Explore 10 Uncommon But Best Destinations In India

Introduction to Best Destinations In India

Do you say you want to travel? Open a browser in your smartphone, type your query, and in less than a couple of seconds (of course considering your network is supportive, better than your last partner) one would have stumbled upon a plethora of articles and links to websites talking about just travel.

An entire list of places one could visit along with the option to book a hotel would now only be a click away.

This all seems seamless unless one is really desperate to take a break from following common footsteps and wanting to explore the unexplored out there.

Although the world today has offered us an amazing tool in the form of technology and made our search easier, we have also made it equally difficult to spot places that are only explored by few adventurous souls. Ironic!

Here you will find a curated list of such awesome destinations in India that are definitely yearning for your company. Pay a visit soon, would you?

  1. Gallu Waterfall, Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh

    Best Destinations In India
    Best Destinations In India

The list of magical movie-like destinations in Himachal Pradesh is endless. However, at times all ranges tend to look alike. An offbeat location just above Mcleodganj Dharamkot would definitely make you feel on the road less traveled.

Gallu waterfall that stays partially frozen during the time of winters is proven to be a soul whelming camping experience.

Don’t forget to pack lunch, it is lovely to just sit across the waterfall and bask in the mesmerizing surrounding while one eats lunch.

  1. India’s Zanskar Valley aka Chadar Trek, Leh

Best Destinations In India
Best Destinations In India

The most challenging trek of approx 70 km, Chadar Trek is sure to remind you of a famous phrase “Journey is more beautiful than the destination.

On the way, one could witness several waterfalls amidst the range of the Great Himalayan Mountains. Walking on a thick frozen layer of river undeniably qualifies for a thrilling experience.

While on the expedition, ration could be carried by sled while porters lift the tents and miscellaneous stuff.

  1. Kaas Valley of Flowers, Maharashtra

Best Destinations In India
Best Destinations In India

Kaas Pathar is unique in terms of its existence in a state like Maharashtra. When one walks into the valley of flowers, often remains spellbound since spotting such a huge land of blooming flowers not far from Satara city seems unimaginable.

Although the monsoons begin in June, the flowers in Kaas Pathar bloom a little later making September the best time to visit.

  1. Roopkund, Uttarakhand

Famous for its lake known as the lake of skeletons, Roop Kund offers much more than mere human skeletons buried near the frozen lake.

The mystical herbs that are claimed to be anti-aging, locals confirm their existence in the snow-capped mountains of Roop Kund.

In winters, locals often shift to a lower altitude for the amount of snow that the place witnesses, human survival becomes troublesome.

If you like the adrenaline rush trekking generates, one could explore the offbeat treks in and around RoopKund.

  1. Sandakphu, West Bengal

Best Destinations In India
Best Destinations In India

It is the top peak in the state of West Bengal. The trails found on the Sandakphu trek are the most demanding ones. Sandakphu trek qualifies for the best refreshing & rejuvenating trekking experience in the Summertime.

  1. Sirpur, Chattisgarh

Despite being scary for the fact that Naxalites are believed to be existing in the woods of Chattisgarh, the place does justice to the tourist by offering simplicity.

A simple structure of villages, small curved hills on either side of the road, simpler human beings, and the modest life everybody is living.

Similar to the state, Sirpur village holds ancient history where monuments from the 6th century CE can be found. Sirpur has been quite interestingly rediscovered very recently in the year 2000 after being lost in the jungle.

  1. Urakam, Kerala

Best Destinations In India
Best Destinations In India

It is one thing to watch youtube videos and another to learn from the masters itself. Anyone interested in learning pottery from the best should go to Urakam.

Well, not just the pottery but also find yourself enjoying the vibrant and overwhelming culture along with some mouthwatering food.

  1. Lolab Valley, Jammu, and Kashmir

Best Destinations In India
Best Destinations In India

A surreal experience holds great significance when visiting Jammu & Kashmir. However, with the number of people holidaying in J&K growing, it has become hard but not impossible to find locations chanting solace.

One such place is Lolab Valley named after Maharaja Lolo which provides a soul-soothing view of cattle grazing against the backdrop of lush green pine forest.

  1. Timli Village, Uttarakhand

Best Destinations In India
Best Destinations In India

First things first! Watch out for elephants crossing the road as the vision tends to get blurry during monsoons. Excited? Timli village is located 35 km ahead of Rishikesh towards the Badrinath road.

The fact that there is a road constructed is amusing in its own way since this little village is seated at the top of the mountain.

An early morning walk could turn into an unforgettable experience of being stood up above the floating clouds while the ground is not visible at all.

  1. Sand & Water, Goa

Best Destinations In India
Best Destinations In India

A collection would remain incomplete without the mention of Goa and its renowned exhilarating beach experience.

Lazy mornings followed by scrumptious breakfast, perhaps a quick dip in the sea, and letting those gentle waves take away all the stress.

Wherever you are in Goa, it is ready to spoil you with its must visited Cruises and famous pubs for a late-night partying experience.


The year 2020 unapologetically brought tragedy for the whole world however there is still time to make the most out of it. Travel is near the start since various restrictions have either been eased out or even better uplifted.

Shout out to all the travelers out there, get your backpacks ready and gear up to soothe that irresistible itch you have experienced all this while being stuck in one place.

Now is the time to make a move and check a destination off of the above list. Stay safe and please take the required measures such as wearing a mask in public and using an alcohol-based sanitizer.

These are the things you must not overlook when traveling. If you’re getting bored traveling, why do you not start listening to audiobooks?

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