5 Tips For Choosing And Sending Beautiful Birthday Flowers For Girlfriend

Introduction to Beautiful Birthday Flowers For Girlfriend

Girls/girlfriends, by the prescribed characteristics of socially defined femininity, are expected to be calm, quiet, decent, caring, and loving.

If you stretch your visions a little longer and try to find a natural thing that resembles the same features, you do not have to stretch much.

Flowers, nature’s best creation so far is a perfect gift for a woman/womanly person to celebrate femininity. But, not every flower is for everyone. Here are some tips for choosing and sending beautiful birthday flowers for your beloved girlfriend.

1) What is the best flower for her?

Being the closest person to your girlfriend on earth, one is supposed to know every likes and dislike of the person. You can find guides to find the perfect flower for her/him tallying the personality. Or you can just pick whatever your girlfriend’s favorite flower is.

  1. a) Beautiful Roses- Rose is more the flower of the eternal emotion of love than is personified for anyone. When you are in love, you can send your beloved girlfriend rose anytime, anywhere. But, the colors match with the personal traits. If she is caring, then pink shade will be perfect. If s/he is bold, then an orange hue will go well. If s/he is a passionate lover, then the darkest red will resemble her/his personality traits. It is one of the best birthday flowers for the girlfriend.
  2. b) Lovely Orchid- Orchid has another charm for which it is a special flower for the girlfriend. Orchid is one of the most precious and rarest flowers in the world. And eventually, so is your girlfriend. Orchids also have varieties and are associated with personality traits. To express that the girlfriend is one of a kind, the black orchid is perfect. Otherwise, red, yellow, pink are the colors that can be given as a gift to your girlfriend.
  3. c) Perfect Tulips- To ensemble to the gorgeous styling sense of your fashionista girlfriend who carries a class with her/his appearance, a tulip is a perfect flower. A tulip is a perfect complement to roses, minus the smell. It has more shades than any flower in the world. The advantage of sending this flower is it has both bold shades as well as mild shades. From pink, white, purple to red, yellow, orange- all in one. It makes a very good choice for gifts.
  4. d) Special Lilies- If your girlfriend is a May person, s/he is a lily girl. Lily is a very subtle flower with a gorgeous appearance and beautiful fragrance. There are varieties of colors to this flower which are very much associated with the personal traits. Another reason for lilies to be special is it can be a great choice of gifts for any occasion to anyone.
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2) Choose a special package

Beautiful Birthday Flowers For Girlfriend
Beautiful Birthday Flowers For Girlfriend

If you want to make your girlfriend feel special not just a day but regularly, it is better you choose a package from floral shops.

In floral shops, you will find subscription packages like weekly, monthly, fort-night, and monthly packages. Besides flowers, there is also additional add on gifts like balloons, chocolates, teddy bears, and many more. Also, in subscription packages, you will get a lot of discounts and gift hampers as well.

3) Deliver flowers too

There are times when we are busy; also the time that we are facing right now is a little difficult to go, meet with your beloved and give them the gift.

So, online delivery right now is the savior. All you need is to select the gift, provide the address and date, and place order gift delivery. Your gift would be reached there within the stipulated time.

  1. a) Her workplace- Surprising with gifts is a good idea to wish your beloved on their special days. If you know the person is a workaholic, then the best place to find her is her workplace. You can send a small beautiful love message along with the flowers as a surprise gift. S/he would be elated to find the gift and it will be the best surprise for your girlfriend on a special day.
  2. b) At Home- Sometimes, people do have uneasiness to celebrate love in the public place. If your girlfriend is one of them, then it is best to send birthday flowers online at the home address. It can be a midnight surprise or an early morning one. Such a gift on the door from the most beloved person will set the mood for the day for her. And if it is a surprise, she would be on cloud 9. It is best to choose an online floral shop in Italy for buying the flowers as they sell fresh and varieties of flowers at very affordable prices. The delivery services they provide are also appreciating.
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4) What she likes

Above every suggestion, the one thing that matters is what your beloved girlfriend likes! It does not matter how insignificant, how unfit the gift is for the occasion as per the expert rules, as long as she loves it, it is perfect.

So, you can go with the expert’s opinions on gifts, but DIY it a little bit by adding her favorites into them as well. It can be flowers, chocolates, books, or any other precious gifts you choose. When you are in love, expressions and emotions have more value than the price tags.

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Beautiful Birthday Flowers For Girlfriend
Beautiful Birthday Flowers For Girlfriend

5) Flower with combo Gift

Sometimes, a floral bouquet is just perfect. But at other times, if you can give her much happiness by adding some other of her favorites, why not!

Combination gifts are made to make people extra happier within a reasonable price. Besides, not every gift you choose makes a good combination always. Hence, it is also good to follow the trend of flowers with combo gifts.

  1. a) Flower with cake- For every big and small celebration, a cake is just the perfect essence distributor. Whether you cut the cake or smash the cake or both- your happiness would enhance. For occasions like birthday, global special day celebrations like Valentine’s Day, or any personal celebration, a flower bouquet along with a cake is a beautiful combination. The flower is to encapsulate the beauty of the person’s soul and the cake is to make the best memories for her/him.
  2. b) Flower with chocolate box- A very simple yet special birthday gift for girlfriend is this flower-chocolate combination gift. Chocolate for anyone is self musing; it makes you forget about everything on earth and enjoy the moment. Especially, when the chocolate is gifted by the special person of his/her life, it becomes more precious. The flowers are the instant expression of love while chocolate extends the longing of lingering of the essence of the gift. It is perfect to choose chocolates and flowers a combination gift from Italy as they are one of the best-sellers of both around the world.
  3. c) Flower with Personalized Gift- When you choose a simple gift to send to your beloved, but try to make it the most precious one; the best way for it is to personalize it. It can be a handwritten note, a poem, a sketch, a painting anything that has a touch of you will be special for your girlfriend. If you wish to give something from gift shops, you can customize it by personalizing it. Anything that has a significant impression of you both will hold a special place to each of your hearts. And the flower bouquet will just enhance the essence of the gift.
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Gifts have always been special to memorize an occasion. When it is an occasion of your beloved or you both, the best way to make each other happy is by exchanging the perfect gift for the occasion; or of your choice.

But flowers in any gift just enhance the charm of it. Above are the best tips to choose and send beautiful birthday flowers for girlfriends.

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