6 Best Business Books by Female Authors

Introduce to Best Business Books by Female Authors

I was looking in the library for the books; I didn’t read or didn’t start. So Anna, who was sitting next to me, was a businesswoman, she asked me “Jean, good to see you here, “. I replied, “Welcome”.

Anna told me, that she was looking for books, but was unable to. I was ready to help her. We discussed some interesting titles, which I have listed below:

Beyond the Boy’s Club Written by Suzanne Doyle-Morris

The author has a PhD degree. She talked to women, working in different sectors. She has written in detail guidelines about women, to take risks, which will take them to next level.

She has also given motivational thoughts, which can be quite useful when women like us can read when feeling down or low. I can write it on a notepad, post-it pages.

Dr Suzanne provides strategies to help, boost the confidence level by making the professional profile, more prominent. She also went on to say about conducting meetings, presentations in a relaxed way.

This book is written in an informal way, which is appealing to any woman, who is on any stage of making their hobby, into making a source of living. All of it is taken from the ladies, who are running their own companies.

Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader Written By Herminia Barra

This is a comprehensive book about making, a transition about people working in the boards, typically speaking middle and upper level of management. It guides them to make small changes in their daily routines, which can make them great leaders.

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It answers key questions, which anyone in the executive position, has to face one day or the other, like e.g. making strategic decisions about their companies, etc. It also provides the road map, which enables them to try new approaches, to the challenges they face as new leaders.

The author tells us to take decisions, in a relaxed state of mind. This will be making them feel better. At the start, it may be difficult to switch to such kind of behaviour. But she assures, it will be developed into a habit, in the long run.

To learn about the different ways to manage, Herminia suggests, following role models. This is an easy way of learning, from their experiences. It enables us to become more confident in making the next move. This is because; we can learn the outcome from them.

Grit Written By Angela Ducksworth

When the author researched the traits of successful people, she found interesting findings. Angela noted that hard work always is dominant in talent. This was an idea of her to name this book.

Angela says that her father told her that she was not intelligent. But she proved her father wrong, by studying at Harvard and Oxford.

This book advocates that doing continuous hard work, along with skills, helps anyone achieve success. It starts with setting smaller goals, achieving them, and then going for bigger goals.

The skills require effort to learn, so many people are don’t have. It needs time, also determined to achieve it. It is an ongoing process. It’s about not giving up, in any type of resistance or hurdle. The main focus is on the goal and ways to achieve it.

I’d Rather Be in charge Written by Charlotte Beers

Charlotte Beers has written this book to empower women. She has been successful in running top advertising companies, Beers has illustrated her story of breaking the ceiling and going on the top to lead and make so many successful brands.

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She emphasis the adaptation of coming up with own way of leading. Charlotte’s point of view makes the women convince others, and looking towards them for any important decisions. This makes women more confident, helps to climb the management ladder.

Ms. Beers tours countries around the world lecture different women and Charlotte stress women to work hard to strengthen their skills. Charlotte’s struggles are described in this book, it gives important strategies for women to make them powerful and influential leaders like their male counterparts.

Darling, You can do both Written by Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk

The authors have written about ignoring the criticism, women hear about doing something new, Janet and Nancy are saying that, if women work hard, they can get any superior positions in their lives.

It also provides ways and strategies to achieve this success. Both Janet and Nancy, say to women that they have to go against the rules of society, which makes it difficult to achieve their potential. They even tell business leaders, to hire even inexperienced girls to get an opportunity to solve, any given problem.

There is also a similarity with the other book Lean in, that women should not hold back, when they become mothers they should even become stronger and resilient, lead from the front.

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Key to Yourself Written By Dr Venice Bloodworth

Believing in your own self to achieve more, this book emphasizes. The author has illustrated this with several examples. The main goal of this book is, to able to use the mental power for, better utilizations of focus, making changes inhabits. This will help us to strengthen our relationships with people. In the end, keep us happy.

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The author has also elaborated on overcoming the fear, which requires inner strength. It starts with a thought process, which affects our physical surroundings, to make the outside in our favor; we have to change our inner thoughts according to our goals.

We should work on our subconscious mind, to make it think positively; we should give it an input of self believes, taking new actions. We should not hinder these thoughts from people’s points of view. We should look forward to making our dreams a reality. Rest will be history.

This book requires following the strategies as well. This book is also helpful for women who want to run their business, for the first time.


After seeing mine to be read list, and listening to the summaries of it. Anna was certain that, even there are females who have contributions in the best books for starting a business. Anna was happy that her important question was answered. Her time was well spent and she left for home.

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