10 Behaviors That can Ruin love Relationship

Introduction to Behaviors That can Ruin love Relationship

When loving is not enough and your emotional ties turn into a string of ruptures, perhaps it is time to evaluate yourself and try to decipher what it is that causes you to grow in the long-awaited emotional intelligence.

The reasons why people end their relationships are as varied as couples may exist, although tensions can become inevitable, that does not mean that they should not be worked on or evaluated if there is time to remedy them.

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Ten attitudes that can make you unbearable

1. Broken phone

According to the expert, a classic mistake is to maintain inadequate communication. This implies little clarity when expressing what you feel, think, and expect in front of something.

It is common to see couples in consultation who want changes that they are not clear about or are not willing to assume.

2. The law of ‘collusion’

Allowing power and responsibilities to fall on one of the two, this condition is called by Willi (2002) as collusion and explains that common unconscious to the couple that establishes between them roles: a progressive one, in whom power falls, the protective and caregiver role, and another regressive role, which tends to appear as insecure, weak and passive. Either extreme is detrimental.

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3. The prison relationship

Not respecting individuality, that is, blurring the difference, autonomy, and freedom that people have to think, be, and do with or without the other will always be a problem.

4. The caprichito

Losing flexibility. Rigid or capricious ideas do not favor adaptation to the changes that may occur both inside and outside the relationship.

5. Empathy 0%

Little empathy. Satisfaction and well-being must be guaranteed for the couple in an equitable way and in each of the adjustment areas (social, family, sexual, intellectual, health).

6. Spooky love

Create expectations detached from the present reality. Some couples live with the ghost of something they want and don’t have.

7. You speak because you speak

Impose dialogue. It is a real mistake to engage in conversations without taking into account the other and if he wants to dialogue at that moment.

Communication is a matter of two conscious and involved human beings who seek to build something in common, not a space to impose wills.

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8. Internal monologues

José Díaz in his book ‘ Prevention of couple conflicts’ exposes how the flow of automatic thoughts leads the person to anticipate the other’s facts, feelings, and motivations, leading him to assume or exaggerate the negative. A common example of an internal monologue is jealousy.

9. He who lies loses

If the couple does things that the other cannot know and therefore lies to maintain a distorted image of themselves, it is because there is not enough trust between the parties to express their feeling and wanting freely.

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10. Maltrador

The different levels of emotional, psychological, and physical violence are indisputably the main reason for ending a relationship, even if the other nine actions listed here are not evident.

People must learn to identify when the channel of respect in the relationship has been broken in order to put an end to it, whether they are the abuser or the abused.

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