5 Beauty E-Commerce Trends You Should Know About Beyond 2021

Introduction to Beauty E-Commerce Trends

The pandemic has affected the majority of businesses worldwide. However, some industries are still surviving and growing despite this unfortunate event. The beauty industry is one of the industries that somehow stood strong the past year. With home quarantine and lockdowns, the people’s way of shopping has shown a significant shift.

As most retailers and consumers started relying on e-commerce, the steady growth of e-commerce will continue over the years. With physical stores closing here and there, it is not impossible to foresee a future without e-commerce platforms. If you are planning to start your own e-commerce business, now is your perfect time.

A trend that will likely continue years after years would be Korean beauty and skincare products. There are wholesale Korean skincare sites that can give you authentic products at a competitive price. The continuous rise in demand will help your e-commerce site to be successful.

With a fresh start this 2021, here are some of the e-commerce beauty trends you should look out for throughout the year.

Natural and transparent beauty products

The majority of the consumers are now going for products made with natural ingredients and a transparent ingredient list. With thousands of products in the market containing harmful and unpleasant ingredients, people have started to become conscious of what they apply to their bodies.

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Most beauty brands are guilty of labelling products with natural, clean, and eco-friendly even if they are not. This raised a concern for most consumers that resulted in a demand for transparency. Now, consumers are carefully basing on a product’s ingredient list rather than believing in what was advertised.

Influencer Marketing

With the rising number of beauty influencers and micro-influencers, many beauty brands started partnering with famous influencers and vloggers to advertise their products. Most e-commerce sites already started with this advertising strategy. One of the most powerful marketing strategies is word-of-mouth.

Influencer marketing works as word-of-mouth and social proof combined. This strategy can earn the trust of potential consumers because they can see how effective it works. It can also increase your brand’s credibility that increases your frequent consumers.

Expense-wise, it can cut your costs by a lot while generating your sales. However, you should be careful establishing partnerships with influencers. Make sure they are credible to prevent your reputation from being damaged.

AR and VR Collaboration

Virtual reality and augmented reality has started to make their way into the beauty industry. The idea was to bring the experience people have while staying at home. The consumers will be able to try different shades of their desired beauty products just by taking a selfie. It does not only work on makeup but also with hairstyles and hair colours.

With the pandemic restricting everyone to get out of their houses, this is the closest to physical stores they could ever experience. The freedom to test every product before purchasing anything online became so much easier. The beauty industry kept thriving even though colour cosmetic sales drastically declined. An increase in sales should be visible in the near future.

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Inclusivity is rising in power

Diversity is vital in a competitive industry. Like most beauty companies, they used to produce products suitable for certain skin types only. Fortunately, more beauty brands have shown appreciation to people of color. Rihanna’s Fenty is an excellent example of a brand that caters to a wider group of people.

In the beauty industry that we have now, the majority of beauty companies are starting to provide a wider variety of products and embrace beauty models from different parts of the world. This cultural change is just the beginning of beauty appreciation outside the society’s beauty standard.

Subscription Box Services

Beauty subscription boxes are one of the rising trends you should never miss. It is an entertaining way to provide subscribers monthly collection of products. Products vary according to your liking (e.g., skincare, makeup, or body care). By providing the consumer thrill and excitement with new products they can try, you can widen your knowledge on how consumers feel about the products you are sending out.

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Yearly trend analysis is crucial in keeping your e-commerce business on the right track. The future of e-commerce has become brighter as people started embracing comfort and convenience by using these platforms. Keep in mind the trends we have gathered for you. Always remember, knowledge is power.


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