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Facing Error 1723 in Java? While you try to set up Java, loading some Applets, loading some JavaScript codes in the browser (Online Explorer), you may possibly get this error: “There is a difficulty with this Home windows Installer offer.

A DLL necessary for this install to not could be run. Make contact with your support staff or bundle seller “. It is a serious inform and can impact Microsoft Home windows as well as the browser you have mounted on the computer system.

Beneath are outlined methods to repair the problem.

* 1st of all you have to check whether or not you are working with an up to date model of Java on your laptop or not. If not then the very first point to do is accurate the edition. There is a risk that the edition you are making use of is not compatible with a functioning program system mounted on your system.

In this scenario, you have to Un-install the existing variation of Java from your laptop. To do this, please comply with actions:

1. Click on the Start button.
2. Go to Manage Panel.
3. Simply click on Insert or Eliminate Programs.
4. Choose Java from the list and Take out it.
5. Performed

* Soon after taking away Java from your computer system, scan your Windows registry for achievable errors. The registry is essential to place ​​the functioning program whereby it outlets information and facts about all hardware and software configuration. To scan and mend Windows registry, make sure you adhere to these steps.

1. Open your world wide web browser.
2. Obtain the very best home windows registry cleaner and Laptop optimizer.
3. Install it on your laptop.

It would be wise to download a registry cleaner that will allow you to:

a. Velocity ​​up pc general performance.
b. Fixes searching glitches by optimization.
c. Enhance the gaming experience on your personal computer.
d. Repairs inside registry problems.

* If there is difficulty with Home windows installer deal then you ought to update it with the most current edition. To do this you have to clear away the present edition by making use of the following techniques.

1. Click on the Start button.
2. Go to Control Panel.
3. Then Administrative Resources.
4. Click on Services.
5. Right-click Windows Installer provider and end it.

To reinstall it perform these steps prior to downloading:

1. Click on Start off.
2. Go to Operate.
3. Form “Regedit” devoid of offers and push Enter.
4. Extend the next registry hive: HKEY_Nearby_Equipment Program CurrentControlSet Expert services
5. From below you have to delete subcritical MSIServer.
6. Download the newest variation from the formal website of Microsoft.

The ideal alternative for these internal DLL problems is to use a third-party registry cleaner application for the reason that it will execute all duties instantly. When you check out to offer with the registry manually then there are chances that you clear away anything which is vital.

Here is some great discussion on the same.

Enable us believe that you have been asked to make some exam scripts in QTP. As an automation engineer, what would be the duties you want to entire as portion of this exercise? The most crucial process is that the examination situation must do the supposed function. Other than that wouldn’t you want that your code is effortless to understand, can be re-utilised, requirements minimal routine maintenance and can be expanded? All these are the matters which if you have, can make your daily life a lot much easier. And how do you achieve all these points? Well, this can be completed by employing a very good Exam Automation Framework.

What does QTP Framework Necessarily mean?

QTP Framework, or in general a Examination Automation Framework, are some rules which you can observe all through scripting to achieve the earlier mentioned pointed out ‘desired’ benefits. These set of rules can be everything this sort of as –

– coding criteria like the variables names should really get started with the form of variable (eg. boolVar, flFlag), function names must get started with fn (eg. fnCalculateSum).
format of your knowledge sheets, how your workbooks and the unique sheets in them are grouped.
– what folder composition is demanded to be adopted to retailer the examination scripts, reusable libraries, object repositories, test operate success.
– how ought to operate outcomes be saved and exhibited.
– how all staff associates should really entry that shared repositories, libraries and how they should really update these.
– and several additional..

Pursuing these guidelines would guide to the task currently being completed in a regular manner which would in the long run result in a framework which will present you with all the benefits that you have aimed for.

Be sure to observe that these are just a established of suggestions and not guidelines which are required. Even if you you should not adhere to these rules, you would be in a position to attain your most essential undertaking i.e. jogging the scripts to see if the application is functioning good or not. The only detail is that you could possibly conclude up spending a whole lot of effort and hard work scripting (if there is no code re-use) and routine maintenance would turn out to be a alternatively challenging task.

