25 Best Makeup Brands Every Lady Should Know

Introduction to Best Makeup Brands

When it comes to make-up, quality makes a difference, so if you want your products to look good, last all day, and protect your skin, you need to be careful what products you use.

Fortunately, the industry has a pillar of top brands that always deliver top-notch and high-quality products to meet your beauty requirements. Stick to these leading make-up brands and you will never disappoint a make-up purchase again.


You’ll feel as sophisticated and glamorous as Coco herself when you wear CHANEL make-up. The brand’s luxurious beauty products are as chic and stylish as the clothes she designs. Although a single lipstick can set you back AU $50, the quality of this cosmetics line is worth the extra cost.

  1. Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder has been improving women’s beauty since 1946 and is now one of the most prestigious cosmetics companies in the world. The brand’s products, which include make-up, skincare, and perfume, are innovative, technologically advanced, and have proven effective.

  1. Dior

Creativity, excellence, and luxury are all words associated with Dior and its cosmetics variety. If you haven’t tried any of the brand’s products, do so right away. Dior Addict Lipstick is a mark of the tag and an incredible starting point.

  1. L’Oreal

When it comes to elegance, L’Oreal is a leader in offering women quality and luxury cosmetics at reasonable prices everywhere. Whether foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, or any other make-up product, L’Oreal will never let you down.

  1. Lancome

Avant-garde beauty and science come together at the fabulous Lancome make-up brand. Established in 1935 by Armand Petitjean, the tag has been delivering French elegance around the globe for over 80 years.

  1. Clarins

One of the many reasons Clarins is known as a make-up brand is the values and passion of the brand. While other companies sometimes only work in the industry to make money, Clarins is committed to providing high-quality beauty to women everywhere.

  1. Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York, which began as a family business, is now the outstanding cosmetics company in the US. The brand continuously delivers scientifically advanced products in the latest trendy shades.

  1. Guerlain

Since its creation in 1828, Guerlain has researched, innovated, and improved. Whether make-up, skincare, or fragrance, this Parisian brand offers some of the best beauty products on the market.

  1. MAC

Since its founding in 1984, MAC has been the world’s leading make-up company and the ultimate color authority. Creativity, trendsetters, and diversity are the roots of this company, known for impressive collections and collaborations.

  1. NARS

NARS was founded to empower women to experiment with make-up and have fun. Today, the brand remains committed to this mission and prides itself on teaching women how to improve their natural beauty and individual characteristics.

  1. Yves Saint Laurent

From weightless creamy lipsticks and foundations to elegant eyeliners and intense mascaras, Yves Saint Laurent offers the best in the beauty world. The brand’s high-quality and luxurious products will no doubt make you come back for more after every purchase.

  1. Givenchy

While the name GIVENCHY has long been linked to women’s beauty, it was not until 1989 that the brand took the step towards make-up. Since then, the product range has continuously grown and innovated while remaining true to its roots and high-quality reputation.

  1. Revlon

Revlon’s vision is “excitement, innovation, and glamour through high-quality products at reasonable prices,” and that’s absolutely what you can expect from this brand.

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This pioneering cosmetics and cosmetics company never fails to deliver outstanding products that keep you and your bank balance happy.

  1. Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier is a world-famous make-up artist, and her eponymous cosmetics brand transforms her talent, skills, and knowledge into top-notch products. Many of the line’s products have even received awards, such as the Tinted Moisturizer, which has repeatedly been described as one of the best.

Best Makeup Brands
Best Makeup Brands
  1. Bobbi Brown

If you’ve never heard of Bobbi Brown, remember the name: the brand, founded by the make-up expert of the same name, offers some of the best beauty products currently on the market.

  1. Covergirl

“Simple, airy, beautiful” make-up is what Covergirl is all about. This expression has long been part of the character of the epochal beauty brand and continues to define its way to products. Although these products are of high quality and trustworthy, they are also affordable and make Covergirl a great shopping beauty company.

Some Best Sellers For You:

  1. Clinique

Clinique has been pursuing the same mission since 1968, continuing its quest to deliver the highest quality and most effective products to improve every skin type and tone. As part of this effort, the brand creates incredible make-up tailored to your complexion.


SHISEIDO has been sharing its knowledge and concept of beauty with the world for over 140 years. Today, the brand has a loyal following thanks to its cutting-edge products, state-of-the-art research and development, and unwavering commitment.

  1. bareMinerals

Thanks to their nourishing and skin-friendly formulations, mineral make-up products enjoy enormous popularity. BareMinerals must be the brand that makes the best of these products. The brand’s original products are designed to be natural and pure that you can feel great and look good at the same time.

  1. Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden offers not only a wide range of skincare and anti-aging products but also first-class make-up. Whether foundation, concealer, eyeliner, or lip gloss: Elizabeth Arden’s products are always trendsetting and of first-class quality.

  1. Burberry

As a British brand, Burberry knows beauty almost as well as trench coats. With original products that look just as fine on the street as they do on the catwalk, the brand knows how to make an edgy charm.

  1. Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura has been pushing the borders of beauty for over 50-yrs. The brand, whose high-quality products combine nature, science, and art, allows every make-up user to become an artist.

  1. Cover FX

Cover FX recognizes what it takes to keep make-up clients coming back, offering not just products with vegan, skin-friendly, and cruelty-free elements, but also customizable formulas and a color palette.

  1. Napoleon Perdis

Since founding his eponymic brand 20 years ago, Napoleon Perdis has made a wealth of original products with a lavish flair. Whether he reveals the beautiful mysteries of snail slime, donkey milk, or lotus blossom, Perdis always delivers original cosmetics that are unbeatable and unique.

  1. Sephora

When you buy make-up, there is no better place to be than Sephora. The cosmetics retailer offers a magnificent range of the best cosmetics brands, including the in-house Sephora selection.

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What is the best make-up brand in 2020?

There are a lot of great make-up brands that have been making great products for years, with prices ranging from luxury to drugstore. Chanel is at the forefront of high-end make-up.

If you are after a cruel product, a couple of top brands are NYX, Urban Decay, and Cosmetics. And lastly, when it comes to the top foundation variety, select companies like Maybelline, CoverFX, and Fenty.

What are the top five cosmetic brands?

The top five cosmetics brands are Chanel, Estee Lauder, Dior, L’Oreal, and Lancome. All five brands feature a range of luxurious make-up that utilizes advanced technology and high-quality ingredients to create beautiful products.

Which is the most expensive make-up brand?

When it comes to expensive make-up, Chanel is usually the most expensive. Much of it comes down to the brand, which is known for luxury, has a loyal following, and can charge higher prices for prestige. Ingredients can also be top-notch in high-end products, resulting in a better feel, more pigmentation, and pleasant fragrances.

What is the most commonly used make-up product?

Lipstick is undoubtedly the most widely used make-up product. There is such a variety of types, from smooth and creamy traditional sticks to shiny gloss and long-lasting matte lipsticks.

Moreover, the shades of the lipsticks are almost endless. Choose from hot pink, classic red, muted nudes, and even shades of green, blue, and black. It is the perfect splash of color to complete your look and brighten up your day.

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