3 Best iPad Covers that include a Keyboard and Trackpad

Introduction to Best iPad Covers

With the recent 13.4 iPadOS updates, trackpad and cursor functionality was introduced to the iPad. This is not only limited to the Pro models, all iPads that are compatible with the operating system version 13.4 have the capabilities to pair with a keyboard and trackpad cover.

This feature works via Bluetooth and each of the keyboard and trackpad covers has its own built-in battery that requires charging whenever required.

While there are not many options available right now because the feature has been introduced recently, we have summed up a few of the best options available right now that work with the iPad, Air, and Pro models.

  1. iPad Magic Keyboard

This is Apple’s official accessory and is compatible with both the iPad Pro models only. It has the best typing experience, and even doubles up as a stand.

It has a USB type C port for charging and can be charged using the iPad as well. It has a backlight of its own similar to the ones on the MacBooks.

The trackpad is designed to work with multi-touch gestures and built for iPadOS. You can use three fingers or four fingers to swipe between multitasking or open and close apps. It is available for sale with both online and offline retailers.

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  1. Brydge Pro +

The Brydge Pro + is designed for the iPad Pro with an integrated trackpad. It is available for both the models of the Pro series The Brydge Pro+ features an oversized trackpad designed specifically for the touch-first experience on the iPad.

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It supports multi-touch gestures and is capable of giving Apple’s Magic Keyboard a run for its money. The Brydge Pro + features a backlit keyboard and a crisp typing experience.

With the BRIDGE CONNECT companion app, you can customize the multitasking gestures. The smart cover has a 20-hour battery life on a single charge and up to 3 months of standby time.

A USB-Type C port is available for charging. It is not yet available in India but will be launched soon.

  1. eoso Keyboard Case for iPad Mini

The eoso case takes the iPad Mini to greater heights. The latest iPadOS update brought the Pro functions to other iPad devices as well, and if you love the portable size of the Miniseries and want Pro level productivity, the eoso can be your perfect companion.

Since there are not many options available right now, we hope the near-future will see many new brands launching the keyboard and trackpad smart cover soon.

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