10 Most Beautiful Mountains For Trekkers In 2021

Introduction to Beautiful Mountains For Trekkers

For adventurous explorers, visiting mountains that have spread across different continents is a plausible achievement. You don’t need to be an expert in mountain matters to get the most out of your exploration.

You could use mountain guides like baker mountain guides or opt to learn everything there is about mountain trekking on your own.

Besides Mount Andes, the longest mountain globally, there are numerous mountain ranges worth visiting for a thrilling experience. Without further ado, here are the ten most beautiful mountains for trekkers in 2021.

1. Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilimanjaro stands tall at a record-breaking height of 5,895m (translates to 19,340 feet) in Tanzania, Africa. It’s one of the most popular hiking spots for various reasons, including its volcanic nature.

This means it’s made of lava, ash, and rock, terming it a stratovolcano. Mount Kilimanjaro has some unique features, including its three cones; Shira, Kibo, and Mawenzi.

Of the three cones, Kibo is the tallest and dormant as well. It’s estimated to have erupted about 360,000 years ago. The peak of the mountain is covered in snow, attracting tourists from every corner of the globe.

Beautiful Mountains For Trekkers
Beautiful Mountains For Trekkers

2. Mount Everest

It is best known as the highest mountain on the planet and stands as tall as 8,850m.

It is strategically located between Tibet and Nepal in China. Due to its ridiculously high altitude, climbers are advised to be prepared accordingly.

You should have a complete set of preparation measures that comply with the environment settings of Mount Everest. For instance, a trained Nepalese origin guide should be close by to oversee your mountain climbing adventure.

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Bad weather limits Mount Everest to only a few mountain climbing episodes. Avalanches are a prevalent occurrence that mostly occurs due to the snow and ice on the mountain. The high altitudes on the mountain require climbers to carry bottled Oxygen for safety purposes.

3. Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is a mountain in Japan with a height of 3,776m. Over the centuries, it has been used as a mountain of worship among natives and travelers alike.

It is an active volcano that is recorded to have erupted last in the year 1707. It’s located at the border between Shizuoka and Yamanashi. You can easily spot it on clearer days from Tokyo.

Clouds are often the downside for tourists and locals who would love to catch a glimpse of this iconic area of interest.

Beautiful Mountains For Trekkers
Beautiful Mountains For Trekkers

4. Table Mountain

Located in Cape Town City, South Africa, Table Mountain stands at a height of 1,084m.

It acquired its name from its flat top and has piqued the interest of mountain climbing lovers worldwide.

It is home to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, which is located on the eastern side of the mountain’s foot. There are plenty of unique features on Table Mountain, including;

  • Streams and Valleys
  • National Parks
  • The Cape Floral Region

5. Denali

It’s also known as Mount Mckinley and boasts a height of 6,190m. It’s the highest mountain in North America. The Athabaskan Indians first named it Denali, meaning ‘The High/Great One.’

The Russians refer to it as Bolshaya Gora, meaning ‘The Great Mountain.’ Mount Denali is located in South Central Alaska and can be viewed at the center of Denali National Park and sits on 6million acres of land.

Denali’s beauty lies in the snow that covers half its peak permanently and the glaciers, which are approximately 30 miles long. The mountain records temperatures that are as cool as -60 degrees Celsius.

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Climbing season is usually between May and September, and climbers must register with Denali National Park to climb the mountain. Most of the challenges faced by the climbers have to do with the harsh weather.

Beautiful Mountains For Trekkers
Beautiful Mountains For Trekkers

6. The Himalayas

Its unique features of more than 110 peaks rising to a height of 7,300m draw more enthusiastic mountaineers to it every year. It’s located in the Asian continent with a variety of high mountains, including Everest.

Snow is one of the features that have earned it a spot as one of the most desirable places to go hiking. It’s a mountain system and an attraction that draws most mountaineers to give it a try.

It has glaciated tops that have drawn the attention of enthusiastic mountaineers from all over the world. India, Nepal, China, and Pakistan claim sovereignty over a considerable section of the Himalayas since they occupy some parts.

Administrative roles assigned to some Asian countries depend on how much of the Himalayas lie on their country’s part. For instance, Pakistan has control over 32,400 sq miles.

7. Mount Elbrus

It’s located in Southwestern Russia and is classified as an extinct volcano because its last date of eruption is recorded at 2 million years ago and still emits sulfurous gases.

The mineral springs are a tourist attraction packed with lots of other unique features such as glaciers. Twenty-two glaciers from the Elbrus Mountain line up to feed the Kuban River and keep it flowing.

Mount Elbrus has twin cones that stand tall at 5,642m and 5,595m.

8. The Andes

The fascinating fact about the Andes Mountains is that they are made up of very high plateaus and are located in South America. Mount Aconcagua makes up the highest of the peaks and stands at 6,959m.

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Mount Aconcagua is found at the border of Chile and Argentina.

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9. The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn Mountain is found in Switzerland and stands tall and majestic at 4,478m. It’s Switzerland’s conspicuous landmark and is highly revered by mountaineers from across the globe, mostly because of its unrivaled tranquility.

The multiple routes to the mountain peak make it easier and more fun for mountaineers who are trying it out for the first time. It is said to be more favorable for climbing during the warmer months of summer.

However, the weather patterns of The Matterhorn are quite unpredictable.

10. Mount Khuiten

It’s found in Mongolia, Asia, and is the highest mountain in Mongolia. The term Khuiten means ‘cold,’ which describes the weather conditions on this mountain. It’s also the highest of five peaks, known as the ‘Five Saints.’

It’s home to attractive natural features such as valleys filled with grass, lakes, and so on. Mount Khuiten is usually favorable for climbing some time between June and August.

Beautiful Mountains For Trekkers
Beautiful Mountains For Trekkers

Final Thoughts

To experience the adrenaline, you should make it a point to visit any of the mountains mentioned above. While at it, make it a point to follow the mountain climbing rules to the latter.

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