Salient Options of a Check Automation Framework

Adhering to are the options that must be accessible in a superior automation framework.

a) The framework really should be developed in these kinds of a way that it aids accomplish greatest doable re-use.
b) The exam scripts must be simple to fully grasp and maintain.
c) The framework need to be created in such a way that all diverse parts these as test instances, purpose libraries, item repositories, facts sheets, configuration files and test final results are stored in independent folders. This would assist the conclusion customers get maintain of the framework easily.
d) Info parameterization should be carried out to maintain the code different from information, so that the identical code can be re-made use of for distinctive sets of facts.
e) Take a look at Success need to make feeling and must be effortless to fully grasp. You can also deliver high degree and comprehensive test results independently.
f) Good error dealing with strategies need to be employed. You can also supplying screenshots of the failed check circumstances.
g) When examination circumstances are operate in batch mode, failure of 1 take a look at script should not have an affect on the execution of the remaining examination scripts in the batch.
h) You can also generate QTP AOM code in VBScript which can act as the starting off position for the execution of examination instances.
i) The framework might also involve email (and if needed SMS) operation so that the check execution effects are mechanically mailed/sms’ed to the stakeholders.

Other than these characteristics, you can also consist of a variety of other characteristics centered on your requirements.

Frameworks employed in QTP

Next are the distinct sorts of QTP Frameworks that you can use even though building test scripts.

1) Linear Framework in QTP – This is the most standard framework where by you generate your script as is. That is, with this method you compose all the techniques one just after the other in a linear manner.

2) QTP Functional Decomposition Framework – With this framework, you generate the overall code into distinct functions and then you call these capabilities anywhere essential. These capabilities can be both reusable and non-reusable.

3) QTP Facts Driven Framework – In this solution, your facts is kept independent from the code, preferable in excel sheets. This allows you execute the similar code for multiple sets of info.

4) Key word Pushed Framework in QTP – In this sort of QTP Framework, you can produce distinctive keywords and affiliate various actions with these keywords and phrases. When QTP encounters a unique framework, it will execute the motion associated with that framework.

5) QTP Hybrid Framework – Hybrid framework is a mix of a single or extra frameworks talked over above. Based on your wants, you can blend the characteristics of any of the higher than frameworks. The resultant framework would be a Hybrid framework.

6) BPT Framework in QTP – In this QTP Framework, you can divide your take a look at case movement into several Enterprise Elements. You can then re-use these components as numerous times as necessary. You want Top quality Middle accessibility in buy to use BPT Framework. Also you will need to obtain BPT license from HP in order to use this framework.


Teradata is a single of the leading seller in knowledge analytics and data warehousing applications and softwares. Especially the Teradata RDBMS is broadly applied across several industries like airlines, logistics, Coverage, Retail etc. Teradata DBMS is acknowledged for its ruggedness, scalability, handling complex queries to retrieve knowledge and ofcourse for the far better load balancing. Teradata can be interfaced by any CLI (Simply call Amount Interface) , JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) and ODBC (Open up Databases Connectivity) customers. In this article we will seem into how to question teradata in 3 steps making use of the broadly utilized language Java programmatically.

Making use of Teradata driver for JDBC Interface

In this tutorial we are heading to seem at the illustration of a Java client interacting with Teradata using Teradata driver for JDBC Interface. The java customer can be a usual java class or an applet. JDBC is an interface provided by Sunlight lets purposes to interact with distinct databases irrespective of the vendor and platform. To interact with Teradata, the Teradata driver for JDBC Interface demands to be set up very first by downloading it from the web site. Far more details is supplied in the under given segment. The Teradata driver for JDBC Interface is nothing but a bridge created with java courses that helps to interact with JDBC Interface to function with Teradata database.

Java Consumer —-> Teradata JDBC Bridge —-> JDBC —-> Teradata RDBMS

Teradata driver for JDBC Interface makes use of a 3 tier architecture to entry the Teradata database and it is the only simply because the database IPs will not be uncovered to purchasers specifically. So Teradata driver for JDBC Interface acts as a Teradata JDBC Gateway.


