3 Best Gear For live Stream Video Games

Introduction to Best Gear For live Stream Video Games

People are all over the live streaming videos as they get fascinated by different games, streamer’s personality, or similar passion.

A live streaming video can hold a large number of audiences. However, it is not so easy to attract a huge chunk of audiences.

You have to work with the best gears that can help to bring the best of you. To be unique in the competition you have to choose the gear setting carefully.

For a streamer who wants to shine more than a current position or a newbie who wants to learn, you might be thinking of great gear for live stream video games.

Our site TOT shall provide you with the best information targeting the great gears you may look for. Nonetheless, your affordability and comfort should also be taken into concern.

Different machines work in a different order. For example- YouTube goes well with Android and Google Stadia gaming platforms.

On the other hand, it won’t work with Xbox. Similarly, Mixer gets along with Xbox and Microsoft’s Window but doesn’t support PlayStation. Twitch, however, sits well with any devices you choose.

So, it all depends on which one is preferable to you than the other. Despite what you choose- a console, a computer, or a smartphone, we are going to provide showcase the best possible live-streaming setup for you. Let’s catch a look!

Great Gear for Live stream Video games

Live stream from a computer

If you can play the latest game on your computer, then you should also be able to stream with your PC. Still, you might need to install or pay attention to some extra particulars before streaming.

  • First and foremost you need a decent internet connection with up to the marked speed. You should at least have a minimum of 3 Mbps speed for best streaming In case you are aware of your internet speed yet, then go to Speedtest for checking your connection speed.
  • Besides your Computer, you will also require some extra equipment like some software to assist broadcasting. The encoded software will capture the action and pass it to YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer.
  • You may use the Webcam for both video and audio feed if your machine is top-notch. Therefore, many streamers use separate webcam and microphones for video and audio feed. It retains the professional vibe in streaming. Nonetheless, you should test your equipment quality before jumping into spending money on types of equipment.
  • According to a recent gamers’ review study, the webcam- Logitech HD Pro C920 rose to prominence for streaming. It can handle low light conditions and delivers sharp video quality. Thanks to this model that now you can make videos in dark too.
  • As regards the microphones, Blue Yeti is the best in terms of clear audio performances. Naturally, you would want a microphone that blocks the surrounding noises. With cardioids mode specialized for gaming, it ensures blocking direct sound from someone near the microphone. Also, you may look at the alternative Razer Siren X that comes with clear sound and a lustrous package.
  • Not necessarily a desk microphone is best for streaming. Considering the money and space you can buy a headset. The gaming headsets like SteelSeries Arctis 7 and HyperXCloud Flight are best at capturing sounds. You can listen better than commentary sounds as well as your enemies spying on you.
  • If you want to take your streaming to a professional level then you better grab Elgato Stream Deck. This box of the keyboard will help you to use a customized set of controls like- controlling audio and video channels, taking screenshots, switching between inputs, etc. It will be quite fun and easier just to click a button on Stream Deck to start launching. With this, you don’t have to wonder vigorously looking for options with the mouse.
  • Lastly, you will need a broadcasting application. This app allows passing the stream to YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer. Also, it helps various options like alerts, webcam video to appear at the top of the game. For beginners, XSplit Gamecaster would be a lot easier to handle. Even so, Gamecaster has a limited configuration. OBX Studio, on the other hand, is quite a flexible choice. It offers many options and services to make your streaming more interesting.
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As you are done with the application, you are ready to go live and unleash your talent.

Live stream from a console

The setting for live streaming from a console is a lot easier. However, you might not all the options available. You can compensate for it through updating.

  • Buy a capture card to take control of various options of the stream. Elgato HD60S would be a brilliant option in separating feed from console to computer. With the help of it, XSplit Gamecaster and OBS Studio can further process it to people.
  • In a console, you don’t have to mull over a better quality graphics card or webcam because all comes with the console itself inbuilt. All you have to do is to install Twitch (Xbox/PS4), Mixer, or YouTube. Then sign in and hot buttons to start upstreaming.

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Live stream from Smartphone

Just like consoles, the necessary hardware is installed in the Smartphone. You have to download the app for streaming. Moreover, for collecting the record of commentary or reactions, the built-in selfie cam will do the job.

You have to choose one among this list:

Twitch app is for iOS or Android

YouTube app for iOS or Android

Mixer for iOS or Android


We can guarantee that the above information won’t go astray. However; the constant update in tools and products can bring variations. We strongly recommend keeping yourself updated with the new model before investing in pieces of equipment.

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