wavelengths for specific functions like:

  • Blue wavelength light for foliage growth
  • Red wavelength light for flowering and fruiting.
  • Plants have little use for green wavelengths and reflect them back, which is why leaves appear green.
    There are certain conditions for which sunlight either might be unavailable for example in case of indoor plants or certain countries like Norway etc where sunlight can be seen once in a blue moon or for extra and efficient blooming . For such cases, we get to seek help from artificial sort of replicas of natural sun beams. With ever increasing technological demands, there are eras of technologies who work for the replica of natural sun beam. They have succeeded well and efficiently in the progress of the technology and have designed number of such devices that serve the cause yet the progress continues. We will discuss them one by one but first we need to know what we should keep in mind while buying these artificial replicas.

Things to keep in mind while buying an artificial sunbeam replica:

  • Power consumption:

    Talking on economical scale, the first thing a consumer thinks is the power it consumes. Appliances may be classified depending upon the power they consume. Appliances with Less input more output, are the most economical and efficient. The power ranges generally are; 200W-4000W depending on the output.

  • Area Coverage:

Depending upon the area of the expected planting, these LEDs come in different ranges.

  • Type of spectrum:

It plays an important role depending upon what type growth we want. Also the spectrum is different for different environmental conditions and type of plants.

  • Cost of the product:

    Different brands offering almost same quality and same product mentioned features but may wary in price range. So while buying any of such products, one should always bother and compare different features and prices of different products. Along with features, quality is one of the major factor playing an important role while selecting the product.

  • Type of plant to be grown:

Different plants of different flowering pattern and requirements require different spectra of light while producing flowers.  So while buying an LED artificial replica of the natural sun beam. For example following is the few types of plants requiring different spectra for  flowering purpose:


For home grown cannabis, for example without sunlight, any of the following type zof LED or artificial replica of natural sunlight can be used depending on your price range, growth time period, potency etc

Artificial Replica of Natural Sunbeam
Artificial Replica of Natural Sunbeam


Using led lights for growth purpose of cannabis may provide you with;
Feminized seeds
Slower growth
Longer time required
Low  energy waste
Suitable for fem strains


Using HID lights for growth purpose of cannabis may provide you with;
Auto flowering
Faster growth
Shorter time required
More potent
Suitable for auto  strains


Using CFL lights for growth purpose of cannabis may provide you with;
Micro growing and seedlings
Suitable for smaller spaces
Low energy consumptions
Allows light to be placed closer to canopy

Precautions While Using An Artificial Replica of Natural Sun Beam:

While using an artificial grow light, there are certain precautions that one must follow in order to avoid any trouble or any hazardous circumstance. It is a must to read and follow these precautions FIRST or else a harmful condition may result. Few of the precautions are as follows;
1. Always keep the product out of reach of children.
2. Always keep the time noted when to turn the light on and when to turn off. There are many cases reported when the consumer either forgets to turn off the glowing light when not needed or he may unconsciously harm the surrounding as power short circuit and fire burns are the ultimate results.
3. Read the label carefully before using the appliance.
4.  Bother the direction to which the appliance is to be placed where maximum outcome may result.
5. Bother the type of flowering required and according to that make the selection of appliance that favors that specific type of flowering.
6. Bother the area to be covered by the light. For 4×4 area of land, 300W-500W is enough. A slightly larger size of light may favor the maximum coverage.
7. Never exceed the duration of time that is professionally recommended for the flowering purposes. It may burn out the plant and may also cause damage to the power supply and even short circuit.
8. Always check your power input and your wirings to confirm that they can afford the appliance input. Serious harms may result if the power supply does not matches the appliance requirements.

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    Light from the sunbeam is a unique balance of red and blue wavelengths. So artificially manufactured lights must be able to establish the balance between the wavelengths or may customize the wavelengths percentage depending upon the type of plant or flowering required.


    Also the bio cycles of plants need to be bothered. For example,
    in summer seasons the plants are biologically trained to high exposure of day light with high intensity.
    On the other hand, in winter seasons plants are biologically trained to lesser exposure of day light and lesser intensity of light.

  • Plant exposure timing:

    It is a must for one to follow the timings of as described by the professionals. Else wise everything gets in vain.


It is highly suggested that other than a cheap indoor grow setup, you need to use a mixed spectrum of cold and warm full spectrum for led lights because the life cycle of auto flowering plants depends upon its ability to start producing buds till flowers.

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