  • Simple operating expertise of java and database connectivity working with JDBC
  • A valid teradata databases

Move I:

Install the correct version of Teradata Driver for the JDBC Interface. Make sure that TERAJDBC variable is present in your environmental variables. If not established it to the folder the place you have put in the driver.


Phase II:

Remember to area the pursuing documents in your shopper classpath. The customer can be a simple-java shopper or can be a internet shopper. In case of website customer pls put the documents in the server classpath.

  • TdgssUserConfigFile.xml – configuration file for teradata
  • terajdbc4.jar – teradata motorists for JDBC Interface jars
  • tdgssjava.jar – teradata motorists for JDBC Interface jars

Step III:

Combine the adhering to code to link to terradata database

/* Develop the URL that is needed to connect to the Teradata RDBS */

String databaseURL = “jdbc:teradata://127…1/schema”

/* Loads the driver */


/* Makes the connection to teradata database using driver for JDBC Interface */

Connection c = DriverManager.getConnection(databaseURL, databaseUserName, databaseUserpassword)

Swap 127…1 in databaseURL with teradata databases servername or IP

Swap schema in databaseURL with terdata databases name

Replace databaseUserName with your terdata database person name

Exchange databaseUserpassword with your terdata databases consumer password

Want to automate and file mouse clicks and keystrokes? Want a system that data macros on Home windows OS?

There are quite a few simple resources for recording macros for Home windows platform offered in the marketplace, on the lines of the excel macro recorder.

Again in the days of Windows 3.1, the OS had a utility named the Recorder that recorded mouse clicks and keystrokes for repetitive duties that made everyday living a ton much easier. But in the era of Windows 95 and earlier mentioned, this useful and very simple software was finished absent with now the only put you come across a macro recorder is in Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet and Word. The disadvantage, it only documents repetitive duties in excel and term independently and has limited scope and no scalability.

The handiness and usefulness of this resource was sorely missed and has designed way for a lot of impartial software developers to build a Windows macro recorder.

A person can do lots of matters with a very simple home windows macro resource like change the monitor resolution, modify the themes on the desktop and switching in between distinctive folder alternatives whilst viewing Home windows Explorer to name a couple of.

The next generation of Home windows Macro recorders is not only a instrument to automate uncomplicated and schedule tasks, but also sophisticated tasks. The Windows macro recorders can automate anything that commonly needs multiple ways and cannot be carried out by a uncomplicated just one line command.

These courses can automate IT tasks such as copying info into a databases, importing and exporting information from a spreadsheet, automating report technology to tests applications and automating small business procedures. Some recorders even have advanced net recorders to automate internet-primarily based duties these types of as website information extraction and monitor scrapping.

The user-friendliness and simplicity of use of all the macro recorders available in the industry differs and so do the capabilities. Some windows macro recorders accessible in the industry can do quite a few sophisticated responsibilities while others just do the plan process administrative jobs. Which macro recorder you obtain depends on the use and necessities.

How To Handle Sequence Error with @ Test Annotation in TestNG?

While using the TestNG framework, we provide @Test annotation for the original test method. By default, TestNG follows the order, as we mentioned in the testng.xml

public class Test1 {
  public void testMethod1() {


So the code says that testMethod1() is a function and since it is annotated with @Test so it will execute.

The problem starts when we have multiple functions to be covered as a part of the test.

  public void testMethodForRefresh()
         System.out.println("Refresh the page");
  public void testMethofForClick()
         System.out.println("Click on a link");

our objective is to Refresh a page and click on a link. Accordingly, we have coded. But when you will execute the test cases, in the output, it is seen instead of the Refresh method, Click method got executed first then the Refresh method got executed.

Below are the ways how we can resolve this issue:

Process One:
TestNG follows the alphabetic order to pick up the methods when all the methods have the same annotation as @Test. So name all your methods accordingly.

