8 Points on Automation Testing and Why It Essential in Software Development?

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Introduction to Automation Testing

In this fast-paced world, companies want to build applications with fewer resources and in less time to meet the demands of their customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Many project managers and software developers are moving towards automation testing to achieve their goal of developing a bug-free and highly efficient application.

If truth be told, test automation is basically an effective way to increase the efficiency, speed, and test coverage, to help your development team to save time, and effort they put in manual testing.

Since automation testing is done by many tools, maintaining test scripts and the quality and functionality of the software has become easier.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs and project managers who didn’t implement automation testing into their software development project, now is the time to take the plunge.

If you are new to this field and want to learn how automation testing can enhance the speed and quality of your software products, here are some easy steps to automate your software testing process.

Determine the Scope

When it comes to initiating test automation in your software development project, it is important to find the scope of the test automation and decide whether the project requires test automation or not.

At this stage, software engineers identify the technical feasibility of automation before designing the test scripts. The development team carefully considers which modules of the software can easily be automated and which modules need manual effort.

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At this stage, the development team will analyze which tests can be automated, how to automate them, and use them for cross-browser testing.

Furthermore, at this stage, project managers can also analyze the budget required for the automation tool, the number of team members you need for automated testing, and their expertise in the testing team.

Many smart software engineers carefully check all the application screens and mention all UI components of the application that need to be automated.

Find the Best Automation Testing Tool

The ultimate goal of automated testing is to minimize the human effort and time required to manually search the errors, perform mundane tasks and important testing operations.

Thanks to automation testing tools, software development companies can easily perform a variety of tests to improve the quality of their application.

The key is to choose the right tool that best suits your budget, type of the project (web/mobile/desktop), technologies used in the software development project, team’s expertise, and much more.

Make sure the tool you are using for automated testing has the advanced features, such as:

–          cross-browser compatibility testing

–          capability of capturing video logs

–          ease of developing and maintaining the scripts

–          highlighting and tracking bugs

–          creating test reports

–          technical support and assistance

–          integration with builds

–          programming language support to write the customized scripts

It is advised to run a pilot test for the automation tool to make sure whether it is a good choice for your development project or not.

 Here is a list of some famous automated testing tools:

–          Selenium

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–          Katalon Studio

–          UFT One

–          TestComplete

–          SoapUI

–          QMetry Automation Studio

–          Worksoft

–          Appium

–          LambdaTest

–          Worksoft

–          Subject7

–          Test Studio

Create a Test Automation Framework

Once you decide the scope of the project and the automation testing tool, it’s time to create an automation strategy. It is one of the most important phases of the automation testing life cycle that will make it easier for the testing team to accomplish the goal of test automation.

Before starting the automation test, carefully plan how to perform the automated test, and explore the test procedure creation standards to come up with the best possible results.

The test team can decide in-scope and out-of-scope items of automation, collect data requirements, software, hardware requirements to support the testing environment.

In short, at this stage, software engineers develop a test framework to understand the test program structure and the procedures they will follow for a better outcome.

When your software development team knows the standard procedures and guidelines to follow, identifies the testing framework to be used, and has an in-depth knowledge of automation test cases, it will make it easier for the team to succeed in the goals.

Create the Testing Environment

Setting up the environment where test cases will be executed is one of the most important steps of automated testing. Today people use different devices to access your website and application on different browsers.

The key is to make sure your website, software, or mobile app functions properly on every device and browser. So, tests should be done across different browsers and their versions.

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Your software development needs to create a checklist of different models, systems, and applications needs for automated testing.

Make sure your team has a front-end running environment so that it can perform load testing to make sure the product can handle web traffic. Setting up a staging environment is also advised to check how your product performs.

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It’s Time to Test Scripting and Execution

Once you set the testing environment, now it’s time to script development and execution. Software developers need to ensure that all the scripts are properly running and developed based on the project requirements.

It is recommended to use structured reusable scripts so that other teams can easily understand them. Code reviewing is important to make sure test scripts are free of any errors.

Test Reporting

Once all types of tests are performed, your custom software development company Dallasanalyzes different functionalities and components that have some problems.

It allows them to highlight any requirements for additional procedures and tests. It will help your team to figure out whether the test scripts and procedures have any error, or they need further testing or not. You can share the test reports with project managers, clients, and stakeholders.

To Sum Things UP

All in all, automating testing is the best approach that many software development companies, entrepreneurs, developers, and project managers are using due to its incredible benefits.

From wider test coverage to increased efficiency, better speed, and accuracy, implementing automated testing in software development will help you test the application or website in the best possible way. Follow these steps to make the most out of automated testing.

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