5 Signs of Bed Bugs Infestation and Ways to Control Them

Introduction to Bed Bugs Infestation

It’s not the stress or anxiety that can result in a restless sleep. One can also find it tough to have restorative or sound sleep if there’s a bed bugs infestation situation.

These tiny creatures cannot be seen from the naked eye. Although small in size, the effects they have can be huge. From impacting one’s sleep to making their life stressful, these tiny mites can do it all. If not opt for pest control experts at the right time, the situation can worsen over time.

In this post, we have discussed some key signs that indicate you have a bed bug situation at home, along with methods to get rid of them:

Signs of Bed Bugs Infestation

Red Spots on the Skin

If you frequently wake up with itchy, red spots on various parts of your skin, chances are there is a bed bug infestation.

These are caused by bed bug bites. Having said that, this can be a sign of a skin disease as well. Thus, it is also important to check other symptoms before labeling the situation as a bed bug infestation.

A Musty Odour

In the case there’s a musty, unpleasant odor in your home, it can be due to the presence of bed bugs as well. This odor is emitted by pheromones that are released by these pesky critters.

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However, bear in mind that you will only feel this smell when there is a large number of bed bugs present in your home. So, it requires immediate action i.e. contacting bed bug exterminators in Surrey.

Blood Stains on Sheets

Bloodstains on sheets can also be an indication of bed bug infestation.

There may be a chance of bed bugs being crushed under you while you are asleep. This can lead to blood spots on your sheet and clothes. Such a situation also requires urgent action to be taken.

Spots on Mattress

Dark spots (that are not of blood) on bed sheets or mattresses also indicate the presence of bed bugs. These spots are caused by fecal stains if they are in a large number. They may also have a foul odour and can smear when touched.

Spots on Your Clothes in Wardrobe

Contrary to the popular belief, bed bugs do not only remain confined to beds only. They can be found in other parts of their home as well.

For example, they can hinge on your clothes and make way to your wardrobe. This is a serious situation and calls for a quick solution since all your clothes in the wardrobe will become carriers of bed bugs.

So, if you see dark spots on your clothes that are placed in your wardrobes, do not waste time in hiring pest control services that specialize in terminating bed bugs.

Similarly, they can also expand their living area to furniture items as well. While checking for signs for bed bugs infestation, also check them for spots and stains as well.

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Ways to Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Clean Your Home Thoroughly

The most obvious way to get rid of these tiny creatures is to clean your home thoroughly. Some people only clean the affected area and leave the rest of the home.

This is a mistake you shouldn’t make. You don’t know which part of your living space has become a home to bed bugs.

Thus, make sure to clean each and every part, thoroughly. Hiring deep clean services can help you in this regard.

This can prove to be a rather exhausting process as you will have to clean your clothes and bedding as well. The mattress needs to be scrubbed and vacuumed as well.

Another reason why it is important to go to every length to clean the entire area is that you may leave eggs or bed bugs behind by neglecting certain spaces. All your effort will go down the drain when the eggs get hatched.

Hire Experts

This is the most hassle-free and reliable way to get rid of pests. Call the bed bug extermination services and leave this responsibility of making your home free from these pests on their shoulders.

These companies have access to certain tools and supplies that enable them to fix the problem at their earliest, and in the most efficient manner.

However, make sure to hire the most reliable company in your vicinity to get the best results. They should specialize in exterminating bed bugs. With a little research, you can find such a company that offers dependable services at economical rates.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, although it may seem small, a bed bugs infestation is certainly a big problem. As stated above, it should be tackled as early as possible.

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