Like – append Test00X in front of the methods. The first method what we need to call and execute will have name Test001_MethodForRefresh and next method will be Test002_MethofForClick

  public void Test001_MethodForRefresh()
         System.out.println("Refresh the page");
  public void Test002_MethofForClick()
         System.out.println("Click on a link");


Process two:
A little more advanced upgrade is to set the priority of the method. like: @Test(Priority=1). In this way, we don’t have to change the method name.

@Test (Priority=1)
  public void testMethodForRefresh()
         System.out.println("Refresh the page");
  public void testMethofForClick()
         System.out.println("Click on a link");


Process three:
This is another approach where we need to mention the sequence in testng.xml or pom.xml. In case we want to run tests in random order we need to set the preserve-order to false.

documentation for @Test is available here:

What are Requirements? and how to capture it correctly?

Requirements Definition

Traditionally, requirements are defined in a document, which often few reviews, are signed off and suit to the development team for coding. It is applicable to the waterfall model.

In Agile methodology, however, the entire set of requirements is broken into smaller pieces of works(tasks) which can be completed in shorter cycles.

The requirements are mostly defined in the format of stories that are written from the perspective of the user (for whom ) with expectations (what) and intended benefits (why and its value).

The initial requirement can be one liver, however, it does not mean that the requirements are unclear when the team is developing the software. The team gets clarity during a session of interaction.

A healthy talking or debate with product owner (PO) during release or sprint level planning meetings resolves most of the doubts.

To get requirements in shape, they are groomed regularly and refined or ongoing basis. There are functional and nonfunctional requirements (NFR).

NFR enforces some constraints and defines boundaries of acceptable behavior of the system such as expecting the system to respond to a user action indefinite time or perform a certain way under define user load and stress.

Quite often, this important aspect to capture NFR as the art of user story is missed and could result in software that is working but not meeting expectations.

Requirements definition should ensure that they are defined just enough to estimate fairly and deliver value in short cycles.

Some of the practices such as including mockups/wireframes, reference points in the requirements specifications, can help developers understand and deliver better.

While defining requirements for execution, they can be defined at a high level which can cover the system as a whole and then can be broken down in smaller independent pieces.

Here a discovery and requirement workshop of a few hours or days (based on the quantum) is a recommended practice. It helps the team and all stakeholders to get enough clarity for the small requirements from the large chunk.

Role of Product Elevates statement, Product vision, Product Map/Story Map while defining the requirements.

Before even we move to understand requirements a bit deeper, it is good to understand and have some clarity on vision or have the elevator statement with a kind of workflow identified as a product map.

Elevates statement

It provides an understanding of the feasibility and value of the product or project under development. The components of the elevator are as follows-

  • For (target customer)
  • Who (statement of the intent or market opportunity)
  • The (product or project) is a (product category)
  • That (key benefits or compelling reason to buy/ use)
  • Unlike (primary competitors/ competition, alternative products)
  • Our product (primary differentiators).

Similar to the stories can be defined based on the user groups acting the feature. This technique gives due importance to the usability aspect of feature which is ignored many times-

  • Who will be using it (used, user group) Age, Gender, Education.
  • Why is it required -Needs, Expectations.
  • What we want to accomplish –Goals using this product.
  • Where (Environment) –Where, type of computer
  • When –Frequency of use, triggers for use
  • How many/ how important (impact/value) –Percentage of the user base, the value of these users
  • Name and possible nickname (of the actual group if known gives precise understanding).

Role of Product Version while defining requirements

Product version which encompasses all the aspect of a product used by many product owners (PO) before defining defeated product backlog.

In this activity, the PO comes up with activities/expectations from the product as in ‘What the software will do’ based on which team and PO brainstorm to define stories for each of the activities. Now, defining these activities in a column and putting all related stories below that will create a grid-like structure that gives a better perspective of product scope and boundaries.

Role of a Product Owner PO
Role of a Product Owner PO

Role of Product Backlog (PB) in Requirements Gathering

The product backlog is the artifact that holds an entire set of requirements which is equivalent to requirement specifications of the traditional model. It is usually an ordered list of all requirements that are required by business stakeholders.

