8 Ways to Attract International Buyers with Innovative Techniques

Introduction to Attract International Buyers

Once the small business or new startups becomes stable, they look to expand their business across the borders.

Reaching global markets is essential for business growth, and a lack of growth can stifle small businesses and can lead to their shut down. One way to grow your business is to internationalize it and cater to customers worldwide.

Leaving the comfort zone can seem frightening, but it can be a task worth challenging. Reaching international markets is not an easy thing in today’s competitive world.

However, a few innovative marketing techniques can help you can attract customers from all over the world in many ways.

Attract International Buyers With Innovative Marketing Techniques In Simple Ways

1.      Show Your Online Presence

Going online is the best way to attract international customers. Having an online business is essential in any small business or startup. However, this is especially true for those who wish to attract international customers.

If your business is not entirely online, and you have the leverage of doing it, then create a website as soon as possible.

For example, if you have a clothing shop in New York and want to attract tourists, you must have an online presence. It can be via website and social media as well.

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Online presence makes you practically available for an entire world. If someone from any part of the world wants to reach you, he can reach you at once and vice versa.

2.      Market Sensing

Conducting market research is the key to making any business decision. This must be done before any changes are made to your business to attract international customers. It is best to target a specific area of ​​the world first rather than anywhere.

For example, as a British business, you may want to target European customers. This will make research easier.

You can understand the behaviors of European customers and learn how to use it to help you attract them to your business.

3.      Deliver your products worldwide.

Obviously, if you want to attract international customers, you need to be able to transport products to them.

It’s even a good idea if you can provide free shipping, but this may not be a viable option for all businesses.

If your business is product-based, then providing global transportation is essential. If your business is service-based, you can obviously ignore this step to attract international customers.

Sellers on the online B2B marketplace facilitate global transportation so that more buyers can come to their business that simply increase the sales.

4.      Be Original

While you want to spread your wings in the international market, you may want to do what your competitors are doing. However, you must be loyal to yourself and your business.

Being original and authentic will help you attract local and foreign customers. It is important to have a unique selling point. It will stand out for you in the competition.

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5.      Social Media

If you want to attract foreign customers, having a social media presence is absolutely essential. In general, the Internet makes it easy and to connect with people all over the world, and social media does it with ease.

Social media allows you to establish contacts on a global scale and helps your business to be found internationally.

The most prevalent social media platform is Instagram, which has millions of monthly active users.

If small businesses miss out on the huge user base on various social media platforms, it will be damaging for their growth.

6.      Customer Service

To win any customer, their experience with you must be memorable for them. You need to provide excellent customer service to get international customers.

Keyways of providing good customers are kindness, ensuring that your employees are also trained to be kind, creating an experience for your customers, seeking and acting on feedback, and rewarding loyalty.

7.      Understanding the language issues

Reaching international customers can make the language a barrier, so it is recommended that you make suggestions when expanding and reaching out to customers in other parts of the world. This will mean that language will not be a barrier.

If you want to target countries that spoke different languages, make sure your website provides information in that specific language.

You also need to be aware that some words and phrases may mean different things to others. For example, in the UK, the thick knitted winter warp tops are known as jumpers, while in the US they are called sweaters. Therefore, it is worth considering these small language differences.

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8.      Excellent Communication

Good communication skills and setup is a pre-requisite of getting customers trust. Make your website or face of your business trustworthy.

Whenever a customer reads your review section, he gets a feeling of trust and loyalty. Being friendly is a vital element in having a good customer service experience. Always ask for their feedback and respond to it.


These techniques of getting international customers are not like to be set and then forget. Their strategies should be implemented and improved over a period of time. Remember! It is an iterative process.

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