6 Best Methods to Build or Earn Backlinks to Your Website

Introduction to Backlinks to Your Website

In today’s era, digital marketing has replaced traditional methods of advertising and promotion. Digital marketing is all about creating brand awareness and reminding your customers about your online presence. Marketers have various means to conduct digital marketing efforts such as social media, email marketing, etc. Among all the digital marketing techniques, the most popular one is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO is a method by which you bring your website up in rankings on Google’s search engine results. SEO consists of many techniques and strategies that help marketers achieve their goals. SEO itself has two phases that include On-page and Off-Page SEO. On-page SEO refers to regularly auditing your website pages and determining the shortcomings. Factors like site design, aesthetics, content, page loading speed combine to give users a better experience on your website and turn them into leads. On the other hand, Off-page SEO is about gaining endorsements from reputed websites and influencers in the form of links termed as ‘backlinks.’

Defining Backlinks and Ways to Build Them

Backlinks mean sites that refer to your website and are a supreme ranking factor and for gaining organic traffic. As your site traffic directly relates to the quality of a backlink, you have to ensure that only authoritative websites link back to you. Better quality backlink means better traffic and rankings.

Another essential factor of backlinks is that Google keeps an eye on your rankings and understands particular backlinks. It determines their origins and connection to page relevancy to grant rankings accordingly. There are hundreds of ranking factors in SEO, but backlink represents an important metric. Gaining quality backlinks is challenging but not impossible. There are intelligent ways for you to gain backlinks from authority sites. Some of these include:

  • Reclaiming Unlinked Mentions

Probably the easiest and quickest method of gaining quality backlinks is by claiming unlinked mentions. All you need to do is utilize a backlink checker and keep an eye on the ones that mention your brand. Google Alerts is also a valuable and handy tool to keep you updated about your mention in any post or blog.

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You can opt for others to gain insights on mentioning factors like the number of shares or domain authority. Sometimes, you will notice that an author has mentioned your brand without any included link. That is where you can send them a nod and ask for a proper link attribution. It helps an author give more value to your brand and gives the readers more information to click through and read.

  • Leveraging Your Content

You have produced a piece of reader-worthy content, and it is time to market using blog promotion. You have to reach out to site owners, bloggers, and key influencers to create backlink profiles. You do not have to ask them boldly to link to your page but instead, take a subtle approach to your request. You have to write and inform them about your content’s availability and ask if they will share it with their audience. You have to ensure that the content you offer has information that delivers value to readers. Remember that an outreached reputation depends on your content. You have to produce the best quality to gain their backlink.

  • Broken Link Building Method

Marketers love the broken link-building method as it gives them a perfect way to make one-way backlinks. It consists of contacting a webmaster and informing a broken link on the website. At the same time, you recommend others to replace that link where you mention your website.

You have a high chance of a backlink to your website as you do a favor to the webmaster by reporting their broken link. You have to use Google search and find relevant websites in your niche with resource pages. You can use queries like ‘keyword + link,’ ‘keyword + resources,” or ‘keywords inurl: links.” Once you find websites, use available extensions and tools to find out about broken links in that website.

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Now you have to approach a webmaster in a friendly manner. Ensure to introduce yourself and tell them they have linked to a resource that is no longer available. Recommend some alternatives, including your website, to replace those links. Do not become greedy in gaining a backlink, as some webmasters might refuse to answer your call. Be helpful, and eventually, you will receive a suitable quality link.

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  • Become a Source for Other Publishers

You can become a source for other publishers and bloggers by using your expertise and data. Every time someone quotes your name, you gain a backlink. Not only will you gain backlinks of high domain authority websites, but you will also increase brand awareness and drive relevant traffic. You have to find queries from writers that work within your area of interest. You can pick the ones that relate to your business and respond using emails mentioning your credentials.

These writers gain answers quickly, so you have to respond timely, and you will have a better chance to include them in the final piece. If the blogger selects you, they will share the details via email about live content. You can use platforms like Quora, LinkedIn, or even your blog to answer their queries and gain relevant backlinks.

  • Guest Articles

Probably the most used method to gain backlinks today is through guest posting. Guest posting is about providing content on high authority websites and gaining a backlink to your blog or page. You will have more exposure to your content while increasing your chances of improving your reputation on social media. Guest blogging is effective in leveraging content to build relationships and grow your reader base. It is relevant as Google itself allows and mentions guest contributors on its Analytics page.

  • Competition Analysis

Another method to find and earn backlinks is to analyze your competition. Tools like SEMrush allow you to spy on your competition and find out about their backlink profile. Competitor analysis not only gives you an idea about linking strategy but also keeps you updated about new link-building techniques.

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Final Word

Gaining backlinks is not easy, but it is also not impossible. You have to work your way and make efforts to gain quality backlinks that considerably increase your rankings. You can consider these mentioned methods to gain quality backlinks or mix them with new sources. Consider your result of earning a backlink as the reward for all your hard work.

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