It is kept ordered by the product owner who owns it. While the current work is in progress, PO has the liberty to change everything in product Backlog and can define, remove or add a new work item. The defects and technical debt (the material that provides efficiency to the codebase or existing tech processes) are also part of the same.

Top-ranked work items are expected to have enough details for the team to pick up if and when they need it. The backlog is always dynamic and reflects the responsive nature of the framework. Sometimes, the work item in the Product Backlog is also sized with story points to give a rough idea or the relative complexity and effort.

Product Backlog is groomed in a separate session or in a sprint planning meeting. In the grooming session, the stories are explained, defined in additional detail alongside acceptance tests. Quite a few times, the size estimates are also calculated in this meeting.

Product backlog the driver of Agile
Product backlog the driver of Agile

It is recommended to spend approximately 10% of the sprint time in grooming sessions to ensure the continuous availability of well-defined stories. The story groomed Vs. The total story backlog for every release can be considered as one of the metrics to capture.

A well-groomed backlog often plays a pivotal role in the successful execution of Agile projects. A product backlog (PB) is DEEP (Detailed appropriately, Estimated, Emergent and Prioritized) technique follower. (Mike Colm and Roman Pitcher).

There is a risk associated with making a product backlog too DEEP( Detailed appropriately, Estimated, Emergent and Prioritized).

It means that not all the stories in the backlog need to be detailed but higher-ordered stories should be.  As you move downwards, the details might thin out and stories become larger, similar to Epics/ Themes, one-liner or just a statement of intention (idea).

Similarly, at least, top work items in the backlog should be estimated in story points or using any other sizing mechanism to help the team prioritize them while planning to release, based on available capacity.

The emerging nature of product backlog is something that shows whether the team is really listening to feedback from customers and internal stakeholders to keep product backlog evolving and ordered with the addition of new stories and changing existing ones continuously.

The grooming activity of the backlog should be done on a continuous basis by the PO to get the real benefits of Agile development. The short iterations are meant to deliver what would be of higher value to the business. Only rightly ordered backlog will ensure that item delivers what the client needs rather than what is perceived as needs.

Analyzing existing product features while grooming requirements

Packages come with out of shelf features. Many user stories in the backlog can be linked-to enabling a module in the package or doing some configurations in the package. The creation of user stories or the grooming with details can be done with respective of these available functionalities/modules in the package.

Role of known product bugs and limitations in requirements

The out of the box features of a package may have known product deficiencies which could be running. Counter to the business needs or objectives. This needs to be studied to packages’ release notes and can be brought into the sprint items depending upon the impact.

Knowing Package Architectural Demand

A package implementation may demand implementation in a certain order or in a certain fashion owing to its architecture and hence user stories in the product backlogs have to accommodate the same.

Role of Sprint Backlog in requirement gathering

The sprint backlog is a list of all the requirements that the team collectively commits and forecasts to complete based on their past record.

Once the work begins on iteration, Sprint backlog does not change. Now work discovered is created as a new work item in the Product backlog and prioritized by the Product Owner.

Sprint backlog is a list of user stories and the team is expected to complete them in the order. They were assigned. The work items or stories in spirit backlog have clear acceptance to ensure a successful spirit.

Techniques for Requirement Categorization

In Agile exertion, requirements or work items are classified at different levels. The factors considered these classifications are- Slope of requirements, dependency to deliver in clusters and efforts.

In addition, enhancement in the workflow in existing feature which has some team called Business Initiatives is also recommended to be written in terms of user stories to maintain consistency.

A defect (deviation from the requirement) is also sometimes a change request or new requirement in the grab of bug. It identified, it should be converted into a story.

The theme, Epic, User story :

The widely used technique for clarifying the requirements is sized based SMC (S-Small, M-Medium,  C-Complex) or based on various factors like dependency, unknowns, risk, and uncertainty.

In Agile, requirements are primarily defined based on values to business (ROI – Return on Investment) and how they revised over the project execution timespan. Requirements are broadly classified as – 1. The theme, 2. Epic, 3. User stories.


