Leverage Azure Databricks For Your Business Growth Beyond 2020

Introduction to Azure Databricks For Your Business Growth

Data warehouses and lakes have become a fundamental part of organizations these days. This has many reasons, but most of all, it is an emerging necessity, that only someone who doesn’t want their business to grow will deny.

The point is that business data is increasing more than ever in the modern world and the most urgent necessity is to leverage these for business insights.

Businesses are establishing their online presence on multiple platforms rapidly. Be it social media, marketplaces, retail and online stores, and more.

The business data is increasing more than ever along with market growth opportunities. This is because organizations want to reach out to their customers across multiple platforms.

Databricks to the Rescue

There is no denying that data bricks are growing into a major analytics vendor in the market. Coming from a reliable source such as Microsoft, Databricks has enticing features of its own that make it suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Unified Analytics Platform

Azure Databricks For Your Business Growth
Azure Databricks For Your Business Growth

Databricks can be singlehandedly chosen as the one-stop data analytics platform for organizations. This is because of its unified analytics platform.

In other words, if you have to build a good analytics team, you will need a team that consists of engineers, data analysts, Machine Learning solutions experts, and more.

This can help build cutting edge data pipelines along with desirable insights. The point is that each one of these stakeholders will need their set of tools to make the most of the data for an organization.

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Data scientists will need to build ML models. Analysts will need built-in visualizations and ML engineers will need to engage with the ML flow using tools like ML flow and others.

The point is that as different departments emerge with different requirements of tools, they will still need a single platform to make the most of their efforts by collaboration. This is where Azure Databrics plays a key role.

It provides an end to end solution or the entire data teams, regardless of their individual expertise. For businesses, this means high coupling and low cohesion, ultimately leading to the high cost of integration. All of this makes Databrics a desirable platform for enterprises.

Powered by Apache Spark

The magic of Databricks ultimately comes from Apache Spark. While installing Apache Spark was a nightmare for businesses, the same is becoming simplified with Databricks.

With the platform creating and leveraging spark clusters is easier than ever imagined. Moreover, the scaling and adjusting of these clusters are done automatically based on the computer requirements.

Making Sense of the Scattered Business Data

Customers are already making the best of the Internet by establishing their presence on multiple platforms. They need the products that businesses are offering.

Therefore, all small organizations need is to reach out to customers on these platforms with relevant products and services.

As small and medium organizations reach out to these platforms, they generate data on account of customer interactions.

While it may seem like nothing, this data can help organizations shed light on several factors and help them gain a competitive edge in the market.

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Similarly, this data can also help businesses understand their customers and make the most of their profits in the market. But, the key to all of this lies in exploiting the data in the best possible way.

Since the data is pouring in from multiple sources, there are fewer chances that all of them will be similar. In other words, the data will be of different formats, reporting styles among others. But for businesses, to make sense of complete insights, the decision has to be made in the light of complete data.

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Bringing Data On One Platform

Azure Databricks For Your Business Growth
Azure Databricks For Your Business Growth

In other words, there needs to be a platform where all of this data is brought together and made sense of more than ever.

This is where organizations need data lakes and warehouses. Data lakes and warehouses quintessentially, extract the data from their sources and bring them together on a single platform so that departments in a business can make sense of it and create a visualization they will please.

They might want to view certain combinations of data or specific data depending upon the nature of the department.

For example, your marketing team might be interested in knowing the total number of leads their marketing efforts have generated, while scientists might want to dig on what are the customer personas of people buying a certain category of products.

Data lakes and warehouses make this task easier, once they are combined with analytics. They perform the task of holding the data on their platform for a long duration of time. Now deploying analytics software on top of it can make all the difference.

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Companies using Microsoft Azure for storing their business data on the cloud have multiple benefits in this aspect.

First, they get a reliable data lake that brings together the information businesses will need for business intelligence. On the other hand, it helps you leverage the data analytics platform Databricks for maximum insights.

Ultimately, the features of Databricks help reduce the burden of businesses. It powers them to build an intelligent data analytics services team along with reducing their maintenance costs.

Finally, businesses get to focus on their end goals apart from just focusing on maintaining their data platforms.

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