4 Best Machete In The World in 2021 

Introduction to Best Machete In The World

Blades are one of the most important parts of our lives that we often overlook. If you think about it, there are so many things that would not be possible without them.

That is also why when you come to buying any kind of knife, you find so many options. But one blade that has stood out because of its size and form, it’s a machete.

They are large, curved blades that’ve been around for centuries and have provided much utility. If you already know the importance of a machete, then you know they are diverse and handy tools. In order to find the best machete in the world, you have to determine what you’ll use it for.

When you look through your market for a machete for sale, you will find multiple options. You can choose according to your need and your frequency of usage.

That way you will know which blade suits you more and what you need to buy. But choosing a good machete means you need to find the right fit and select the one that suits you. It goes without saying there are different varieties of machetes you will find for sale.

Different Types of Machetes and Their Uses

To help you understand the variations of machetes and their functions, it’s best to put them together.

The following list will mention each type of machete you can get and how it can be used. You can check out the minute difference and decide which one has the right design and structure for you.

Kukri Machete

Previously utilized as a weapon by Central Asian armies, a kukri machete is more of a collectible. It has a sharp edge and a long, slightly curved blade. The signature curve makes it a good weapon because it can swing and slash with force. 

Nowadays you can still find versions of the kukri machete that can be used domestically. They are great for chopping and cutting and work well as large blades for butchering. You will find decorated and simple versions of this machete depending on what you find. 

Bolo Machete

This kind of machete is more commonly found in rural areas for agriculture and housework. Unlike the kukri, it has a rounder and flatter edge and it is usually larger as well.

In comparison, it might be less sharp than the kukri but it works really well for chopping and harvesting. You can find bolo machetes in more farm-based areas where they are readily used.

If you want to buy a bolo machete for housework or agriculture, you will find it in home depot stores.

Even though they are available in the market at large, you might have to look around for them a bit. But for constant grunt work and repetitive use, this curved machete is the more suitable option.

Bowie Machete 

Named after one of the greatest American heroes, Jim Bowie, this machete is a certified badass blade. Unlike its former shapes and designs, the Bowie machete is longer and has a unique edge.

It has a drop-point thin edge and a wide, rounded outer blade for more force. It can be swung with a lot of energy and it can cut through you pretty easily. 

Naturally, caution is advised with something like this blade. But needless to say, a machete that works well for killing is also destined to be a good hunting machete.

It allows a hunter to swing their blade wide and with force. It has a very sharp edge so it will make the process easier and faster and less messy. If you like hunting, this machete should be on your list.

Tactical Machete 

When you are in the wilderness, you need to sustain yourself and look out for danger as well. It’s always a good idea to have a good blade packing when you head into the great outdoors.

People who venture out to exciting but dangerous expeditions know the importance of a tactical machete. Unlike the regular farming tool, this is a more advanced blade used for survival. 

It is larger than you would expect, sometimes going as long as 15-20 inches in blade length. It is made from durable alloys and hard metal so it can withstand heat, cold, and pressure.

Most survival machetes also have solid, high-quality rubber handles for endured grip. As a weapon and a tool, this machete knife is a winner.

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Where To Find the Best Machete In the United States?

No matter what kind of use you have planned for your machetes, you will find them in your local market. There are plenty of options for the most common kind of blades since they are used regularly. 

But regardless of where you are, if any of the above-mentioned machetes work for you, you can buy them. Luckily, there are many resources that you can access to find what you are looking for.

If you want to save your time and energy, you can browse online for the best machetes for sale. Knife Import is one such online store that has an extensive collection of blades you will love. Even if you’re in the farthest corners of the United States, you can find a good machete for use. 

Now that you know what each kind of machete is good for, you can make an informed choice. The more you look into it, the more options the Knife Import page will reveal to you.

You can survey different designs and compare prices. And whatever kind of machete you are looking for, you will find it in their database. 

The best part is that you don’t have to make do with limited options as you might in your local store.

The second thing to celebrate is the Knife Import offers wholesale prices for their wide range of quality blades.

So whatever you will choose, they will be affordable and will get delivered to your doorstep with many conveniences. Rest assured, if you’re looking for the best machete in the world, this is the place to look.

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