3 Best Career Guides After Higher Secondary

Introduction to Best Career Guides After Higher Secondary

Hey students! Puzzled about what to do after completing your 12th class or school?. Don’t worry I am here to guide you in some of the fields which can help you grow and develop in career.

In India where youth are 70% of the total population, competition in every field is increasing day by day, nowadays you need to be very much updated about current affairs, technology.

To get a job and earn money through it one has to be multi-talented. You should acquire other skills apart from your studies, to stand out in the crowd.

These are some of the best undergraduate courses, you can do.

As you step out of school, and you are from a commerce background you can opt for these following courses to get a successful life.

Everyone dream of luxury life, this dream can be fulfilled by choosing the right thing at right time. These undergraduate courses namely

  1. Bachelor of business administration (BBA)
  2. Bachelor in Commerce (B.COM)
  3. Bachelor in computer application (B.CA)

are the most popular commerce stream fields.

All these 3 fields are crowded but every year thousands of vacancies arrive for these fields. Lets us see these fields in much detail so that you can choose wisely which one is best for you.

Bachelor Of Business Administration:-

Best Career Guides After Higher Secondary
Best Career Guides After Higher Secondary

First, let us talk about Bachelor Of Business Administration, this file is most common among the student to wants to become a manager in the near future.

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Yes, while doing BBA you will study how to manage a company or a firm efficiently. This study is based on a past year case study which tells the student about, what are the problem faced by the manager and how he/she solved it in past years.

This case study will help you to gain knowledge about reacting if you face some same kind of problem in the near future when you become a manager.

By doing BBA your doors for MBA specialization opens, you can do MBA after BBA. MBA is a master course of BBA, you will learn and experience more about the management filed while doing an MBA.

This degree will give you immense job opportunities as it contains much more value than other and top of it every firm needs a manager who manages their work perfectly.

Bachelor in Commerce (B.COM):-

Bachelor in Commerce (B.COM) is a three-year undergraduate course, it deals with the basis of accounting and finance. This course gives you knowledge about how to run a firm and handle its different accounts.

This course is popularly done by CA/CS as a side degree course. The difficulty level of this course is not so high so students opt for this course and learn different skill sets side by side.

you will not face problems while doing b.com as this course offers 30+ specializations, all designed for better career prospects and salaries.

This might be your choice if you want to become an accountant or want to open your own business or join other businesses as this teaches you the basics of finance and accounting.

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BCom stands at third place among the most sought after academic courses of all time, this field has various career option, after doing B.com you can also do MBA or PGDM. You can get salary packages up to 10 lakh P.A.

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Bachelor in computer application (B.CA):-

Bachelor in computer application (B.CA) is an undergraduate three-year course. You can enroll in this course after 10+2/ school over.

This course is related to computers and technologies, as you all know nowadays the IT sector is growing at a very rapid speed, one can find a great job offer in this field. This field is all about.

A student who wants to go and has an interest in computer application can opt for B.CA as a career option, a student with a background of art and commerce can also do B.CA. M.CA is a master’s course in B.CA. if one doesn’t prefer to do M.CA, he/she can do MBA in IT management.

So as you got to know that all these fields have a huge scope irrespective of you want to do business or job.

Now the most important factor lies in the above mention courses is from where you get your course degree, these courses done from a good college can get you do wonder in your life.

Most importantly these courses require practical training which is only given by the best colleges, among these is the  Vikrant group of institute which provides you best quality education with a practical approach, Vikrant college is situated in Gwalior and Indore.

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