5 Main Attraction of Rajasthan: Complete Travel Guide

Introduction to Attraction of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a natural combination of indigenous traditions with modern ones. It is known popularly as Maharajas Ground.

The name is entirely justified because it has magnificent forts and palaces that represent luxury, romanticism, patriotism, and devotion.

With its great heritage alongside captivating music and art, this unusual state attracted foreign visitors every year. It sits in the middle of the desert and is surrounded by India’s oldest mountain range, the Aravalli’s.

It also observes numerous internationally renowned fairs and festivals within the state. It also houses exotic wildlife making for a great escape.

With its great heritage alongside enchanting music and art, this unusual state attracts numerous tourists every year. It sits in the middle of the desert and is surrounded by India’s oldest mountain range, the Aravalli’s.

It also observes numerous internationally renowned fairs and festivals within the state. It also contains exotic wildlife making for a great escape.

Rajasthan is a place that provides excellent collections such as forts, palaces, ancient temples, wildlife, dunes, religious sites, fairs and festivals, safaris, handicrafts, etc.

Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jodhpur are among its fastest-growing cities. While humanism is increasingly emerging in the cities, elegance and warmth have not faded away. So, it’s one of India’s biggest tourist attractions.

Hawa Mahal — Air Palace in Jaipur, Jantar Mantar, Lakes City — Udaipur and Lake Palace, Jaisalmer Fort, and historic Havelis along with a Sufi shrine in Ajmer and Pushkar Region (where the largest cattle fair is held), the Thar Desert is Rajasthan’s touristic markets. Other attractions include Kota and Bundi with ancient forts and palaces as well as hilly grounds.

Sound Travel for Ladies in Rajasthan

Attraction of Rajasthan
Attraction of Rajasthan

Most Indians are sincere, warm, and friendly to be extremely generous, and will do all they can to ensure you have a wonderful time in India. Sadly, though, there is the occasional poor apple – just as elsewhere in the world.

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If you are traveling as a (solo) female to Rajasthan, there are a few additional things to be aware of. My first solo trip to India was to Rajasthan and I had an awesome time, but there are a couple of things I wish I knew earlier.

Rajasthan is fairly conservative although it is a popular tourist attraction. It’s unusual to see a lot of women on the streets after shadows, for example outside the urban centers.

I preferred to go out mostly during the day and eat dinner at my hostel/hotel. If you would like to go out, ask your resort or youth hostel for advice and always let someone you trust know where you are going. Stick to well-lit, commercial places, with women and families ideally around.

Avoid appearing after dark, in a new location. With India’s train and bus schedules, this can be tricky but you will still feel more relaxed arriving during the daytime.

If your train comes in the dead of the winter, you can wait a few hours in the waiting room for the lady or busy area at the train until it gets light (I did this in Ajmer), or book a nice hotel and pay a little extra to schedule them to come to meet you. Make sure they have a simple plan about how you might locate the driver.

Get a sim card in your local area. This is pretty helpful not only to prevent “detours” from rickshaw but also to be able to use Uber, Ola (recommended Indian version of Uber), and just have a way to reach people.

Especially Airtel and Vodafone have strong networks in all of India. Get a sim card upon landing at Delhi airport or any of its stores – you’re going to need your passport, visa, and some patience.

If you look un-Indian you are going to draw attention already. To stop revealing & tight clothing it is best not to add to that. You must cover your legs, chest, and chest.

Be aware of the environment, and make use of your rational thinking. Generally speaking, avoid secluded areas – if someone is troubling you or trying to touch you the wisest job to do is shout at them and make a scene, or search for a place where families are present. If you create a scene many kinds of hearted Indians will probably come to the rescue.

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Choose the uppermost bunk and travel in AC classes on trains-read my tips for traveling solo female train here.

Don’t tell men or strangers you’re moving by yourself, what your travel plans are and where you’re staying.

PRODUCTS. There’s a massive selfie culture in India and you’ll probably have been 5 minutes in Rajasthan before anyone wants to have a selfie with you.

That’s up to you, of duration, but know sometimes that dudes were known to allocate selfies widely with Western women and claim you were their “girlfriend” or other stories.

Personally, my rule is to say ‘yes’ to families and ‘no’ to individual men or groups of men. I get out my mobile and video them if they’re annoying. Being firm or disregarding is often the correct strategy, or if it gets too often you can tag relatives for a bit!

Where to Stay in Jaipur

Attraction of Rajasthan
Attraction of Rajasthan

I remained with a group of Arya Niwas who have many hotels in Jaipur. Family run, the hotels are all undertaking measures to reduce their impact on the world, and you will find a homely atmosphere at all their properties.

Arya Niwas is the hotel with the most central location; I slept at Tara Niwas in the city’s Bani Park district, which was nicer and had a very homely feel. Tara Niwas is about a 20-minute ride to the city center by car-rickshaw.

The hotel will have it in front and patio gardens, the former is also home to a group of pet rabbits running the garden until guests are up! I loved to linger here far from Pink City’s hustle and noise.

Things to do in Jaipur

Attraction of Rajasthan
Attraction of Rajasthan

Amer Fort (also known as the Amber Fort) and City castle’s key views are unmistakable, and for a valid reason, the best sights.

If you go to the City Palace, there are parts of the palace that are not open to the general public – some of the rooms are incredible. I didn’t go into the Hawa Mahal — the outer view was enough for me, and there are rumors that it gets pretty claustrophobic within the halls.

Visit the Printing museums of the Anokhi block, a short walk from Amber Fort in Amber. Block Printing is a lovely, traditional Rajasthani art that is increasingly dying out.

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You may visit the Anokhi store in Jaipur itself that sells clothes crafted from hand-printed fabrics, or enjoy lunch at their organic café. You also can check out the Poppin Organic Cafe if organic snacks are your thing.

Consider doing a tour with Virasat Encounters, an initiative for group tourism.

Do not rid the Amber Fort elephants. Debates aside on the ethics of riding elephants (see more), recent government investigations have reported insufficient living conditions and neglect of animals.

Limits to the number of trips an elephant can do each day have been set. Unfortunately, the demand for elephant rides is still rising.

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Things to do must when you visit Jaipur.

Elephants on travel

It may seem amazing but sometimes the animals are seriously abused with goats or elephant trainers to act or comply, shackle them or use a bullhook to tame them.

With more than 150 elephants pulling visitors up and down the steps, the Amber Palace in Jaipur is just horrible for that. Elephant polo will likewise not be one of our choices.

Disregard for tradition

Attraction of Rajasthan
Attraction of Rajasthan

Particularly when it comes to dressing sense. Particularly for women, showing bare legs, shoulders, and wearing low cut tops is a faux pas.

And still, cover the head in prominent areas. And also shoot responsibly. Rajasthan is so stunningly beautiful, holding the cameras at bay is hard; but always ask until you snap.

Only eyes for a tiger

Often people with the sole goal of seeing a tiger in Ranthambhore want to go to the Town. And they are exceptional, but don’t forget that in Rajasthan there are also Asian lions and fur seals – and also leopards, elephants, buffalo, rhino, monkeys, wolves, and a true birdlife fiesta.

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