A theme is a very large requirement and may, sometimes, encompass entire product vision. Most of the times, a theme is a set of interrelated requirements which are considered as bunch for release planning.

A large theme can be subdivided into multiple sub-themes. Development of a theme can span from few months to a year.


An Epic is a very large requirement that can’t complete in a short iteration (Spirits) and hence, needs to be broken down into user stories. An epic can be considered as a small theme by virtue of its magnitude and sometimes, is talked about as one and the same.

A user story:

A user story is a feature, small enough to be delivered in iteration and represents unique business value. Generally, an Epic is delivered into multiple user stories.

It is mostly a vertical Slice cutting across all phases of SOLC and has tangible business value.  A user story can also represent technical debt which does not represent business value directly but is required for better and maintainable Core quality.


In this post, I tried to explain the actual software industry-specific definitions of requirements. I have explained various ways to capture the requirements while moving forward in the Agile way of software development and test.

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Currency buying and selling is right now genuinely an eye-catching buying and selling environment that appeals so numerous folks with the wishes of making funds speedier. There are lots of ways of executing powerful trade, one of which is automated fx buying and selling program. But it is not a good idea that you hurry out to order any a single. An powerful method should really trade as just and correctly as probable. Do investigate ahead of you get an automated forex robot to function for you to get benefits to your want.

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There is no superior laptop working experience than the encounter of a shiny new computer system and the rapid operate of the computer. However, above time, the laptop or computer does start out to gradual, and there are lots of rationale why. For people that are not laptop savvy, it is not necessarily triggered by downloading the completely wrong method like a lot of of us consider. It comes about with time, and not being aware of how to care for your computer. There are steps that you can choose to enable your laptop run quicker. You will want to familiarize yourself with the explanations why it might be operating sluggish and how to correct the issue.

What are some of the triggers that could gradual down your laptop?

Undesirable hardware

Corrupt OS

Laptop or computer is overheating Missing home windows update / outdated driver Knowledge corruption

Remaining above plans and terrible files Deficiency of challenging drive space

A great deal of the explanations immediately develop stress. Do not fear. Even though they could sound complex, each individual is effortlessly remedied. A slow personal computer can be set in a few uncomplicated methods.

1. Reboot. Initially on the checklist is to reboot your personal computer.

2. Lack of hard drive space: If your laptop or computer is suffering from inadequate challenging drive room then it will gradual down. Desktops should have at minimum 200 – 500 MB. If your functioning method is Windows Vista or 7 people, you want to open the laptop or computer Icon. There you will see a bar which shows the share of disk house that is staying utilised. If your operating Microsoft Home windows 2000 or Home windows XP, you&#39re my Computer system will display screen the total size and absolutely free house for every single of the drives.

3. Difficult generate fragmented or corrupted: If you difficult generate is fragmented or corrupted then you will have to have to operate your ScanDisk. If there is a thing mistaken, your ScanDisk will verify it. Up coming operate your Defrag. This will aid to organize the details properly.

4. Track record programs: Disable or get rid of any startup courses and TSRs that mechanically start just about every time the computer system boots.

5. Scan for malware: Malware is a enormous difficulty with computer and generally the reason for a slow laptop or computer. Scan the computer system for malware.

6. Hardware conflicts: For components conflicts, it will be required to identify if there are any conflicts with the Disk Management. This may possibly be the cause for a gradual operating laptop.

7. Update Windows: Obtaining the latest update is important and will help to make your personal computer run more quickly. Also, make guaranteed all plugins are up-to-day.

8. Update your motorists. Make particular that you have the newest drivers for your laptop or computer.

9. Computer or processor overheating: When your personal computer or processor is overheating, it absolutely could be trigger for a slow running computer system. Grime, hair, and dust, can also constrict the move of air in your computer, which can make it overheat. Make certain the circumstance and lovers are thoroughly clean and not obstructed.

10. Memory enhance: If your pc is much more than a 12 months outdated, you may well not have the right memory requirement. Make certain that your personal computer has at leas 1 GB of memory.