9 Essential Augmented Reality Applications 2020

Introduction to Augmented Reality

The augmented reality applications (AR) already have a place in our daily lives. Despite this, this technology remains very attractive to us, while being very versatile thanks to all the possibilities of use it offers.

So unlike virtual reality applications that require powerful computers to function, all you need is a cell phone to enjoy augmented reality applications.

The best apps with augmented reality

We share our review of augmented reality examples in apps for all tastes. Utilities, decoration, entertainment for children, fashion… Surprise yourself with everything you can do with your mobile!

Myth AR

If you are planning to redecorate your home, augmented reality apps are your best ally. Without a doubt, one of the most difficult things is to imagine the end result of a renovation.

Myth AR (iOS and Android) makes it easy for you. This augmented reality app allows you to test the look of a piece of furniture in your own home, making the buying decision easier.

And if you need some inspiration, you have a gallery with hundreds of images, as well as the opportunity to discover new brands and new furniture designers.

Besides, it allows you to create virtual rooms, change walls, floor type, add doors or windows, to preview what that room will look like. Here is a video example of the use of the augmented reality app:

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Ikea Place

If you don’t like designer furniture and are more of an Ikea man, you also have the Ikea Place augmented reality app.

Although Ikea has already worked with AR in the last editions of its catalog, it has finally launched a specific application.

Free and with versions for iOS and Android is perfect for discovering new models. It is also ideal for those times when you are unsure of which sofa or shelf model will be best suited to your living room. It is the ideal augmented reality app for designing your home decoration:

AR Civilizations

There are examples of augmented reality for everyone. If you’re a history buff, you’ll love Civilizations AR, an app related to BBC documentaries of the same name.

With it, you can discover the secrets of 30 pieces from different eras and civilizations, wherever you are. Available for iOS and Android.


Children can have a lot of fun with augmented reality apps like Quiver. You could say it’s a picture book for coloring 2.0.

Which can be downloaded for free from their website. Once colored, they come to life thanks to the application with animations and special effects that will leave little ones with their mouths open. The Quiver augmented reality app is available for iOS and Android.

Walla Me

With Walla Me, you can paint or leave messages on walls or any real-world surface using AR. This application integrates the social element since you can share your wall with whoever you want: only your friends or the whole world.

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With a map, you can discover the walls that others have created near you. This augmented reality app is free and has versions for Android and iOS.

Star Walk 2

Enjoying the starry sky is a luxury. But often, we have trouble recognizing which constellation is in front of us. With this augmented reality application, you just have to point to the sky to get out.

Star Walk 2 lets you see which star, planet, or constellation is in front of you. It also has other services such as the astronomical calendar, sunrise and sunset times, among others.

A very interesting application for children and adults, and which adapts to any level of knowledge. Available for iOS and Android.

Just a Line

With Just a Line, you can make simple AR drawings and share them with short videos. Although you can draw on your own, it’s more fun if you share it with friends, since you can connect to a friend’s phone through the app and draw together. This augmented reality app is developed by the Google Creative Lab and is available for Android and iOS.

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Ink hunter

Thinking of getting a tattoo? The first always imposes: it is something permanent. Doubts about the appearance or the area of ​​the body where it should be done are common.

Ink hunter helps you make the decision. With this augmented reality app for iPhone and Android, you just need to point to the area where you want to try the tattoo to show how it will look.

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You can choose from pre-designed drawings or upload your own sketches, rotate the drawing, then save the photo and share the result.

Explain How to build an app and it can improve people’s daily lives and routines for example, how people will be happier and more relaxed if they use your meditation app, or how you have come up with new game mechanics that are totally used in your game.

Your mobile phone now allows you to replace it with AR. With this application for Android developed by Google, you can measure the height and length of objects or surfaces. It also allows you to take photos with your measurements or copy them to the clipboard.

Create an augmented reality application

Now that we’ve given you some ideas on all that can be done with AR, you might want to get started on building an augmented reality custom logo design.

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