Backwards Compatibility and Upgrading Scripts in OATS

Backwards Compatibility and Upgrading Scripts

The introduction of Script Assets (in Script Properties) requires pre-version 9.10 scripts to be migrated to the current version of 9.10 or higher. This section provides information about backwards compatibility of OpenScript scripts and upgrading OpenScript scripts.

Statement of Backwards Compatibility

Scripts created in older versions of OpenScript will always run in new versions of the product without modification from the command-line, Oracle Load Testing, and Oracle Test Manager.
Older OpenScript scripts may not be opened or played back in the newer version of the OpenScript User Interface without upgrading them first. See Upgrading Scripts to the New Release below.
Previously published script API functions are supported in the latest release. Some published API may be marked as deprecated, but will still work in the new release in order to maintain backwards compatibility.

Upgrading Scripts to the New Release

OpenScript requires that scripts be upgraded to the latest release in order to open them in the OpenScript User Interface. You are not required to upgrade a script to the new version unless you want to open the script in the OpenScript User Interface. Older versions of OpenScript scripts can be run without modification from the command-line, Oracle Load Testing, and Oracle Test Manager.


Version 9.10 and higher scripts cannot be played back in earlier versions of OpenScript, Oracle Load Testing, and Oracle Test Manager. If you want to maintain pre-version 9.10 scripts, you should make a back up copy of your scripts before opening and saving them in version 9.10 or higher. OpenScript automatically migrates any pre-version 9.10 scripts when the script is opened and saved in OpenScript version 9.10 or higher.

Opening Older Scripts in OpenScript

OpenScript automatically prompts you to upgrade older version scripts to the current version whenever the script is opened in the OpenScript User Interface. When opening an older script, you can choose not to open the script and the script will not be upgraded.
When prompted to upgrade a script, if the script depends on any child scripts or function libraries, OpenScript provides an option to upgrade the child scripts or function libraries to the new version also.
Once a script is upgraded to a new release, the script cannot be opened or run using older versions of Oracle Application Testing Suite (OpenScript, Oracle Load Testing, or Oracle Test Manager).

Migrating Older Scripts in OpenScript

If you wish to upgrade scripts without opening them individually in OpenScript, you can use the Migrate Scripts upgrade option on the Tools menu. The Migrate Scripts tool lets you select which scripts to migrate to the current version and find any child scripts that also need to be migrated.
Version 9.10 does not permit absolute paths for repositories or script assets in scripts that will be used with Oracle Load Testing. However, version 9.0x scripts permitted absolute paths. If your version 9.1x scripts use absolute paths, you can run the version 9.0x scripts, unmodified, in version 9.10 Oracle Load Testing. As soon as you upgrade the 9.0x scripts to 9.10 in OpenScript User Interface or the Migrate Script tool, the script will not playback in Oracle Load Testing until the absolute paths are changed to relative paths. The Migrate Scripts tool does not migrate absolute paths to relative paths or to repository paths. The absolute paths must be changed in the scripts.

Running Mixed Versions of Scripts

You are advised not to run mixed versions of “job” scripts where a parent script calls child scripts or function libraries. This may happen in cases where you may have 9.1x “parent” scripts that run 9.0x “child” scripts or function libraries. Although this configuration has been tested and is supported, the combination of mixed versions scripts may lead to unpredictable results and some confusion as to which scripts are the latest version. In addition, mixed version job scripts may not be able to take advantage of certain new version 9.10 improvements, such as:

  • Version 9.10 provides an option to visually inspect and add child script functions into a parent script. If child scripts are not upgraded to 9.10, OpenScript will not display their available functions in the user interface options.
  • Version 9.10 scripts no longer require that parent scripts add all child script databanks as their own databanks. If child scripts are not upgraded to 9.10, then parent scripts still must have child script databanks added as their own databanks.

Upgrade Details

When an OpenScript script is upgraded from an older version to version 9.10, the following changes are applied:

  • The file is updated to reflect the new version numbers of the modules.
  • The META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file may be updated to reflect new bundles required by the newer version of the product.
  • A new assets.xml file is created containing similar data as in the script.xml file. The original script.xml file is now unused, but remains in the script folder for troubleshooting purposes.
  • The versions.txt file is updated with the new version.
  • The script .JWG file is updated with the new files.
  • The file is not modified.

Database Migration

A database migration utility is now available for users to enable migration of data from MS Access, SQL Server, and Oracle database into an Oracle database. Documentation for the database migration utility can be found in <installDir>/bin/DataMigration/help.

Installing over beta versions or earlier releases of Oracle Application Testing Suite

If you have a 9.10 beta or Early Access version of the Oracle Application Testing Suite installed, you should un-install the earlier release of the Oracle Application Testing Suite before installing this version.
If you are installing over a previous version of Oracle Application Testing Suite, you may consider making backup copies of the following before installing this version:

  • OpenScript scripts in repositories or folders under the installation directory (in installdirworkspace! directories or installdirdirectoryname directories).
  • Visual Script files in repositories under the installation directory (in installdirworkspace! directories). Scripts created in earlier versions of Oracle Application Testing Suite can be used in 9.10 without modification.
  • Oracle Load Testing reports database.
  • Oracle Test Manager database.

If you are installing or upgrading over a previous version of OpenScript, you should close any open scripts in the earlier version before upgrading.

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