8 Amazing Benefits of Using an Attendance Machine for Your Office

Introduction to Attendance Machine

When it comes to business policy, it isn’t easy to imagine that employees would be enthusiastic about anything. After all, HR guidelines are typically followed out of necessity as far as procedure and protocols are concerned.

However, while regular attendance is a customary expectation in any job, the chance to self-manage one’s hours with a professional attendance machine isn’t.

Company-wide access to a professional system empowers the staff to take their attendance into their own hands proactively. This is where an automated attendance machine comes into the picture.

While the idea of attendance machines has been extended over the years, its implementation has changed in recent times.

Businesses that are aware of the value of staff attendance to fix the concerns posed by manual attendance systems have started taking advantage of biometric attendance machines.

The two common types of biometric authentication are fingerprint and facial recognition, which are the most accurate and safe.

Since manual attendance systems are time-consuming and inefficient, businesses review their staff attendance management processes to implement these emerging technologies into their operations.

However, fingerprint biometric attendance machines have been banned since the Corona Virus’ advent because it can be a major cause for the virus to be transmitted on office premises.

Reputable brands such asKENT have come up with devices like kent CamAttendance with next-gen facial recognition technology.

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Here are a few benefits of using a biometric attendance machine in your office:

  • Accuracy

You can be fully certain of its accuracy because there is real-time attendance monitoring. There is no manual data entry, so you don’t have to waste time double-checking it to ensure its accuracy.

  • Promptness

You will be prompt in answering employee questions about their leaves and payment processing when you use HR and payroll apps.

Some advanced attendance machines can be seamlessly integrated with your existing HRMS. Online attendance machines make the HR department very prompt, as opposed to manually entering the details.

  • Record Maintenance

A biometric attendance machine is suitable for record-keeping because it can be done with a simple click. You can also take out the records of an employee for the previous year quite easily.

  • Cost-effective

When you invest in a biometric attendance machine by eliminating the potential for mistakes and automating most of the time and attendance management processes, you can be assured of saving a lot of money.

  • Efficiency

Just by having a GPS-based attendance machine, the productivity of your organization can increase manifold. It would also make it easy for the workers to file both their participation and reimbursements.

  • Integration of Various Systems

Many other features are effectively merged into one ina biometric attendance machine. For instance, under one system, leave management, reimbursement management, payroll, etc., can be handled easily.

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  • Gives Flexibility to Employees

Real-time attendance management also gives employees tremendous flexibility because they can easily control their leaves and check-in, check-out time through the app.

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Moreover, it also improves their enthusiasm since an automated system counts every hour, they put in. To see them work, they don’t have to rely on their executives. With such a method, the overall efficiency of the employees also increases.

  • Real-time Tracking

Real-time monitoring is one of the most interesting and prominent features of this device. It helps increase the workforce’s overall productivity and streamline the daily activities of an organization. It also makes day-to-day operating activities much easier.

To sum up, these are only a few benefits of a biometric attendance machine. However, if you use it for your office, there are certainly several more advantages.

It will help your company develop and prosper in the market, considering the points listed above while maintaining your employees’ efficiency and satisfaction.

Reliable brands like KENT offer advanced attendance machines, namely KENT CamAttendance. It is a touchless biometric attendance machine that uses AI-based Computer Vision to record employees’ attendance.

It also has a real person detection feature that easily differentiates between a photograph and a real face. With more than 99 percent accuracy, it will be the best addition to your organization’s attendance management system. So, do not wait and book it today.

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