The Astonishing Rise of Databricks Beyond 2020

Introduction to Astonishing Rise of Databricks

Data is undoubtedly one of the most important assets in today’s world. No matter which industry you belong to, data forms the core of it. In fact, data is the building block of any organization right from the bottom to up.

Be it decision making, coming up with ideas for a new product, or anything else, data is the only tool that helps in the progress of business with complete authenticity.

Data has helped people accomplish more than a few things. Right from attaining a competitive edge to building a brand new product that customers will absolutely fall in love with, there are many things that companies can do by leveraging data.

Data for the Business Victory

Astonishing Rise of Databricks
Astonishing Rise of Databricks

But the question is how data is able to achieve all this? How do big data developers help companies transform completely and align themselves with global trends and changing customer demands? The answer lies in insights. Data in business contains all sorts of information.

Right from transactional information to the persona of the person, who is purchasing goods and services from your brand along with the information of your best selling products. The success of your business depends upon how well you can extract meaningful insights from the data.

For example, if you are running an apparel business, selling different types of clothes to people of different ages, you might want to know:

  • Which customer segment does your product most appeal to?
  • Which is your best selling product across all categories?
  • What are the best selling products during a particular season?
  • Which product has been bought in combination with the other?
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There are obviously many other questions that one can aim to answer with data in the picture. Once a business knows this information, they can form strategies to push their best selling products to the right segments and understand why a particular product sells well. Most importantly, data sheds light on the seasonal outcomes for a business.

For example, in situations where you have to be prepared for a sales season with the right products and right offers, data can help you accomplish this.

You get to know not just which of your products might sell well but also whether you can combine it with some other product and present the best to the customer.

The Idea of a Platform

This is where businesses need the assistance of the right platform to help them achieve all of this. Organizations regardless of their size need data analytics solutions that help them transform their data into valuable insights.

After all, the large pile of scattered data would make no sense, unless it is brought on one single platform and analyzed.

Databricks is one such platform that helps organizations reach their business goals and achieve a competitive edge in the market with business intelligence. It is an Apache Spark-based analytics platform that is optimized for Microsoft Azure cloud-based services.

For businesses utilizing Azure, Databricks can be a wonderful tool since it integrates with the cloud platform and provides services to the customers in one click.

This means you can easily streamline workflows, create interactive workspaces designed to suit different teams such as IT, scientists, and marketing as per the needs of your organization.

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The point is that in an organization, several teams want to collaborate. This not only ensures authentic results but also something productive where multiple minds are put to work together. Moreover, for business insights to be fully uncovered and understood, the assistance of different departments is fundamental in business.

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Data Pipeline Azure DataBricks

One of the best parts of Azure Databricks is that it is an easy, collaborative, and wonderful analytics platform. The data process starts as follows:

  • The raw data or unstructured data is ingested into the Azure platform. This is done via the Azure data factory in different batches. Alternatively, this might also be streamed near real-time using Kafka, Event Hub, or IoT Hub.
  • After this, the data is pushed onto the data lake for long term storage. This data lake can be Azure blob storage or Azure data lake storage.
  • From here, the Databricks platform is able to read the long term stored persisted data. Furthermore, using Spark, this can be turned into amazing insights.

With the Apache Spark-based analytics platform, businesses can do so much more without putting in any manual efforts.

In other words, it is gaining popularity among business owners since it comprises Apache Spark cluster technologies and capabilities. Some of the components that Spark can be broken into are:

  • Spark SQL Dataframes
  • Streaming
  • ML Library
  • Graph X Graph Computation among others

Apache Spark will be one of the most dominating services of 2021. And that is because there will be a lot to do by fully managing the Apache Spark clusters in the cloud. Ultimately, it will serve as a complete business intelligence tool.

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