5 Tips on Hiring the Best Marketing Team for your Startup

Introduction to Best Marketing Team

One of the most significant obstacles that startup entrepreneurs encounter during the initial stage is the absence of a professional winning marketing team.

A well-rounded marketing team will make or break a startup, which is why recruiting the very best is critical.

For any business, recruiting the right talent is an art. Startup founders can either outsource the job to staffing agencies to get the top marketers, or they can do it themselves.

Nearly all businesses have become digital, and their marketing efforts vary entirely from traditional marketing.

That is why, when figuring out job requirements for your marketing hires, make sure that you incorporate the digital elements your candidates must have, and on that premise, you can screen them to find the top talent.

Here are five tips that all startup entrepreneurs need to learn to recruit a winning marketing team before recruiting.

Tip 1: Identify your marketing needs

This may seem too obvious, but it is really what guides the whole recruiting process. Marketing is of many kinds: content, social media, influencer, lead management, and others.

Most applicants you will receive will either be trained in one of these marketing channels or be a full-stack marketer.

Identify which marketing channel provides the most return-on-investment (ROI) you can use to advertise your startup, and then start recruiting for that specific channel.

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For example, if your startup is in the e-commerce field, you need content marketers and performance marketers.

However, if you are a web designing firm, your time will be spent recruiting business developers, digital marketers, and lead generation specialists.

Tip 2: Don’t seek a unicorn

While any hiring manager’s task is to employ the best talent possible in the marketing role, his or her fantasy is to hire this ideal (almost non-existent) individual to serve a particular role in their company.

Looking at the skills the team needs, they are going on the hunt for this mysterious unicorn marketer, with the following in mind:

  1. Awareness of the range of multiple platforms and strategies for B2B marketing.
  2. Ability to develop cohesive content marketing, social media, and mobile marketing campaigns
  3. E-commerce marketing.
  4. Technical awareness of search engine optimization (SEO), link-building, and campaign analytics.
  5. Someone who keeps up-to-date with all marketing technology updates gets along with everybody and works seven days a week.

The above combination of skills may not be rare to find but does not mean they are desirable and should be set as the standard for each candidate.

It is okay if your first marketing hire does not tick all the boxes. You can always complement their skills in other fields by eventually hiring people and working with outside agencies or consultants.

Use an aptitude test to assess their necessary skills and gain insights into whether an applicant has the right level of experience for a startup.

If your marketing needs are so urgent and immediate that multiple skills are required, working with a freelancer or an agency is a better option.

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Tip 3: Create an all-inclusive job description

Another best recruiting strategy is creating inclusive job descriptions for marketing positions.

Consider these three tips for creating an inclusive job description:

  1. Write your job advertisements without excessive jargon.
  2. Use gender-neutral language in the JDs.
  3. Showcase the company’s benefits and values.

Write out what qualifications and traits the applicants need to have, and the attributes you like.  Using this criterion, individuals can self-qualify, which helps you to screen the candidates more quickly.

Employees can, however, be drawn to remote jobs, flexible work hours, paid vacations, flexibility to do their job, an unrestricted holiday policy, and relaxed dress codes. A perfect way to draw candidates is to make the workplace a cool and friendly place.

Tip 4: Hire for cultural fit

Hiring new talents for cultural-fit is a tricky thing. You have got to make culture blend in with the hard skill requirements.

No candidate is worth losing your organizational culture for. Similarly, no marketing team can meet its full potential if there is a cultural mismatch.

The conflicts in culture will lead to negativity, lack of respect for leadership, turf wars, friction over the current strategy. All these things could break the marketing staff apart—and stunt the progress of the brand.

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Tip 5: Build your brand

The trick to learning how to recruit for any position is to be visible. Every business should develop and advertise its brand.

This concept is exceptionally critical for small companies during recruitment, as they don’t have the name recognition that larger corporations enjoy.

The best way is to invest in an appealing and interactive website, engage in relevant social media platforms for your company, and participate in the local community.

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Investing in acceptable recruitment practices that promote a positive candidate experience is another way to build your employer brand.

Give professionally published press releases to the city newspapers and small business publications. Find options for speaking engagements and sponsoring civic gatherings.

Winning the talent game

These tips might sound straightforward enough, but it can be hard to follow. Your competitors’ hiring plans may enamor you, or you may have to act quickly and feel compelled to recruit for unicorn skills over culture fit.

These tips can be considered as a checklist to create an all-star marketing squad. But it should be well worth the time and resources to recruit the right talents; after all, they will represent your business.

Author Bio:

Keerthi Rangan is a Content Marketing Strategist at Adaface, which provides conversational assessments for companies to find great engineers.

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