10 Tips And Tricks To Consider For Backpacking Towards Sweet India

Introduction to Backpacking Towards Sweet India

Cos of the vast range of groups, places, natural and artificial structures, cultures, colors, cuisines, traditions and so many more, they name it incredible India.

Host to the wondrous Taj Mahal, the popular Ganges River, and the historic Amber Fort many people travel here every year to get a glimpse of one of the most fascinating and varied places on earth.

However, ask any tourist, and they’ll tell you that India is not an easy place to travel alone. If your tour has resolved all the difficulties of your trip, you will need a little extra work to tackle this gigantic country on your own, although with great rewards. Backpacking India is feasible and makes among the most exciting journeys you can imagine.


India should be the cheapest country I’ve ever been to. Nutrition, transportation, lodging, buying, and the rest are all cheap. If you eat at chain cafes your food and drink would cost you scarcely more than £1.

It can also be as little as £ 1 for a bus ride around the state. You could get away with spending about £10 a day if you stick to trip planning. Of course, there are ways to splurge, but even so, prices are far cheaper in the Southeast Asian region than just about any other nation.

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Backpacking Towards Sweet India
Backpacking Towards Sweet India

Though you didn’t know hostels in all cities in India, there are a variety of decent and famous nice hotels in the big ones on the backpacking road.

In Kochi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Agra, Varanasi, Delhi, and Goa several brands fashion to the Indian backpacker like Zostel and The Hostel Crowd. Search Hostelworld for availability and connect along the way with other backpackers.


Backpacking Towards Sweet India
Backpacking Towards Sweet India

Indians enjoy their country, and the food that their culture is based on is curry. There are far too many variations that it’s hard to get tired of them. there was a variety from which to choose, from rich thick Korma to light and hearty Dahl, vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Even so, if you’re sick of curry then I’m afraid there aren’t many other choices apart from the unusual Western menus or the odd Domino’s pizza that’s going to bring you back £7.

My recommendations are to try the Indian food on offer, most venues can cater to your desires whether it is a spice or not spicy, and for those refusing meat, most locations are entirely vegetarian.


In India, it is etiquette to eat only with your dominant wrist and to use your index finger only to contact someone, move cash, or pick up products.

It is known that the left hand is unclean. Use the first three thumb and fingers, or just watch others and learn, if you’re curious how to use the right hand to feed. Notice that this isn’t needed by all restaurants because some may give you loads cutlery.


I assumed that they just forgot to put it with it the first time I would have to ask the resort for toilet tissue, but when I had to ask almost every hotel, I found that toilet paper isn’t a thing here and in India.

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Bida sprinklers are typically the only choice, so I recommend bringing an extra roll on your travels if that isn’t really up to your street.

Where the residents live, live

For visitors, cafe meals are also damped down. Join the residents and locate the busy spots if you want a traditional curry; empty cafes are always quiet for a reason.

Trainspotting Swot up

Backpacking Towards Sweet India
Backpacking Towards Sweet India

An ingenious place to get around this enormous state is to use the vast Indian railway system. Trains book up quickly and the reservation system – as with many processes in India – can be highly complicated.

A comprehensive breakdown of the dynamic mechanism is available on The Man in Seat 62 rail details website. Try and book the upper or side-upper beds if you’re having a night bus, for more privacy and comfort, and give the sleeper group a go at minimum once.

While a / c is better, the rear lights mean you’re not going to see just as much scenery, nor are you going to have such a fascinating and varied mix of fellow travelers.

Commit on a price before anything you do

Backpacking Towards Sweet India
Backpacking Towards Sweet India

When you’re taking a rickshaw or cab (if you don’t have a meter), finding a driver, staying in a hotel, or heading on a tour, always test what you’re supposed to pay first – and negotiate hard for it, in certain cases. If there are no prices on a restaurant menu, check how much your meal would cost before purchasing.

Test the product for its MRP (Maximum Recommended Price) which should be written in small letters on it when purchasing a product online.

Purify the water of yours

Backpacking Towards Sweet India
Backpacking Towards Sweet India

Water supply needs to be eliminated in India. Think about how many plastic water bottles users get over a month by purchasing mineral water, though, and then consider eight million international visitors a year who do the same thing.

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That’s a polymer on a tonne. There is an increasingly powerful selection of purifying philters that kill even the smallest microorganisms. A greener alternative is to purify your own.

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The most sophisticated systems, including the Liquid-to-Go bottle philters, convert the material into clear, ready-tasting water from muddy brown lakes.

Respect Everyone

Backpacking Towards Sweet India
Backpacking Towards Sweet India

This is a country rich history and culture and heavy spiritual practices that are deep-rooted. Your flight experience through the rich and mystical landscapes of India would be much more optimistic if you stay aware of the local good manners.


So, guys, I hope you understood everything after reading this article. Since I was a little girl, India has been on my bucket list and I have never been quite like that anywhere.

Remember to come back to the lovely Rajasthan and Jaipur for my absolute guides! I’m always keen to hear about your journeys, so if you have something to express or any Q’s, please fling me a message!

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