5 Tips For Selecting the Best Loan For Two-wheeler

Introduction to Best Loan For Two-wheeler

The affordability and ease to get through traffic make two-wheelers a preferable choice in India. But it’s not convenient for everyone to buy a two-wheeler in one go. So, a two-wheeler loan can help them in purchasing the vehicle of their choice without having to use their savings.

Nowadays, getting a two-wheeler loan is not a difficult task. One can easily avail a loan that can be provided by the lenders.

In case you want to apply for  2 wheeler finance, there are a lot of necessary factors that require to be confirmed beforehand.

Before selecting a two-wheeler loan, you must do a thorough analysis of the market so you don’t pay more than what you should. So, get in-depth knowledge of all the two-wheeler finance options accessible to you before settling for one.

Here are some amazing tips that you must consider for selecting the right loan for a two-wheeler

●      Decide the kind of bike loan you want to avail

This choice might be tricky. So, think it through. If you’re considering opting for a secured loan then you must know that you’re availing the bike finance against collateral, so, the rate of interest is likely to be lower.

This automatically means reduced monthly installments, and the secured loan might get approved regardless of your Credit Score.

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With an unsecured loan, you don’t require any collateral for it. You can even get an unsecured bike loan at a reasonable interest rate, by maintaining a good Credit History beforehand.

In case of a low score, it’s advisable to make efforts to bring positive changes. And some people don’t want to pledge their assets. If you are one of those, this might work wonderfully for you.

●      Best rate of interest

While researching for two-wheeler loans offered by various lending institutions, it is of utmost significance to analyze the interest rates being charged by each lender.

It is advised not to make hasty decisions and go for a loan from the first lender you come across in the market. You should find out which finance company has the most affordable rate of interest to offer, thus decreasing your financial stress in the long run.

●      EMI

This is one of the essential points to consider when you are selecting bike finance. EMI or equated monthly installments are what you will be paying every month till you repay the loan with interest.

Your EMI is defined mostly by the tenure of your loan, the loan amount, and the interest rate. If you can’t change the loan amount and interest rate, then select a tenure that will make the EMI amount convenient to pay.

It is easy to get carried away. Borrowers end up buying a more luxurious model than what they had intended. So, take into consideration your monthly income and other expenses before finalizing your EMI outflow and choose a lender that provides a flexible tenure to avoid any hassle.

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It is advisable to keep your savings aside for any unexpected expenditures that may occur in the future. It is advised that you use a two-wheeler loan EMI calculator and assess the amount of money that you can afford for the two-wheeler you wish to purchase.

●      Attractive offers

Many lenders are now focused on providing customers with attractive offers. Most of the financing companies extend seasonal offers that can prove to be beneficial in the scheme of your 2-wheeler loan.

These offers could include anything ranging from discounts offered at the time of purchase, reduced processing fees, gifts, free insurance, and many more. You need to keep track of when these companies are rolling out such amazing offers for their customers.

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●      Loan amount

The loan amount you can avail of is dependent on the price of the two-wheeler you wish to buy and your eligibility.

Some lenders offer the customer the total value of the two-wheelers as a loan. The best thing about this – you then don’t need to make a down payment.


Getting the right bike finance is an important task. You can apply for an affordable two-wheeler loan online. You can also get two-wheeler insurance from the lender’s website.

It is highly essential to get bike insurance with the loan. And before settling for a 2 wheeler finance, do not forget to research, compare, and understand. Hopefully, you’ve all the knowledge you require to get the superbike you’ve been eyeing for a while.

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